AwardWallet Review …and Free Giveaway!

Part of being a good travel hacker is keeping all the details strait in your head. Once you get beyond three or four loyalty programs, that becomes impossible to do without computerized assistance, and only the most obsessive are going to create a personalized spreadsheet that they update weekly with their points, miles, and coupon codes. For the rest of us, there’s AwardWallet.

I’ve been a casual user of AwardWallet for a while now, but in the last six months it’s become much more important to me as a way to organize all of the loyalty programs I join. Sometimes it’s just 500 points for watching a video, and I don’t even remember they’re there. Other times I have a couple hundred thousand points in each account, and I need an easy way to evaluate my options when an opportunity arises for an award trip.

Most of all, I find AwardWallet useful because it keeps me apprised of when those miles or points expire and holds all the login details in one place. I have a half dozen user names and another half dozen passwords because each site is finicky. This one wants only four numbers. That one wants eight or more characters including capitals, symbols, letters, and numbers. And then there are the awful accounts that prompt you for a “username” but don’t tell you that the username is actually your email address. Just ask for an email address!

Miles and Points

Obviously most people know about AwardWallet’s tools for managing frequent traveler accounts. These include airlines, hotel programs, and car rental agencies. The sign-up process for each new account is pretty simple. Click on the green “plus” symbol next to “Balances,” start typing in the name of the program (try either the company name or the program name), enter your username and password, and click a checkbox next to a liability waiver.

You have the option of saving your log-in details with AwardWallet so that they’re accessible on any computer or saving them locally so they’re accessible only on that one computer, but I prefer saving with AwardWallet. That’s part of the convenience. AwardWallet can even redirect you to the program’s website and log you in automatically. On the AwardWallet homepage, however, you can see most of the details you need, like account number, elite status, upgrade certificates available, number of miles or points, and expiration date (if any).

AwardWallet screenshot

You get a very complete set of information about all you accounts in one place.

There are a few minor bugs, but these are largely the fault of the loyalty programs. American Airlines, for example, has made big headlines for blocking access through AwardWallet, presumably on privacy and security grounds, although AwardWallet has been very proactive in attempting to respond to American’s concerns. Despite setting up workarounds that avoid storing any user data on AwardWallet’s servers, there hasn’t been much progress in this area and American Airlines is currently not accessible through AwardWallet.

I also had trouble with Hyatt since only one of my two free night awards is displayed, but it’s hard to tell that there are two even when I log onto Hyatt’s site. The second night is hidden for some reason on a separate page. In the process of writing this review, I contacted AwardWallet, and the problem was resolved within 48 hours. Even if it had not been fixed, you can get around such issues by entering your own coupon codes or awards manually, which is what I’ve done with my United Type B vouchers for taking a bump on an oversold flight. They don’t show up in my United MileagePlus account, so there’s no way for AwardWallet to automatically track them.

Sharing Account Access

One of the very useful features of AwardWallet is that you can grant others access to your information. I have access to Megan’s frequent flyer programs, for example, after setting up her own AwardWallet account and granting me access. I know her usernames and passwords anyway, but this makes it a lot easier for me to see exactly what she has available when it’s not possible to just merge the points directly. Sometimes we’ll have pretty set plans, for example, and it’s a better idea to use her miles to book an award flight than to use my own miles. I have higher elite status and get the fees waived, so I like to save them for flexible trips where plans might change.

AwardWallet Plus and OneCard

Keeping all that information in one place online is helpful, but what if you’re not at a computer? AwardWallet now provides a product called OneCard with all your program account numbers and phone numbers printed on the back and a magnetic stripe that stores some personal information so you can check in at airport kiosks. Donation amounts are optional when you upgrade to a Plus membership with AwardWallet, but if you give $10 or more you get a free OneCard and additional cards for donations higher than that.

Plus membership gives you all the same features of Basic membership as well as the ability to view historical information, export data to Excel, and get some extra information about your accounts. Given the low suggested price of $10 per six-month period, and the fact you can pick any price you want if you’d rather give more or less, it’s a great deal. But even Basic membership is pretty useful if you want to give it a try first. I’m giving away a few free Plus memberships and OneCards at the end of this post.

