Winners of the Fly Like a Hipmunk Giveaway

The names are in! Just to recap, here are the prizes, along with the two winners of each prize. Thanks for playing!

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  • ┬áThe first winner of two Hipmunk baggage tags is #6, twitter follower @TravelSummary, followed by Facebook fan Brian Duncan.
  • A Hipmunk T-shirt went to @yhcg1333 and @BorazHershkovich. @yhcg1333 replied first and asked for a medium shirt, so I hope @Boraz can make use of a large…
  • Finally, a pair of Hipmunk stickers went to @IDGExpressions and Facebook fan Cacinda Maloney.

Don’t forget to go back to the original contest page to see the prizes and read the original reviews if you haven’t already! Hopefully I’ll have a few more things to give away in the future. Here are some of the great things these readers said about Hipmunk:

Brian Duncan

I actually haven’t used hiphunk but as much as you talk about themI really need to give it a try! Those baggage tags are AWESOME!


The agony option has been the best so far. Love ability to deduce flight time options in a graph-like fashion


I like Hipmunk because it gives a very overhead view of all the various fares out there

40% Bonus on Priority Club Points: Status Match Opportunity
Where to Find Information on Fare Class Availability
  • Travel Summary

    Wooohoo! First time I’ve won anything! Thanks again!

  • W Brian Duncan (aka IPBrian)

    I will give a second WOOOHOO! The Europeans will roll their eyes at my hipmunk tag, but in Asia (especially Japan) I will be ubber popular at the airport!