$25 Back for Buying $100 Costco Gift Card with American Express

Turns out you can get $25 back from American Express for spending $100 at Costco. This program is through their Link-Like-Love program, meaning you need to sync an American Express credit card with Facebook or Twitter first and then register for the offer.

Costco promotion offer

But you can really make out big on this offer. You can register multiple American Express cards, and you can get your $25 statement credit by buying a $100 Costco gift card online. So it’s like a $100 card for only $75, multiplied across as many American Express cards as you have. UPDATE: As someone noted in the comments, you’ll need multiple social media accounts since you can only sync one card per account. However, it’s fairly easy to set up multiple accounts. Facebook supposedly wants each person to only have one account; I signed up back when it was college students only, so I have no idea how hard it is to do this anymore. But I do know it’s easy to set up multiple Twitter accounts. Deals We Like has a good introduction to getting started with Link, Like, Love.

Use this trick to save a bunch as you stock up on Christmas gifts, wrapping paper, gas, or even just buying already discounted travel and restaurant gift cards. I actually need to go back and buy some more WallyPark gift cards sometime in the near future. :) Sadly you cannot use a Costco gift card to buy a $1.50 hot dog and soda… I guess you just pay in advance at the register.

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  • AllenS

    To register multiple Amex card, would you then need multiple Facebook accounts?

  • Gregory P

    If you pay for your hot dog and soda in advance in the regular check-out line you can use yoir Costco gift card. Then bring your receipt to the food court for pick-up.

    • Scottrick

      Good to know!

  • Rob

    I don’t see twitter promo code for this offer. . . do you know what it is? It’s not listed on the Amex twitter page.

    • Scottrick

      Here’s a link where you can link your card with any of three social media sites. I haven’t found the hashtag you need to tweet to register for the Costco deal on Twitter, but my guess would be #AmExCostco. It will probably be announced soon.


  • Aaaaaaahie

    Can you use the Amex prepaid cards or the bluebird?

    • Scottrick

      I don’t know the answer to this question, but I suspect as long as you’ve had a permanent card issued, the answer is yes.

  • Ellen

    Can i sync 2 different amex cards to my daughters facebook account and still make it work?

    • Scottrick

      One card per account. But if your daughter has both a Facebook and a Twitter account, you could sync one to each. (As others have noted, this offer hasn’t yet been publicly released on Twitter, only Facebook, but I’d expect that to change soon.)

  • Deals We Like

    Costco is just one of many new facebook amex sync promos that came about this morning. Stay tuned to tomorrows post on all participating merchants. And yes, only one statement credit per credit card / Facebook account (or you can unsync and then sync another card and register again) – although multiple facebook accounts is easiest.

    • Scottrick

      This Costco one is my favorite, but I’m sure you’ll do a better job laying out the whole list. 😉

  • Sandy

    I wonder if I sync AMEX card #1, add the offer, unsync card #1, sync card # 2 and add the offer would make both of my cards work…this is probably too good to be true. However, since I did not know which card I’ve synced already, I went to unsync the original card, the message says: “Once you unsync your card, you will still be able to redeem the offer(s) you’ve already added to the card. Should you wish to take advantage of such offer(s) by using a different card, you must sync that card then add such offer to the newly synced card, provided that the offer is still available.” Hmmm….

    • Scottrick

      That would probably work. However, you can buy the Costco gift cards online, and some people have reported receiving pretty quick responses from AmEx that they’ve made a qualifying purchase. You could wait for that confirmation before unsyncing and syncing a new card.

  • Sandy

    The terms and conditions says “Limit 1 statement credit per American Express card across .” Does anyone know what does all American Express offer Channels mean?

    • Scottrick

      It means Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare. You only need to sync your card with one of them. In the past before they closed the loophole, I think some people were syncing with all three and getting three bonuses for one card.

  • Kelly

    Silly me… we have 4 different AM Ex accounts. We each have a Starwood and a Hilton. We each have a card on the other person’s account. Awhile back I tied in one of my cards to my Facebook account…but I can’t remember which card!!! Of course there is no easy way to tell!!! So I had to email Am Ex to get them to tell me what credit card is synced to my Facebook page!!!

    • http://twitter.com/sean82tf Sean Finnegan

      Can check the email confirmation of the sync and it will display the last five numbers of the card used.

  • freqflyercoll

    can you actually do this deal with twitter? I can’t find a promo code for twitter.

    • freqflyercoll

      oh nvm. i clicked on the “Show New Comments” button and I see this has been discussed already

  • latinlobster

    Has this savings offer been extended into 2013?

    • Scottrick

      It was only for a few days in November.