Travel Plans

Granting access to your frequent flyer accounts obviously gives AwardWallet a lot more information than just your points balance. It also gives them information on your upcoming itineraries. With a hotel, it just shows an arbitrary picture, but for a flight it will also give you a map of the route courtesy of Here’s an example of an upcoming mileage run to Kansas City. Below the basic details are individual flight numbers, departure times, aircraft models, and meal options.

TravelWallet screenshot

Each trip is listed separately along with a helpful map of the itinerary.

I’m not entirely sure how useful this feature is since I already get email alerts from the airlines and hotels directly, but it’s a nice touch for those who need it. Like I said, AwardWallet has the access, so they might as well take advantage of the opportunity to be as helpful as possible. Breaking down the trips by flight number, departure times, etc. is certainly helpful and a little cleaner than the way most airlines or hotels do it.

TravelWallet screenshot

Look at that! The itinerary details page isn’t full of ads like I get whenever I try to print a boarding pass.

Other Programs

Did you know AwardWallet links up with more than just airlines, hotels, and car agencies? I sure didn’t. But it turns out there are LOTS of programs out there that you can keep track of with AwardWallet. For example, I now have my Groupon account included since I so often forget about the coupons I’ve purchased, and a few credit card programs like Citibank’s ThankYou Rewards will share both ThankYou points and FlightPoints balances. Chase Ultimate Rewards is also there, but sometimes it doesn’t work quite right. I had trouble the first time I attempted to register it a couple months ago, but my more recent attempt last week worked fine. It does request a security code sent to your email address; I would guess that code has to be entered within a certain window of time. Those of you with an e-Miles, OpenTable, or Starbucks Rewards account can sign those up, too. You should definitely spend some time searching through all the options available.

AwardWallet screenshot

Look at all these options I never knew existed! I should pay more attention instead of relying on autocomplete.

Other Useful Features

While poking around the site for this review, I started learning more about AwardWallet’s capabilities that really surprised me. For example, you can now integrate AwardWallet as a widget on your iGoogle homepage, making the information more easily accessible without having to log in. There is also a mobile version you can access on your smartphone.

Google AwardWallet screenshot

Look, Ma! I’m on iGoogle!

Back on the normal website, if you click on the “Promos” tab at the top, AwardWallet will share all the current promotions it knows about for the different programs in which you’re enrolled. Some of these are credit card offers, but others are tips on ways to earn free bonus points through purchases or travel that you’ll be making anyway. It’s a good place to check now and then.

AwardWallet screenshot

There are tons of offers. Although these are mostly just the advertised ones you’ll also get by email, at least they’re all in one place.

AwardWallet will also contact award travel booking services on your behalf, collecting the information about your trip and the miles you have available, then forwarding this to its affiliates. Those people can then contact you with a proposal and a price for their services.

Free AwardWallet Plus Membership and OneCard Giveaway

This is going to be an easy contest to win. All you have to do is write a post about one thing you like about AwardWallet, one thing you think it could do better, or, if you’ve never used the service, one thing you’re looking for in a program that can manage your loyalty accounts in one place. Basically, write any kind of comment that can be interpreted as useful feedback for the guys who run the site. You can enter multiple times as long as you have multiple suggestions. I will pick the winners at random.

When I contacted AwardWallet to let them know I was writing this story, they generously provided 20 coupons for a free six-month upgrade to AwardWallet Plus, at least a $10 value. Most members can get a free trial after signing up, but you only get one. This coupon, however, is good for ANYONE, even if you have tried Plus membership in the past, and are very rare. AwardWallet has also donated 10 OneCards. These are usually $10 each and are very useful to anyone with lots of accounts. (Like me!)

Please post your comments by the end of Sunday at 11:59 PST, and I’ll announce the winners on Monday. There are 30 prizes to be had, so your odds are pretty good. Don’t forget to spread the word!

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  • Evan

    Great post, Scott! I just signed up for award wallet this week and have been super impressed. I love the mobile app as well. Makes things so much easier.

  • Jetpuffed

    Thanks to BankDirect, I love watching my AA account increase monthly without spending!

  • Sarahbcummings

    Award Wallet is a great tool for keeping track of all of my usernames and points balances! I am able to check points balances on my phone with the iPhone app!

  • Christeen

    I love it also keeping track of my infrequently used programs so I don’t forget about their expiration dates. That way I can use them towards US Airways Grand Slam promotion.

