Targeted: Is the UA Club Visa Fee Waiver Back?

I got an email from Mark last night with details on a targeted email from United and Chase, offering to waive the entire $395 annual fee for the United MileagePlus Club Visa Signature. Normally only a $95 statement credit is offered, but earlier this year there was an opportunity to get a code from any United Club in order to get the entire fee waived. Many people were asking friends to pick one up or just paying a one-time fee to get in and grab a brochure.

Mileage Plus Club card promotion image

Getting the entire fee waived is even better, and that’s how I currently access the club. I’m still not sure I want to keep the card next year, but it might be a fair deal. Club food is worsening, and some need to be refurbished. Still, there is always Internet (and the signal is strong enough for me) plus faster access to an agent if you need to be rebooked. Mr. Pickles was kind enough to grab a mother and daughter out of the long, snaking line last night at Chicago O’Hare after the tornado delays and guest them in.

You can read more about my impressions of the United Club Visa here. One reason I like it is that the Explorer card has very few additional benefits for existing elite passengers. Only the Club card offers much that is new, and it does so at a rate that is usually cheaper than buying a United Club membership by itself.

I’ve tried to replicate the card offer Mark received but have so far been unsuccessful. His link requires that you sign in with your MileagePlus number and PIN in order to see a targeted offer. Despite using several people’s numbers, I haven’t been able to find anyone who has received a similar waiver. Instead, most people are getting directed to this URL:

Earlier this year I was able to get around this and get a full waiver by changing the URL. I don’t remember quite what to, but I think it was something like this:

Basically, change “95SC” which means $95 statement credit to “AFW” which means annual fee waived. But using this now I’m just getting redirected. If anyone has more success than I and can get a publicly accessible link, please do share it so everyone can get in on the deal, targeted or not.

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  • LincolnPark

    I got the Club Card back in March and I’m planning on holding on to it. I’m a non-elite who travels “just enough” to justify the cost. Basically, I’m getting the same benefits as my Partner who is a Silver (minus of course, the Mileage bonuses). Plus with its 1.5 points per dollar benefit it’s a really nice complement to the legacy Chase Mileage Plus Select Visa and my new Sapphire Preferred.

  • wln

    After logging in, if I click on your “AFW” link, it looks to work. I’m in between Chase applications – just got the regular Explorer – so I’m not actually applying. But it looks real.

    • Scottrick

      Good. I get redirected to the 95SC link or to the regular Explorer card, so the accounts I have available to me apparently aren’t targeted.

      • RSonny

        Same for me. I get redirected to 95SC

  • MileHunter

    One of the features of this card not listed here is that it waives the $75 close-in fees for award bookings that are less than 21 days. Potentially, you can save as much as $150 if you need to plan last minute on both legs of the round trip ticket.

    • Scottrick

      Always a great benefit. I’m already 1K and getting that, but for those with lots of miles through other means…

  • Colin McHale

    I signed up for the free first year back in August. Just had to log in to the site before submitting my application

  • David Guess

    I’m getting the fee waived on your AFW link. I was signed in on United prior to clicking and am Silver…. Not sure if that matters.

    • Scottrick

      So it appears I was clever enough to figure out the correct link for the waiver, but no one I know is eligible. Good to know it works at least 😉

  • David Guess

    I got the AFW but it looks like an entirely new app and this would be an additional hard pull with chase. Although I like the benefits I don’t think that the perks can match that of the Ink card, unless you really want the lounge access and I have about 20 one use passes :). I think that I will hold out for another chase card that at least tosses bonus points my way.

  • Boraxo

    This 1K got the $0 first year (no annual fee) offer. Thanks for the link. Still undecided as I don’t really need to pay for club access since most of my UA travel is international biz class. Now if you can find free Priority Club from a non-Amex card… :)

  • phil

    is there a sign on bonus?

    • Scottrick

      The sign-up bonus is the $395 fee waiver. You’re getting membership in the United Club, free status with a couple hotel and car programs, bonus miles on every purchase, some fee waivers, primary rental insurance, and a few other things. It’s a good deal if you would want club access anyway.

  • Rasputin

    This looks very tempting. But, I am taking a short break with Chase because I opened 3 CCs with them in the last 8 months.
    Scott, I noticed you mentioning Bourbon in one of the threads on Milepoint. Have you ever considered doing a tour of Bourbon distilleries in KY, called Bourbon Trail? There is a Milepoint meetup in Lexington, KY soon too, if you are interested, which includes hitting the Bourbon trail.

    • Scottrick

      That would be fun, I should take a look.

  • Kris Ziel

    I’m Premier Gold, it redirects to 95SC.

  • Jason

    Chase/United physically mailed me an offer for this card with the fee waived which just directed me to the website. I have no status with United, but I did just redeem 200k miles.

  • Scott

    Scott – do you know if the Club Card covers the Global Entry $100 application fee? Do you have a link to the complete list of Club Card benefits? (Global has failed me on this.)

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