Second Room Half Off at Hyatt Regency Irvine

UPDATE: I screwed up on this one. I saw “second room,” thought “second room,” and then typed “second nightthree separate times. Well, my mistake. I still think it’s a good deal. (My whole point for advertising this as a deal for families is that parents and kids can have their own space with two rooms, so clearly my brain was working and just not spitting out the right words.)

Don’t you love getting savings you never expected? I follow a few of my favorite hotels on Twitter, including the Hyatt Regency Irvine. I compared it to the Hyatt Regency Orange County in a review a few months ago, and while my comments were a bit mixed, I came away deciding that I would almost certainly stay at the HR Irvine on my next visit to the area.

Not only is it close to the airport and my alma mater, but it’s also a convenient drive to Disneyland without all the chaos that comes with staying immediately next door. It even had a good pool for the kids, and our server and the manager at breakfast were practically bending over backwards to make our meal enjoyable.

The HR Irvine is trying to hit 1,500 likes on Facebook by July 4. Their little advertisement on Twitter didn’t say so, but if you click on the link to their Facebook page, the next thing that pops up is a free offer for a second room at half price. The coupon they email you is good through the end of 2012 and doesn’t appear to have any restrictions. Just show the email to reception when you check in. If I had kids, this would be the perfect excuse to stay at the HR Irvine on our next trip to Disneyland.

Or go to the beach! It’s just a few minutes to Newport Beach, and if you head south on the Pacific Coast Highway you’ll reach Crystal Cove State Park, one of the few remaining undeveloped areas in Southern California (of course, they built $5 million homes across the street, but at least that’s better than the power plant and water treatment facilities across the street from Huntington Beach).

Hyatt promotion screenshot

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  • Uniworldinc

    how did you receive the email?
    i did liked their facebook, but i haven’t got anything from them.
    I also signed up for their email

    • Scottrick

      I don’t recall exactly, but it was one of the first things that popped up on their Facebook page after I liked them. There was a box that said “click here to accept this offer” or something like that. Then I got an email from Facebook with the offer enclosed.