  • Jackie

    I am a point junkie and I LOVE the fact that Awardwallet can keep track of all kinds of points/miles program I have!

  • Chinku

    I like the fact that apart from my FF programs it also gives me a snapshot of other credit cards points. This helps me in remembering long forgotten points that I had acquired ages ago. I thing I would like to see if the site can filter out the best promos going on at any point of my time based on my FF programs.

  • Fat

    AW is great. No way of tracking all the miles without it

  • maksimk82

    Thanks for the great post Scott! I’m a big fan of Award Wallet and have been using it for months. There is one little “bug” that would be nice for them to fix. When viewing my Award Program balances or “All Award Programs” balances, all the different programs are segregated by type (Hotel, Airline, Car, etc…). However, when trying to view the balances of another person (after having done “Add a new person” and adding their accounts – to see my spouse’s accounts for example), there is no segregation by type. So when I click on my wife’s name on the left hand panel, I see her Airline, Car, Hotel, etc. programs all listed alphabetically instead of being segregated by type. Am I missing an easy way to fix this somewhere or is that a bug? Thanks for your informative blog!

    • Scottrick

      Interesting. Megan’s stuff is still separated by program type on my main page. If I go to my info alone, I see just my stuff, also separated by type. But if I go to her info alone, it’s not sorted–just like you describe. I thought it might be a problem because AW is pulling information from another account, but if it can categorize Megan’s data when viewed along with mine, it stands to reason it should be able to categorize it when I view it alone. I’ll pass it along.

      • maksimk82

        Ok so now I know it’s not just me! Hopefully they can fix this minor issue. This is a fantastic service and an absolute necessity when juggling different loyalty programs!

  • Jimgotkp

    AW is great since I can find out my account #’s one click away. 

  • Ckrichard

    I love Award Wallet all my and my families accounts in one place with one password.

  • Fred

    I appreciate that I can access Award Wallet on my iPhone as well as iPad.

  • Drder61

    Thanks. I have been using AW for a while but had no idea you could track things such as Groupon and STaples.

  • Ian

    I like the fact AW sends me a weekly account recap!

  • Georockc

    I like the great variety of programs I can keep track of in one place.

  • Awardguy

    i didn’t know about the promo page, now i will use awardwallet even more. best ever

  • Ivan

    Best way to manage your miles ad points

  • Islandgoddess

    I like being able to see and track all my family’s programs in one place, especially expiration dates. I wish AA would get their act together and work with AW like they used to!

  • Charlotte

    I did not know Award wallet tracked Groupon… off to set that up.  So, that is my new (to me ) favorite part of Award wallet.

  • Nadine

    For me, it’s not only great to track miles, but to keep track of everyone’s account number and password, rather than having to look each one up separately when I need it for something.  I also love that I can track my groupons through this site.

  • Joe

    I like that it even tracks credit card rewards (chase UR points). I’m bummed they’re no longer allowed to track AAdvantage.

  • Karensternos

    I love the ability to keep all family members info in one place, that I can include reward programs from craft stores, shoe stores, and other retail stores.

  • Pointasaurus

    I like the way it accumulates programs by type, hotel, airline etc.

    One thing that might be doable with some work- show which programs points are transferable to another program and the conversion ratio.  

  • Kdw038

    I love how I can check my points/miles so easily, even ones not supported. I use the auto login for Southwest from my IPhone.

  • Thalha

    Its so easy to keep track of you and all Of your family members points. Show expiration

  • Dave

    Lets me know when I have any accounts that may expire soon.

  • Ari K

    I like the history function…would be great if awardwallet created a consolidated activity history that would be stored in perpetuity rather than my having to scour accounts/save activity statements. 

  • Molly

    I would love Award Wallet to connect to local deals…it has Groupon, but also Living Social or other local online deals in the area you are visiting.

  • Saydny

    Best part is able to track expiration dates.

  • Ikonos

    Good timing scott. I like AW very much. One improvement I would like to see them implement is selecting which 3 programs expiry date you want to see as part of the basic membership. I think it currently defaults to the alphabetical order. However if I can pick them myself instead of default selection it will give me more power.

