Free Advice, Free Money, Free Miles … and Free Drinks, Too!

Tuesday/Wednesday seems to be the best day for these doesn’t it? In any case, check out some new deals/offers/limited-time events coming up soon in the world of travel.

Many of you enjoyed Scott’s guest post on award travel tricks a few weeks ago. Well, now he’s announcing the first seminar coming up in Honolulu. It’s on July 21, which I know is short notice for most people. But if you’ll be in the area, consider stopping by to learn a few things.

Me, I’m in Seattle. But it’s also going to be warmer than usual. A hot 81 degrees, in fact, so hot I’ll have to hide indoors (I kid, I kid! I know it’s been worse elsewhere. I was in Missouri!) Will Run for Miles shares an opportunity at Starbucks this Friday, the 13th, to get a free Refreshers beverage. I assume it’s something new, but it has fruit in it, so it’s probably good. Just remember, fruit is a sometimes food, cookies are anytime. 😉

Be sure to check-in on a contest from Hipmunk and Radisson to win a three-night hotel stay at the Radisson Blu St. Martin. Don’t forget to book your airfare with Hipmunk! (If you have trouble finding a link to enter on the Facebook page, try this one.)

Point Me to the Plane shares a way to get 1,750 easy miles with United or other airlines by signing up for Thanks Again and MyPoints. Both companies will spam the heck out of you, but if you can tolerate that, these are some of the largest sign-up offers I’ve seen from such businesses in recent memory. Not bad for a few minutes’s work and a dummy email account.

These aren’t necessarily time-sensitive, but AAdvantage Geek has a good rundown of car rental discount codes from American Airlines, which you can probably use even without being an AA loyalist. In fact, I just used the National code last weekend for a free day in Missouri. Although my review of their service at SGF was a bit mixed, I generally agree with AAdvantage Geek’s evaluation:

I’ve become a fan of National: they offer Hertz like service at Avis prices.

Most of you are already members of Accor’s Le Club loyalty program. Heck, most of you probably already have top-tier Platinum status from their offer earlier this year. But Plane n’ Simple shares an opportunity to get 500 free Delta or Aeroplan miles if you sign up for a new account. I’m sure my alter ego could use a Le Club account…

Hilton HHonors Gold status was also pretty easy to come by earlier this year if you were wiling to pretend you lived in Russia and looked up a list of credit card prefixes. For those who didn’t get it, Loyalty Traveler shares a way to get easy Gold status in only four stays, good for free wireless internet and other benefits on your next Hilton trip.

Deals We Like has created a new page dedicated to FREE MONEY! It annoys me that many of the easy deals for AmEx are on the East Coast. There’s no way I’m going near Provincetown. But, hey, at least someone else can benefit. And there are lots of other ongoing offers for saving a few bucks here and there after rebate.

The Frugal Travel Guy reminds us to enter daily with American Airlines’ Summer of Half-a-Million Miles sweepstakes. Unfortunately, the maximum award is only 100,000 miles, but by dividing the pool there are more chances to win!

Deals also shares the 30 Days of DCA from US Airways, celebrating their route expansion at this airport. It’s one of my favorites, even if it’s hard to fly there on United, but I know some of you love US Airways more than I do and probably can take advantage of these. Get double miles on all flights to/from DCA as well as other offers announced daily through the month.

And of course, many of you know today is 7/11, so you can get free 7.11 oz Slurpees until 7 PM at most 7-Eleven stores until cups run out. Try the Lemon Creme!

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  • Stealthradar2009

    What exactly did you mean when you stated “There’s no way I’m going near Provincetown”?

    • Scottrick

      I live in Seattle and don’t know anyone or have any business in Massachusetts. I had to look it up on a map to even figure out where Provincetown is. But it’s one of several cities where AmEx is offer a statement credit, all of which seem to be on the East Coast.

      • Stealthradar2009

        Thank you for the clarification. Your statement could be interpreted many ways and this provides clarity to your intentions.