PNW Mileage Runs: PDX-SFO-BOS for 3.6 CPM on UA

The newest runs being posted are starting to bleed into next year. I know I haven’t posted many from Portland lately (making “Pacific Northwest Mileage Runs” seem like “Seattle Mileage Runs”), but this routing to Boston looks pretty good to me. There are several connections through SFO possible, so pick a layover either short or long depending on your risk preferences. Ironically, weather in San Francisco usually improves in the winter.

ITA itinerary screenshot

I didn’t notice many options for same-day turns, but there isĀ lots of availability for red-eyes, including weekend trips that won’t interfere with your work schedule. Get as many as 6,663 miles for only $239.70, a ratio of just under 3.6 CPM. HT to CDKing on FlyerTalk for posting this one.

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  • Kris Ziel

    Trying my absolute best to stack 3+ ex-SEA runs so I can justify 13cpm to get to SEA.

    • Kris Ziel

      And now I realize that I somehow misread this as SEA-BOS, but I did find some (a ton) same day turns SEA-BOS at 4.5cpm.

      • Scottrick

        Still not bad if you need it. I booked SEA-BOS already this year when it was about a penny less.