Who Wants American Airlines Gift Cards?

I made a run to Costco today to buy some American Airlines gift cards at 10% off. They’re disappearing from shelves, and Costco is not restocking. My preferred stores nearby have already run out, and remaining stock is being consolidated in one store at least an hour drive roundtrip assuming the traffic isn’t too bad, which it usually is.

There are only 30-35 left in stock. Two of my Twitter followers asked if I’d pick some up for them, and a few others mentioned that their local stores are out of stock (though didn’t ask me to buy any for them). Here’s the deal: It’s a long drive, and traffic is bad. I also don’t want to front the cost for dozens of cards that I might not be able to resell.

But if there is some demand out there, I will go buy AA gift cards and mail them to your home address. Send me an email with the number you want and your address (no PO Boxes) and phone number. If I get a list of orders for more than the existing supply, it will be first-come first-served. You have a limited window. Send me an email TODAY. I will go buy them TOMORROW. They will go in the mail on MONDAY.

Any PayPal fees are your responsibility. Amazon Payments charges no fee, but you have to keep the transaction size under $1,000 and call it “goods and services.”  I’ll also tack on $6 per order for USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation ($6 flat, however many cards you get). Please, firm orders only! Although I’d love to get 10% off, I also don’t have thousands to put up front. I only need a couple for myself, and I already have what I need.

You will have to send me payment by PayPal or Amazon Payments before I mail them to you. If you want some obscene number of cards, I’ll demand a down payment just to protect myself, but I’ll refund your money if I can’t deliver. Don’t send me money until I confirm that I got your request. 


A reader told me you can get around PayPal fees by classifying it as a gift or personal transaction. However, the point remains. If there’s a fee involved, you have to pay it. If you can get around the fee, good for you.

Lauren asked about restrictions. There is no expiration date! Otherwise, read the details below:

  1. Use this gift card toward the purchase of air travel on American Airlines, American Eagle, AmericanConnection, oneworld airlines, and AA code-share flights. [Alaska Airlines might not count.] Itineraries must be purchased and originating in the US, Puerto Rico, or US Virgin Islands.
  2. Gift cards are redeemable only at www.aa.com or by calling AA Reservations at 800-433-7300.
  3. A maximum of eight (8) gift cards may be redeemed per reservation.
  4. You may check your card’s balance at www.aa.com/giftcard.
  5. Gift cards do not expire and have no dormancy, service, maintenance, or other fees.
  6. The gift card ahs no value until activated at time of purchase.
  7. The gift card has no implied warranties and is not a credit or debit card. Terms and Conditions are applied to gift card – see www.aa.com/giftcard.
  8. If you have questions about gift cards please call 1-800-677-9555 Mon-Fri 8am-5pm (CT).
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  • http://flightfox.com/ Lauren McLeod

    Are there any restrictions on the cards? Use by date etc?

    • Scottrick

      I’ve edited the post. See above.

  • HikerT

    Looks like you might have beaten me to it.  I was thinking of going to the Issaquah Costco to grab some remaining stock to resell and meet spend on my DL Reserve.  I’m an executive member so get 2% cash back.  As such I would eat the 2.5% paypal fees since the spend benefit is worth at least 0.5% to me.  I’m 10 minutes from the Issaquah Costco.  As far as paypal fees, you can avoid them if the sender specifies “gift” but this means they can’t pay with credit card.  Also, paypal with shut you down if you get too fancy with this.  I would advise against collecting significant “gift” transactions if you value your paypal account.

    • Scottrick

      Well, it doesn’t look like I’m going to get all of them, so there should still be some left for you. Me, I’m just going to buy what I already have commitments for.

      Currently I mooch off my mom’s business Costco membership, so no 2% back, but no annual fee either. Maybe next year. I tend not to abuse PayPal and Amazon Payments too much, but thank you for the warning.

      • HikerT

        Actually, looks like I underestimated paypal fees which are closer to 3%, so I’d charge a 1% fee for paypal – if anyone wants some just PM me on FT.

  • Grant Thomas

    You can set up a squareup.com account to accept credit cards numbers, the fees are a little better than Paypal and the funds can be deposited in your bank account in a few days

  • Cmtrepp

    I can’t believe that you can have so many orders????    The Costco near me (Orland Park, IL)  has tons of these.  I’d love to buy them for everyone.  What’s the big deal?  

  • Bigr3dbears

    Costco in Long Island doesn’t have any

  • Luisaej

    Do you have any cards left?  I am interested in ordering 4 or 5. Thanks!

    • Scottrick

      I don’t have any currently, but if you send me an email, I can check my local stores and see if it’s worth driving out there this weekend to pick some up for you.