Pay Your United Club Fee with Miles

Many airlines allow you to pay your membership fee to their airport clubs with miles, but to the best of my knowledge United removed this benefit after its merger with Continental. The number of miles required is usually tiered by elite status (just like the cost when paid by cash or credit card), but almost all airlines charge about 50,000 miles for members in the top tiers of their respective loyalty programs.

United has made many moves since its merger to drive revenue growth. Everything from raising the cost of Premier Accelerator, pushing upgrades and Economy Plus seating, and avoiding dilution of its MileagePlus in contrast to American’s frequent double elite and redeemable mileage bonuses. It’s no surprise that they’d want you to pay cash instead of miles for access to the United Club.

And to be upfront about it, using miles is not always a great way to pay for the club. You get a value of just under a penny per mile. I’m only presenting it here as an alternative that I haven’t seen discussed very much elsewhere. It’s always great to know your options.

Besides paying for it outright, there are three other ways to get United Club access:

  1. Gold status with Aegean Airlines or another international Star Alliance member. Your domestic U.S. flights will count as an “international” itinerary and be eligible for access to all Star Gold lounges.
  2. Get a membership to the US Airways Club (though this will be expensive if you don’t have elite status with US Airways).
  3. Pay for the United MileagePlus Club Visa, a credit card that offers Club membership and a bunch of other benefits for an annual fee of $395. Premier 1K members are normally charged $375 if they buy a United Club membership outright, but with all the other perks, I think this card is a better deal. (See my review.) Sometimes you can even get the first year’s fee waived.

It’s this last point where the miles come into account. I talked this morning about the United Choices program. One of the things you can do is redeem miles earned through spend on a United credit card for your annual fee. I do this already with my MileagePlus Select card. But there’s no reason you can’t do it with a much higher annual fee. Like, say, a $395 annual fee that also includes United Club membership. 😀

Mileage Plus fee redemption screenshot

The cost works out to just under 50,000 miles, in line with other programs. But if you’re a Premier 1K member, you also should account for a $60 annual fee statement included as part of your elite benefits. I was under the impression it was only one statement credit per member, but apparently some people have reported receiving multiple credits with one for each United credit card.

@TheMrPickles provided me these screenshots showing two $60 statement credits he just received on his United cards. (I highly recommend following his Twitter handle. Rather than rehashing old news, his cryptic comments usually result in some new savings or special knowledge.) This means you’d save a few thousand more points when redeeming for your annual fee.

United statement credit mobile screenshots     United statement credit mobile screenshot

Since the United Club Visa offers 2X points on United purchases and 1.5X points on everything else, this means you could, in theory, get the 49,375 miles you need for a United Club membership each year by spending under $25K on United or under $33K on other stuff, including Vanilla Reloads. Not the greatest spending bonus, but one more reason to consider getting the United Club Visa.

Alternatives to UA Mileage Runs: United Choices
PNW Mileage Runs: PDX-SFO-BOS for 3.6 CPM on UA
  • AKold

    Good stuff. I’m learning a lot about United from these posts. Keep it up.

    Also, I have foreign *G and use that for club access and I recently discovered a downside — it’s technically only valid from departing airports. There are a few times when I’ll take a red-eye to the east coast and want to visit a lounge to grab breakfast or do a bit of email catching up or whatnot, but A3*G technically won’t let me do that.

    • Scottrick

      I’ve had the same problem with United and Singapore. The lounge benefit is for departing passengers only. Some lounges are more strict than others and also require that it be only 3 or 4 hours before your departing flight.

  • Andrew

    You can also get unlimited United club access with Amtrak Select Plus status.

  • Mileage Update

    The cost is 50k to save $375 minus $60? Seems to me that 40-50k United Miles are worth more than $3-400. Do I have that right?

    • Scottrick

      You’re redeeming 125 miles per dollar of credit, so if you have a $60 1K credit then you only need 41,875 miles.

      Yes, it’s a lot. But as I said, some people have more miles than cash. Or they just don’t think the club is worth paying cash and they’d rather pay with miles. (Miles are like a rebate. You already have them. It’s good to use them for something valuable, but if you don’t get the *best* value it isn’t like you’re losing money.) I’ve seen several comments in online forums where people complain that you can no longer pay your club membership with miles, and this proves you can, as long as you use this workaround.