American Rewards Members with DEQM and DRDM

To apologize for operations issues in recent months, American Airlines is extending double elite qualifying miles to all of its AAdvantage members through the end of the year (December 31). In addition, you can earn double redeemable miles for Thanksgiving travel from November 16-26.

AAdvantage promotion image

This is a great show of generosity, and it shows that American takes these issues seriously. However, it only exacerbates the huge numbers of elite members they have been adding to their program this year as they work through their bankruptcy. These DEQM promotions have become so frequent that I was expecting this one with or without any need to apologize.

The downside for people like me who received a status match to Executive Platinum status, and were then told we only needed to earn 55K EQM to keep it, is that DEQM promotions do not qualify. The special terms of that offer said that we needed to fly 55K miles, with or without any DEQM bonus, so I’m still no closer to being able to requalify this year. But as I said, I do think that there will be more of these coming. Hopefully I can make a run for it in January or February as many did in 2012 with the triple EQM promotions out of San Francisco.

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  • travel_abstract

    Ok, now can you help out and hack some deals for this promo? I’ll reserve any ex-EZE or ex-NYC. thanks!

    Just did a Plat Challenge and had no AA flights rest of year but this promo changes everything. I am now forced to take some serious vacation time with AA the next two months .

  • ThunderStorm

    Ho Hum. I agree. As Exec Plat, I can barely ever get upgraded out of LAX anymore. And yes this DEQM promo is doing nothing for me especially since its not even DRDM all the way. I would be more interested in seeing a repeat of last winter’s Triple DEQM/DRDM out of LAX and SFO after the 1st of January which would requalify me through 2015.

    • Chris

      I thought elites were getting double RDM for the entire time period.

      • ThunderStorm

        Not to the best of my knowledge Chris. Where have you read that? I just looked at the Terms and Conditions and it just mentions the 10 day Thanksgiving Period.

        • Chris

          According to, the DRDM is available to existing elites for the entire period.

          • ThunderStorm

            WOWEEE!! Thanks Chris for the quick response! Where did you ever find that link? I never came across it in all my searches today and I was on earlier booking and what not.

  • Steven Chan

    I signed up for the executive platinum status match earlier this year too, but am on track to re-qualify for exec by flying 55,000 points, not actual miles. Are you sure you have to fly 55,000 actual miles or will points qualify me as well? According to the offer email it seems as though points work. I fly x-country in business class every week and am going the points, not miles route. Any thoughts?

    • Scottrick

      Apparently points will work as well. The body of the email says miles, but the fine print below is more clear:

      “AAdvantage Executive Platinum® membership received through this offer is valid through February 28, 2014. To qualify, you must earn 55,000 elite-qualifying miles or points between April 24, 2012, and December 31, 2012. Bonus elite qualifying miles earned through special promotions are excluded.”

  • ThunderStorm

    Nevertheless, Congrats on being the FIRST! to break the story Scott. I was waiting to see who would come out with it first. 😉

    • Scottrick

      Thanks! I actually think Ben or Gary might have been first, but that’s going by the RSS feed, and I know there’s a delay there…

  • gobot

    I have to requalify the hard way too. The double rdm’s will make the mileage run that more rewarding though. Too bad I just got back from a HNL run.

  • Scottrick

    For anyone departing Seattle, there are flights to Madrid for just over $1,000 round trip. Connect through ORD and DFW to maximize distance. It comes out at around 3.8 CPM with the promo. Not great, but good enough to justify, and you could get whatever you need in a few weekends with quick turns.