    About saving passwords on AW site, I think hackers are more likely to target them to get info for thousands of users than single users. Ofcourse your pc is potentially less secure than their network but still their network is an inviting target than your pc.

  • Jeanne

    The promos page is great.  

  • Karensternos

    I also line that you can find new award programs. I was looking through the list of survey companies on AW and signed up for the Synovate panel. I already have 1250 points!!

  • suzsy

    Love that I can see both my husbands and my miles on one place and the iPad app is great as well.

  • Spencer Wheelwright

    I love that I can not only track all of MY OWN balances, but also those of my family members (immediate) and my parents.  Helps a lot when monitoring deals and opportunities for redemptions/bonuses!

  • hari

    I like that AW lets me know when my points/miles are expiring in plenty of time to decide what I’ll do to keep them. Also, when I first learned how to use AW there were some glitches. I sent them an email and their response time and assistance was great!

  • Mike

    Wow, I had been using Manilla for tracking points but it looks like AwardWallet does everything and more!

  • HerrO

    I am new to AwardWallet but having 20+ accounts it shown to be my “best friend” when it come to FT account management. Can only recommend using it to everyone.


  • Jimmy c

    I have been using AwardWallet to track everything for over a year and loved it. The best feature is the fly reminder some of my airlines doesn’t even bother to send. I have referred many friends to this site…. Jimmy C

  • Heerow

    Awardwallet is the only site I use. Blows out of the water. It was a shame that AA took away their access, but I still use AW everyday.

  • Dennis

    i agree, awardwallet is way better than……..

  • HikerT

    I’d rather go with a service that tracks (almost) everything in one place, including credit cards, bank accounts, investments, etc. not just reward balances with a few bells and whistles (if you are willing to pay).  I’ve used Yodlee for 6+ years.  It’s free, and while not perfect, it covers the vast majority of my needs.  Here’s a screen print:

    No way I could survive on just Award Wallet, and it doesn’t make sense for me to maintain 2 separate services.

  • Twoslippahs

    Ability to check all my points in one fail swoop. That’s what’s great about the service.

  • sara

    I like the ability to have my whole families accounts in one place as well as my own! 

  • Rsaslan

    I like the fact that it keeps track of my miles and flights, I am pretty organized, so it makes my life that much easier! I wish they would fix the problem with American Airlines since I sometimes forget to check and forget I have miles with them.

  • Michael

    I love aw as well. But here’s one thing that maybe I’m missing, but i can’t get it to pull up my Trips booked on UA metal, but using another *a carrier ff#. Example booked on, UA flights, but to credit Aegean when flown. Doesn’t pull the itin in from UA.

  • HikerT

    I prefer since it tracks (almost) everything in one
    place, including credit cards, bank accounts, investments, etc. not just reward balances.  While not perfect,
    yodlee covers the vast majority of my needs, and it’s free.  I’ve used it for 6+ years and have few complaints.  It would be nice to have some of the bells and whistles that Award Wallet offers like expiration notices, but that’s not as important to me as seeing everything in one place with a quick glance.  Here’s a sample:

    I wouldn’t be able to survive on just Award Wallet, and unfortunately, it doesn’t make sense for me to maintain / monitor 2 separate services, so it’s yodlee for me.

  • sebastian

    In my opinion the best program to keep track of all my reward programs. The added promotion page is a great plus.

  • John

    Love Awardwallet. To bad about the idiots at AA 

  • SF

    looking forward to trying AW for helping keep track of expiration dates.

  • Christy

    I love that I can keep track of mine and my family’s FF programs in one place.

  • KateFromCA

    Wish they supported AA and WN. Not their fault, and I have contacted both airlines to voice my disappointment. Hopefully they will relent!

  • Tony Chen

    I’d make the expiring miles alerts free and add other value add-on’s as paid membership.

  • Tony Chen

    Award embeddable badges based on some criteria, such as total number of accounts added, total number of miles, total num,ber of redeemed miles, etc, etc

    Would be great for social, pr etc…

  • Jason l’Aventurier

    Security is a big concern when considering a second party site like this… I wouldn’t want my personal information comprise

  • Jmansour

    I like seeing everything in one place and the fact that i can add my wife helps

  • Jason l’Aventurier

    Mobile application for Symbian and Windows users would be nice.

