Hyatt to Unveil New Bath Amenities on Saturday

Credit goes to my dad for forwarding me an article by Scott McCartney on a barely related subject.

Lots of people hate the Portico bath amenities that Hyatt uses at most of its properties, particularly the White Ginger fragrance (a few hotels use different frangrances). Personally, I like White Ginger. I think it’s a little strong, and I think the containers could be improved, but overall I am not one of those pushing for change.

Not that anyone listens to me.

The replacement of White Ginger has been a long time coming. It was shared on Gary’s blog that the likely replacement was KenetMD over a year ago. But when things change as slowly as this, saying that the bath amenities will change …eventually… is not that surprising. Just as we know that airplane seats will get changed …eventually… or that the in-flight menu will change …eventually…

image of bath products

Scott’s Middle Seat article in The Wall Street Journal is talking this week about behavior differences between male and female travelers. I agree with pretty much everything he says, although I won’t go so far as to say it always causes problems. If anything, it’s an “opposites attract” situation for couples since if I want the aisle and Megan gets the window, we’re both happy.

Then he let it slip that the new KenetMD amenities have been undergoing testing with female customers at Hyatt for a year now, and they are finally going to be released on Saturday. I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be public yet. I certainly haven’t heard anything about it on the forums. So if you’re off to a Hyatt Regency this Saturday (and perhaps some other brands, too) be sure to report back on what you find!

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  • Lucky

    Can you share a source of you find this out through super secret methods? :p

  • Lord Fish

    I never had a problem with the White Ginger either.

  • carter

    I so hate the Portico products. Anything has to be better and I’m looking forward to using the new brand. I just got back from Grand Erawan Hyatt Bangkok and they use incredible products from “June Jacobs spa” there. I know international hotels tend to use various products but it was nice not seeing the horrible Portico there.

  • bluecat

    But, really, is there anything worse than Fairmont’s Rose-smelling bath products?

    (I, for one, like the white ginger. Reminds me of Hawaii…)

  • Domlaw

    The Kenet brand is awesome I love the power face wash !!! Way to go Hyatt !!!

  • Vivian Waters

    Wow! These new bath amenities are truly amazing. The Kenet brand is indeed so cool. The Hyatt is absolutely a legend especially when it comes to making great bath amenities to make every client’s stay a wonderful experience.