Fly AA to London, Get a Free Domestic Ticket

American Airlines previously ran a promotion offering bonus AAdvantage miles for flights to London. Now, it’s extending a similar promotion to members of its Business ExtrAA program, which is free to join. You’ll earn points in a parallel system in addition to the points you would normally earn through AAdvantage.

These Business ExtrAA points can be redeemed for things like lounge passes, upgrades, and free flights. If you have any kind of business, I recommend you sign up for Business ExtrAA as a way to double-dip every time you fly American.

American Airlines promotion image

Between December 1 and February 28, certain first and business class fares booked in F, A, P, J, R, D, or I will earn you 5,000 Business ExtrAA points every time you fly. Certain economy class fares booked in Y, W, B, or H will earn 2,000 bonus points. That doesn’t seem like a lot, but remember that this is a separate program, and the redemption levels are much lower than AAdvantage. Here are just some of the things you can get with Business ExtrAA:

  • 2,000 points – economy class ticket in continental U.S., Canada, or Mexico
  • 3,000 points – economy class ticket between continental U.S. and Hawaii
  • 4,400 points – economy class ticket between North America and Europe
  • 300 points – Admirals Club day pass
  • 3,000 points – Admirals Club membership
  • 2,400 points – AAdvantage Gold status

There’s a much longer list available here. Depending on how much travel you do to London, and hopefully in full-fare tickets reimbursed by your employer, this could be a great deal to earn some valuable credits toward free tickets, give your family elite status, and more.

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  • Chris

    Those fare classes for the main cabin are typically fares that mere mortals do not buy.

    • Scottrick

      Typically, but with the current DEQM/DEQP promotion, I know a few people who are booking these anyway to help reach elite status quickly. One round trip from LAX to LHR in B, Y, or W would earn about 32,733 EQP.

  • jim

    do you have to book through to get BusinessAA points? I usually book through a third party and I don’t think I earned the Business points…

    • Scottrick

      I don’t know the answer to that question. I’m pretty sure you would need to at least contact AA to have your Business ExtrAA number added to the reservation. I suggest contacting AA to see how they recommend booking with a third party and still getting credit because I only see the entry field when making bookings at