Rewarding Recap: Lot-o-SkyMiles and More e-Rewards Confusion

I apologize for not giving you guys a recap last night, but I was frantically preparing for this morning’s early flight. I’ll include some other offers just announced this morning. Good news, though. My committee has decided I can graduate this summer! I talked about this and the implications for my blog a couple days ago. Bad news: the date has been moved up again to late July. Ugh. Lots and lots to do with less than three months to go.

The Frugal Travel Guy shares that SunTrust bank is now providing up to 30,000 Delta SkyMiles when you sign up for a new checking account with direct deposit. In theory you have to go to a SunTrust branch to do this, meaning the offer is geographically restricted. However, there are mixed reports of success opening these accounts online or through webchats.

He also shares a deal on the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas for only $199 a night plus the potential for some activity and flight credits. The Atlantis looks like a lot of fun, but I also hear its incredibly expensive. Someday I’ll go the Caribbean, but until then I have Hawaii. He’s also giving away $50 in TripAlertz credit, although I’ve heard mixed things about their offers, and I have yet to see anything very compelling in the emails I get every week.

AJ at Live from a Lounge shares an offer for travelers in India to get 2,500 INR off their next Lufthansa flight. There are 2,000 discount codes available until May 31, and they are valid through the end of the year.

Points, Miles, & Martinis shares that TODAY is your last chance to get 5,000 Delta SkyMiles for signing up with Georgia Natural Gas. I honestly have very little knowledge of how this works since I’m used to local monopolies for public utilities. The idea that you could choose your natural gas provider surprises me, and if you don’t have a choice, then why is there a promotion? But clearly things operate differently in other parts of the country.

Gary at View from the Wing shares that Air France KLM’s Flying Blue program is offering 50% off awards between specific cities throughout the year. Economy class awards still aren’t a great value (and I think they rarely are), but business class gets more affordable. Remember, one of the best uses of miles is for premium cabin international travel, so sales like this can be a way to stretch those miles even further.

AAdvantageGeek shares a promotion from e-Rewards and American Airlines to win 250,000 AAdvantage miles. I’m not sure exactly if anyone can enter. Normally e-Rewards is an invitation-only program, so your best chance to get in is to register for lots of loyalty programs, sit back, and run a search on your spam folder. Can you still register for this contest if you already have an e-Rewards account? Can you even get the targeted email if you already have an e-Rewards account? I don’t have the time to check this right now, but I’ll let you know as soon as I do later today. Personally I signed up a few weeks ago using a Priority Club link, but it would be a shame if the contest is limited to new members only.

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