My Five Minutes of Fame

Check out my interview today with Daraius over at Million Mile Secrets. If you don’t already know about it, Million Mile Secrets is my go-to place for credit card rewards information and generally has the most complete information on the current offers out there.

Daraius also writes about various tricks to reach the minimum spending thresholds on those cards as well as ways to use the points for excellent trips. All-in-all a good destination if you have the slightest interest in card churning. He has been interviewing other travel bloggers as part of a long-running series, and I’m honored to be a part of it.

If you’re coming over from Million Mile Secrets and want to know what my blog is all about, I discuss various tricks and tools that come in useful when travel hacking revenue travel. I collect and burn miles like any other frequent traveler, but I try to focus on revenue (paid) travel. This includes discussing different web sites that make it easier to find a good deal, how to construct itineraries using published fares and booking class availability, obtaining cheaper international travel via fuel dumping, and so forth. I’m always looking for new topics, so feel free to contact me with your questions and suggestions.

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Also, even though it doesn’t say so anywhere (yet), my blog is part of a recent expansion of the BoardingArea network. We’re working on getting those links and banners set up, but in the meantime you can find me at or on Twitter @BoardingArea.

Here are a few of my most popular posts in the last two months to get you started and see what Hack My Trip has to offer:

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  •, Travel and Credit

    Very cool man!! I actually read your interview last night. Congrats on your engagement!!
    I’ve been peaking around the Trick It thread on Flyertalk off and on for over a year now and I’m excited to read your Fuel Dump series.
    Check out my page for a different spin on rewards Gravel by someone who tours full time in a band.
    – David

  • Jimmy

    Scott, I remember reading your posts in the trickit thread on milepoint and thinking that you were very helpful to other members and willing to share your knowledge. I have been reading a lot of travel blogs in the past year or so, including million mile secrets, and was pleasantly surprised to find out this morning that you had started a blog. Reading through all your blogs right now. Just as helpful and selfless as your posts on milepoint. Thank you for what you do. It is inspiring me to start my own blog for friends and family.

    • Scottrick

      Thank you, Jimmy. A very kind compliment.

      • Jimmy

        Congrats on your engagement, by the way! You and Megan have the so-called “husband-and-wife” look – we Chinese believe that it is one of the prerequisites for a match made in heaven and the couple will look more and more alike as time passes by.

        • Scottrick

          You should have told that to the 79-year-old woman I met last weekend with her weird combination of Chinese and Greek astrology. Would not stop! Apparently I was her perfect fit, and she thought Megan should go find someone else.

  • bluecat

    I like the interview and your niche in the blog works. (So many of the blogs are repeating info that it’s great to find someone who has managed to find a segment to own.)

    Now, can I convince you to have a weekly roundup for those of us in the Evergreen State? :-) I mean, unique opportunities and angles? (PDX is my home base but SEA is a close 2nd)