Discovery Channel Crashes a 727 on Purpose!

Just a quick note since there really aren’t many details, but the LA Times reports the Discovery Channel apparently crashed a Boeing 727 in Mexico’s Sonoran desert on purpose while filming a documentary. The goal was to “re-create a serious, but survivable, passenger jet crash landing with a real aircraft,” according to a statement by Discovery Channel, but from the picture it doesn’t look like anyone would have survived that landing (the pilot ejected). Maybe they have some plans to use this as a worst-case scenario and then re-create the rest with special effects or something. I guess we’ll all have to look forward to watching the crash on “Curiosity” when the episode is broadcast later this year.

picture of a 727 plane crashed on a beach

Photo Credit: Vance Jacobs / Discovery on

There’s a little more detail in this post from Flightglobal, including shaky video footage of the crash. I guess maybe someone could survive that–as long as they weren’t sitting in first class. Ouch!

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  • Rich A

    Not sure much was gained as far as advancing “aircraft safety” in crashing an older aircraft in the sand nose down.  Yup, that will cause the nose section to break off.  What a surprise!  What a waste of an old 727.

    • Scottrick

      A waste, maybe, but I’m still a kid who loves blowing stuff up for fun.