PNW Mileage Runs: SEA-DTW-ATL-SJU on DL for 3.9 CPM

Winter is coming in the Pacific Northwest. If you’ve ever read The Oatmeal, you probably are already familiar with this comic. Yes, it can be that awful after 9 month of endless rain and darkness. Lately I’ve been getting up at 5 every morning and am already depressed that the sun isn’t up to greet me like it used to be around the solstice. So when the darkness comes, I like to get out of town. The Flight Deal shares an opportunity on Delta to head to San Juan, Puerto Rico for about $314 at 4.0 CPM.

I like using offers from The Flight Deal for inspiration. Often there are enough people sharing mileage runs that I don’t have to do the digging myself. But this post is a good example of why you shouldn’t assume that ALL the work has been done for you. TFD posted a routing that returned via ATL and DTW but was ATL only on the outbound. Why? Seemed fishy to me, as there was no logical reason in my mind why the fare rules would prohibit DTW in both directions.

ITA itinerary screenshot

Specifying both ATL and DTW using ITA allowed me to find several days with availability that gave me more miles for the same price. Getting 8,126 miles for about $314 puts the cost per mile at 3.9 CPM. So the lesson is: always do some of your own legwork to see if you can make a deal better. 😉 Read my introduction to using ITA’s Matrix search engine if you need more help. In fact, you could even use ExpertFlyer to do your own digging to see if other routing options are possible.

This trip still seems to require an overnight in addition to a red-eye. I suggest booking it as part of a longer vacation. It’s available from October through February of next year.

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  • Grant Thomas

    LAX > DTW > ATL > SJU RT for $319.40 in January too

  • Jamison

    this SJU fares has been around for like 6 months lol 😉 doesn’t matter how long it gets exposed, this deal just never dies 😉 Thanks for the post