Off Topic: Great Seattle Weather Making Me Feel Blue

After a long, dark winter (the reason I started traveling in the first place) it has finally begun to warm up in Seattle. Most of the cherry trees have blossomed and gone. The daffodils don’t have much left. The tulips and magnolias are just beginning to flower. And last night it was 60 degrees. At night!!! I’m happy if it’s 60 degrees during the day.

But what’s this? Blue trees? They’re an art installation by Konstantin Dimopoulos. I haven’t actually seen these yet, but Megan and I will probably be out tomorrow looking at wedding venues. Clearly we haven’t settled yet on California or Seattle. I know there are a lot of Seattle readers out there. Have you spotted this art project yet?

picture of Blue Trees art installation

Image Credit:

In any case, the blue trees should be up for a while, so those of you coming here on a vacation should check them out. Definitely those of you on cruises. Nothing worse than 5,000 people trying to stuff themselves into Pike Place Market. 😉

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  • Ben

    I was wondering why all the trees at Westlake were blue… thanks!

  • Bluecat

    There are some blue trees like this in downtown seattle too.  Saw them getting painted during spring break.