The Bucket List

One of the reasons I started this blog is to keep track of all the places I’ve been and things I’ve seen. It’s really just an online journal, and the readers help keep me motivated to work on it. As I learn new tricks and tools (or just remember old ones) I do my best to explain them to you. I also try to bring you in on the excitement when I use those tricks to take me on yet another adventure.

But what about the places I haven’t been? The restaurants I’ve only read about? Or the tricks I don’t have time to figure out? That’s what the Bucket List is for.

The Bucket List movie posterThe movie got average to good reviews, and I agree with the critics, but the concept is a great one that was around long before. We all have things we want to do in life. I’ve been fortunate to already do a great deal more than most people, even by the standards of a first-world kid growing up in the Internet age. Although my computer looks clean and neat if you just scan the desktop, underneath there are folders within folders stuffed with notes and hundreds of bookmarks in my browser. Eventually I forget about them.

To try to keep that from happening, I’ve decided to sort through and share them on a new page in my blog that you will be able to find in the navigation bar above. Now they won’t be cluttering my computer, and hopefully I’ll take a look at them more often and remember what I had planned to do. (This is the same reason I purchase paper books and keep them in bookcases. I remember the stories and facts every time I glance at the spines, and the books are easily accessible whenever I want to re-read one.)

I got the idea for this project a while ago but haven’t made any progress getting it together. But there are TONS of people out there with amazing stories about things they’ve done or things they’ve read about and want to do. Sometimes I need a push, so I’d love to include some of your suggestions. Please send them in the comments below, or by email, and I’ll add them to the page by Sunday. Just a sentence or two is fine, but if you can include a link to a trip report or some news article to feed the imagination, that would be great!

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  • Lynn

    Going on a balloon flight was on my bucket list for more than 10 years. Last October I did a sunset flight over Bruges, Belgium. It was amazing and probably the best things we did on our trip. I would love to do another flight in the Loire Valley in France or Cappadocia in Turkey.

    • Scottrick

      We saw those the last time I was in Napa. Looked like a lot of fun, and it was pretty magical even from the ground!

  • W Brian Duncan (aka IPBrian)

    I need to get one of these started on my blog as well. The great thing about a bucket list is its always changing, but it serves as a reminder of the things you have done and presses you to do the things you want to do (assuming you look at it regularly).

  • SMAY

    What a great idea Scott! I just crossed skydiving off my list last week! What a rush!

  • muerl

    So, my issues with bucket lists was summed up well by @adventiouskate “If your deadline is death – you’re not making it a priority.” (

    I think the idea of a shorter time frame list of goals is a better options. But then I am no expert.

    • Scottrick

      A good point. This isn’t about when I (or you) kick the bucket. It’s about when the opportunity to travel no longer becomes feasible, either because of kids, work, or just poor health. Of course, you can and should try to travel despite these factors.

      Just having a list makes a difference. Megan and I have a list of restaurants we want to eat at, and we have an agreement to go out once a week and try one. If we didn’t have the list, we might still go out but would visit the same old places. It provides inspiration.

      • muerl

        I like the restaurant idea. Also, maybe we need a new word rather than Bucket. I agree.

  • Pat O

    Ever since I saw the commercial of the guy “parahawking” i’ve wanted to do that!

  • Dad

    Marsha will go on a balloon ride with you. They leave from a spot about 1 mile from my house.
    But, do you remember the summer of ’92? We made a bunch of 3×5 cards with our ‘bucket list’ for the summer and taped them to the family room wall. We didn’t do everything, but when we did something we wrote on the card in red marker the date and maybe a note. We made it to Great America, berry picking, kite flying, boating, camping, picnic in the park, a bunch of stuff. At the end of the summer we knew we hadn’t just sat around the house.

    • Scottrick

      I do remember that now. Too bad my current apartment is too small for a list like that on the wall.