Rewarding Recap: Lufthansa Sales, Hilton and PC Promos, and Amazing AmEx Offer

I haven’t done one of these in a while, but I hope to get back up to speed. After all, there are lots and lots of deals announced today. Remember also to update your RSS readers with the new FeedBurner link. If you like, you can even ask it to send you one email a day, which I’ve timed to come out shortly after Rewarding Recap is posted each day. If the emails are coming too late, let me know so I can fix it.

Many of you have heard already that there is a limited time offer to apply for the American Express Business Gold card and get a 75,000 Membership Rewards sign-up bonus! You must, however, spend $10,000 within three months. I don’t actually know who broke the news first. I think it was a post I saw on FlyerTalk, but I’ve lost the link, so I will be referring people to The Points Guy’s excellent breakdown. Sorry if I offend anyone.

Hilton ad image

The Wandering Aramean spills the beans on Hilton’s sneak peek into this summer’s promotion. Earn 3X points on weekend nights and 2X points weekdays. A pretty good deal given what I’m faced with from Hyatt right now (really? airline miles? and the 48-hour sale doesn’t even have a list of participating hotels???) Ric from Loyalty Traveler shares his usual in-depth analysis.

That said, Hyatt just announced a 48-hour sale yesterday, so that means it continues on through this evening. Personally I haven’t seen anything amazing, nor do I have any confirmed travel plans this summer I haven’t already booked. It’s hard enough just figuring out which hotels are participating. If you’ve identified a gem or two, let us know in the comments. Test it out with code C48JUN in your reservations search. (HT to Mommy Points)

LufthansaFlyer shares two LH sales today. One for travel booked by July 11 from the U.S. to Europe, and another for travel next year in 2013!  Some of these look pretty good, like New York to Berlin for just over $600, but if you want to book next year’s travel pay attention: these are for flights departing Germany and heading elsewhere. A good idea if you’re piecing together an around-the-world trip, or already live in one of my favorite countries. 😉

New Girl in the Air shares a way to get 1,000 free Delta SkyMiles by making four FedEx shipments. Great if you already ship stuff, but I don’t …usually. My dad’s the kind of guy who has everything he wants and makes it impossible to find good gifts. But for Fathers Day I got him a Tillamook cheese board straight from the factory. He loves their stuff, so count me awesome for one day.

And again, I’m sure you’ve heard about this just like the AmEx deal, but Angelina at Just another Points Traveler shares an easy way to get 100 free miles from American Airlines by liking their Facebook page. Not a big prize, but an easy one, and a sure way to keep your account active. Currently AA has donated 29,277 miles to kids in need through this promotion. We need to work harder, people!

AAdvantage promotion image

Loyalty Traveler also shares the apparently poorly publicized news that you can earn night and stay credit for more than one room in the same reservation! This is great news for people trying to maintain their elite status and means if Megan and I join my family or hers and book three rooms for three nights, we’ll earn credit for nine nights instead of three! This does not help if you are the kind of person who normally qualifies by stays, but it could help you reach the higher tiers of SPG Platinum status that provide better benefits after 50, 75, or 100 nights. I was going to settle for Hyatt Diamond this year, but maybe I’ll make a go for SPG Platinum, too. 😉

Finally, Loyalty Lobby (not quite the same) shares several new Priority Club promotion codes. Make sure you register for all you can to double- or triple-dip on hotel stays this summer.

As for me, I have an 88-page draft of my dissertation sitting next to me right now and a nice red pen to start marking it up. Fortunately I tend to edit as I go, so I think all I really have left to do are the figures. 😀 And did you remember today is the summer solstice? We actually went over 70 degrees here in Seattle, so I finally got to break out my Hawaiian shirt again!

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  • New Girl in the Air

    I don’t usually ship things either, but for that one time I do, I’ll gladly accept my 500 Delta miles :)

  • Kay

    Scottrick – I like your blog, but these recaps are annoying. They’re not original content. I think you have the expertise to develop a great niche, I subscribed to your blog via google reader after getting useful information on fare construction and fuel dumps. I’d like to see more “technical” content on your blog. Unforturnately, recently it’s seemed that your blog is losing it’s unique voice.

    Apologies for the critical note. I think the your blog has great potential and that you have the ability to cover information not covered by other bloggers. Please develop your niche instead of going in this generic direction.

    • Scottrick

      Thank you very much for the criticism. I’m always glad to hear what people don’t like so I can stop doing it. I agree they are not original content, and they are not what I want this blog to be about. However, let me give a rebuttal:
      (1) I have several ideas for more technical posts, but these take much more time to write. Think 1-3 hours vs. 30 minutes for a recap. Lately it’s been an achievement just to find that 30 minutes as I try to balance wedding planning, job hunting, and writing my dissertation.
      (2) Some people really like the recaps. Still, I try to limit them to days when there is actually something to recap.
      (3) Continuing on #2, I do try to limit the scope of the recaps, including only sales and promotions. In this way I like to think I am at least bringing awareness to limited time offers rather than just rehashing something–anything–I happened to read that day.

      So, I hear your complaint. I’m not going to stop the recap series, but I am bringing back the technical content just as soon as I have more time. 😀

  • MJM

    On the plus side, you directed me to a post I had not seen and now I am signed up for three Priority Club offers I would have missed and my next stay will get me an extra 7500 points, so thanks for that.

    • Scottrick

      This is kind of the point. Like I said, I think most people like the recaps, so I will keep doing them, but this is not meant to indicate a new, permanent direction for the blog.

  • RobRob

    Why wait for summer?  Nothing brightens up a winter day – or any day in Seattle – like a loud Aloha shirt!!!  :)