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A week ago I was at the Hipmunk offices in San Francisco and had a very pleasant chat with co-founder and CEO Adam Goldstein. We talked about Hipmunk’s strategy of continuing to release new updates to their site as they’re developed–trying to be more innovative than their competition and releasing those updates immediately rather than waiting for some “final” version always in the distant future. I also a learned a few interesting things about how business relationships can affect personal relationships with a business, which is probably good advice in any industry. I left with a few fun goodies to share with those of you who find the Hipmunk search engine and useful and fun as I do!

Read up on my past reviews of Hipmunk

Disclosure: I receive no compensation for this contest. I’ve written about Hipmunk in the past, and I once got a few of these swag items for myself, but I’ve never received any financial or other form of incentive.

There are six different prizes

Two first prizes: One pair of Hipmunk flight and hotel bag tags (one of each) PLUS two Hipmunk stickers. I love these bag tags! They’re not only cute, but they’re also a great way to differentiate your bag. Megan and I have pretty generic black nylon carry-ons. In the few cases where we check them, we’ve never actually a lost bag. But we have had to describe them when the bags are late or a flight gets cancelled. There’s nothing better than saying your bag has a flying chimpunk on it!

picture of Hipmunk luggage tags

Two second prizes: One Hipmunk T-shirt (one M and one L available; first person to reply to winning notification gets dibs) PLUS two Hipmunk stickers.

picture of Hipmunk T shirt

Two third prizes: Two Hipmunk stickers to decorate your computer, travel bag, or other accessory. I’ve gotten a few requests for these stickers in the past. This contest will exhaust my current supply, but I might be able to get more in the future if you don’t win this time.

picture of Hipmunk stickers

Here’s how to enter

  1. Follow @Travel_Codex on Twitter.
  2. Send me a tweet with your own suggestion on how to find the best airline fares or hotel rates. Or just share something you really like about using Hipmunk. If you like, you can also include Hipmunk’s Twitter handle (@thehipmunk) but it’s not necessary.
  3. Your tweet must include the hashtag #FlyLikeaHipmunk.
  4. If you don’t want to enter through Twitter, you can also reply to the entry for this post on the Travel Codex Facebook page. No hashtag is required.
  5. You can enter as many times as you want from now through Friday (9/14/12) at 11:59 PM Pacific Time.
  6. Winners will be chosen through Random.org and notified on Saturday (9/15/12). You have a week to claim the prize or a new winner will be chosen. Prizes will be mailed by USPS.

Here’s an example tweet

@Travel_Codex I really enjoy using the time bars on Hipmunk to visualize my flight’s departure and arrival times. #FlyLikeaHipmunk

Got it? Any questions? Leave them in the comments below, but remember that entries must be through Twitter or Facebook. Happy travels!

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  • James

    Hipmunk is a very solid website. I often use it for my long distance travel arrangements. Thanks!

    • Scottrick

      It does seem pretty reliable. It’s also great to have the tech support right there in the bottom corner.

  • Harold

    Hipmunk’s time bars truly are amazing when trying to visualize the “Agony” of connections.

    • Scottrick

      My favorite feature.

  • Jimgotkp

    I just use Kayak but will give Hipmunk a shot!

    • Scottrick

      Glad to hear it!

  • Joaquin

    I use Hipmunk since I saw it in your blog. 😉 Bag tags are so cute 😉

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