20% off Virgin America and Double Elevate Points

I woke up to a Virgin America sale in my email: 20% off for 20 hours. What a coincidence; I was just talking with Lucky and a few of our readers last night about the uncertain future of Virgin America. (Frankly, I think it was a mistake to start transcontinental service.) But we did agree that they have competitive fares, made more so by sales like this one.

Virgin America promotion image

You must book by 11:59 PM Pacific Time and use code VX2020 to get 20% off. Complete details are on this page. Discounted travel is only available on certain routes and certain dates, which I’ve summarized below. Make note that you can travel in either direction, so if I say San Francisco to Orlando, that means you can also get a sale on Orlando to San Francisco.

From November 2 through December 13:

  • San Francisco to Orlando, Cancun, Los Cabos, or Puerto Vallarta
  • Los Angeles to Orlando or Cancun

From November 7 through December 13:

  • San Francisco to Dallas-Fort Worth, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego, or Palm Springs
  • Los Angeles to Dallas-Fort Worth, Seattle, Portland, or San Francisco

November 13 through December 13:

  • San Francisco to Boston, New York (JFK), Washington Dulles, Washington National, Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, or Philadelphia
  • Los Angeles to Boston, New York (JFK), Washington Dulles, Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, or Philadelphia
  • Las Vegas to New York (JFK)

If you want WiFi and power in your seats, inexpensive upgrades, and somewhat better service than a legacy airline, Virgin America has a great product. It’s certainly been popular on the West Coast. But not every company can hemorrhage money for years and stay in business. The clock is ticking if you want to try them out.

Don’t forget to sign up for other Virgin America promotions before booking your flight. Between October 9 and November 15, you can earn double Elevate points on West Coast travel. This only provides partial overlap with the West Coast sales, but every point counts, and Elevate points are actually somewhat valuable.

Virgin America promotion image

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