  • panda

    The autologins save a lot of time

  • Corey

    autologins are ez pz

  • Lzy402004

    I hope it send me emails weekly through a table format. My email is

  • Laura

    I check it nearly every day to follow up on the 6 peoples accounts i keep track of.  Plus I have referred loads of folks to the site (yet only about 1/4 have actually signed up for it, sort of like the credit card offers/points schemes I’ve promoted….)

  • Kevy

    My membership is up for renewal, but AW still sends me monthly emails of “mileage summaries”. What I hate about it is that instead of showing the actual numbers of mileage, it asks me to upgrade the account. Why not stopping the email subscription altogether? 

  • Mike

    I like that it has a longer history with no known security issues.

  • bxw11

    I would like it if the award management software suggested redemptions to me based off of available mileage and my past travel history.  Even better if it was smart enough to combine two one-ways.

  • Bruce K

    LOve getting the notices of when my balances change

  • 77L

    An alert service for reaching certain user-specified miles/points balances would be cool for folks saving up for a particular type of award. Conversion rate information between enrolled programs would also be useful.

  • Carl

    Will enter the giveeaway. Haven’t used Award Wallet. Two features that could be useful are (1) checking to make sure that trips post; and (2) giving advice on most efficient program to use for certain trips, e.g. if I have Chase UR points and Amex MR points, what’s the best way to book certain trips

  • Linda K.

    Love the expiration notification feature of Awardwallet!

  • Paul

    I love how easy it is to see updated point balances all in one place

  • Joe K.

    Really enjoy the trip notification feature.

  • J.

    The all-in-one-place aspect.

  • Eddy

    Definitely the auto logins — great way to check my accounts in terms of points balance, status, etc.

  • Terry

    Nicely formatted display of point balances.  Interface could be improved, however.

  • PointsPerson

    Seeing all up-to-date balances in one place is invaluable!

  • Cheaplee

    Love the keep track of points. Thoughts on improvements… some accounts I keep are only fo r the number rather accruing point. It would be nice to have a disable checking feature for those accounts that don’t need to be checked. But you probably do, and I don’t see it. I don’t know if you do, but can AW also limit the accounts that can be see on their card, instead of having everyone?

  • Hanna

    I love that I can see my entire families accounts. I manage my sisters’ accounts and his makes it SO easy to see whats happening with they’re accounts. Additionally, I LOVE how it shows points AND my status in every program

  • Jacob

    great way to organize everything.

  • Kwarner123

    Just signed up for the free version.  Looks like a winner!

  • BothofUs2

    Thanks for the chance to enter the drawing

  • David M. Grey

    I’m a new user, and I like the ability to keep track of my programs and my wife’s as she doesn’t have the time or inclination to track the programs.

  • HikerT

    As far as offering alerts for expiring miles and points, I was poking around with my free account and noticed it offers these alerts at no extra charge.  Can’t say how well it works and it looks like the earliest alert you can set is 7 days prior to expiration, but if you want something that tracks more than just reward balances, offers free alerts, and doesn’t cripple free accounts, look into yodlee’s money center.

  • Doris

    Awardwallet is my primary website to keep track of all my frequent flier accounts!

  • mp1007

    The promo feature is awesome! I had never seen it believe it or not… Thanks for the tip… 😉

  • Jason

    Thanks for the review.  I’ve used Award Wallet for keeping track of all my miles/points and its great.  I didn’t know about the other options.  I could have used the OneCard in checking in on my flight back to the US from Italy last month.  Would have saved me the hassle of the guy telling my carry on weighed to much in kilos.  I’ll check out the promo tab as well.    

  • bmvaughn

    Hadn’t heard of them before, but will check them out. Looking forward to seeing how they stack up against MileWise.

  • DAC

    I love Award Wallet overall, but really hate that they can’t include AA.  It’s great how they keep track of my hotel points, and also my UR and MR points as well–talk about one-stop shopping!  Great interface, great peace of mind–thanks AW!

  • Patty

    I love that AwardWallet can update all of my balances with one click.

  • ketelone

    I love Awardwallet. Mostly for finding out all my airline, hotel, emiles-erewards balances all in one place and also knowing when they are due to expire !! 

  • Scottrick

    Thanks for all your comments, readers! I’ll go through the list today and pick the random winners for an announcement tonight or tomorrow.