75K Bonus for AmEx Gold Business TODAY and TOMORROW ONLY

Thanks to The Points Guy for sharing that American Express is offering a 75,000 Membership Rewards points sign-up bonus for their Business Gold Rewards card. This offer is available TODAY only!

Personally I won’t be taking advantage of it. The required minimum spend is $10,000 in four months with the annual fee of $175 waived the first year. But I have an uncertain financial future right now. Although there are lots of ways to goose spend without actually spending money, I prefer not to use those approaches. I’m sure this offer will appear again when I will be able to take advantage of it with more confidence.

I won’t be updated the business card page on my blog because this is a one-day offer, but you can read more about its benefits there.

Earn 5K Starpoints by helping Scottrick

I’m likely to apply for an SPG AmEx Business card instead because of the lower $5,000 requirement in six months. Several people have asked me to refer them for the personal SPG AmEx. I’m very grateful for the support, but some of you have been asking if I can refer you for the business version, as well. Sadly I cannot because I don’t yet have one.

If one of you wants to send a referral to Scott Mackenzie for the business card, I’d be happy to let you earn your own 5K points referral bonus! Then maybe I’ll be able to refer some of you to the business card in the future, perhaps as early as later this month while the 30K sign-up offer is still out there.

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  • sharon

    I’ll do it — what’s your email?

    • Scottrick

      scottrick @ travelcodex.com of course!

  • booyaa

    I a little confused. I thought both the personal and business card had $5000 req in 6 months? But apparently business req is lower?

    • Scottrick

      I was saying I am not applying for the AmEx Gold Business card, because that’s $10K in 3 months. Instead I will apply for the AmEx SPG Business card, which has a lower $5K in 6 months (the same as the AmEx SPG Personal card).

      • booyaa

         Ah yes yes. My mistake for not thinking in context.

  • Izrib2

    i can send referrals for the spg and spg business email izrib2@yahoo.com for a link

  • awg/SFO

    I can send referral for Business SPG. Send me your email to arie137@yahoo.com

  • Aleks

    I can refer for the same public 30K point offer for SPG Business thru August 28. Anyone interested can email me at akobilarov [at] gmail [dot] com.

  • 2964635

    I’ll take a Business Gold referral at 2964635@gmail.com. Thanks!

    • Scottrick

      I can’t refer people for the Business Gold AmEx. You’ll have to visit The Points Guy’s page to find an application link.

  • Smay

    tried you at gmail – hope that is you!