Travel Discounts in the 2013 Entertainment Book

picture on entertainment book pageI went to Costco yesterday, and though Megan kept me away from the giant box of Hot Pockets, we have a deal. She gets something she really wants, and I get something I really want. She got a Christmas wreath, which will make an awful mess that I will have to clean up. If you were following my tweets yesterday, don’t worry, I did not buy the Almond Roca Cream wine. Nasty. No, I grabbed the latest edition of the Entertainment coupon book.

You all probably know what this is, but to refresh your memories it’s basically a book of coupons from national and local businesses. It has a list price of $35, but you can currently buy one online for $28 with free shipping. Each one after that is only $20, and Costco sells them for only $19.99 from the start. Read on to learn why buying multiples is a good idea. (I have a coupon, too, for $10 off, so be the first to email me.)

Buying books for cities other than your own isn’t such a bad idea since there were lots of coupons in there for local Seattle attractions. You might want to get one for whatever major metropolitan area you are thinking of visiting next year on vacation.

But I was more concerned about the travel coupons from national companies. The very first page had four coupons for $10 off a grocery purchase of $100 or more, so I already know I’ll get my money back regardless. Moving toward the back of the book, I’ve listed here a portion of the travel discounts available (there are far more, but you’ll get the idea). Some of the discounts are more easily replicated through existing means, like saving 10-20% off at certain hotel chains, including Priority Club as well as a few others on the cheaper end.

Of special note, there is only one American Airlines coupon per book for $10 off, even though it’s published on several pages. If you will be traveling with three or more people, it might be worth buying a book for every reservation and you’ll still come out ahead. There is also a coupon for 10% off hotels at Expedia that can be used multiple times, but you won’t be able to access the reservations portal unless you own a book. Finally, I have listed some (again, not all) of the car rental discount codes. In theory you are supposed to present the physical coupon each time you use one, but that doesn’t always happen. You’ve been warned.

American Airlines

  • Save $10 off any fare for up to six people in the same reservation (potential value of $60). Note that although this discount is printed on multiple pages, you only get one coupon per book.
  • Save 5% off any vacation package, applied to the land components only (excluding airfare).

Southwest Airlines

  • Save $50 to $150 on flight and hotel packages of $750 to $2,501+.

MGM Resorts

  • Save 10% off best-available rate. Note that some blackout dates apply. (My personal favorite in Las Vegas is Mirage, a MGM hotel, but people keep telling me to try Wynn.)


  • Get a 10% mail-in rebate on any hotel booking.
  • Get a $75 mail-in rebate on a flight and hotel package of 5 nights and $2,000 or more. Get a $50 mail-in rebate on a flight and hotel package of 3 nights and $1,300 or more.


  • Get $50 off on a flight and hotel package of 4 nights and $1,500 or more.


  • Get $20 off on a name-your-own-price booking of 3 nights or more.

The following codes appear to have unlimited use. However, you might be requested to present the physical coupon when you arrive, or you might have to use the Entertainment reservations portal.


  • Save 10% off on hotel bookings of $150 or more using the code EXP2013 (registration required).


  • Save 20% off the best available rate using the special ID# 1000008029.


  • Save up to 30% off using code BCD X443037.
  • Get a free upgrade using code BCD X443000 and CPN # UUGZ042.


  • Save up to 25% and get your third weekend day free using code AWD B790000 and CPN # TUGA019.
  • Save up to 25% and get a free upgrade using code AWD B790000 and CPN # UUGA041.


  • Save up to 25% plus an extra $5 per day, up to $25, using code PC# 169816 and CDP# 205521.
  • Save up to 25% and get a free upgrade using code PC# 169805 and CDP# 205521.
  • Save up to 25% and get your second weekend day free using code PC# 169842 and CDP# 205521.
PNW Mileage Runs: SEA/PDX-PHL on UA from 3.3 CPM
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  • DL

    I’d love the $10 coupon

    • Scottrick

      Congrats; you were first to email, too.

  • DaninSTL

    I like the AA coupon but to me the real value is the local grocery store coupons. In my STL edition there at least four $5 off $50 for groceries alone so that pays for the book. Anything beyond that is free. Also many hotel chains have an entertainment book rate. It’s usually average in savings but can help in some cases.

    • Scottrick

      Same here re: discounted hotels, but I shy away from those because I already get 10-20% off using AAA and Costco rates that are still refundable and earn stay/night credit.

  • Jeanne @ HeelsFirst

    I’m also partial to the Mirage. Nice facilities, and doesn’t have the ridiculous crowds the others have. I don’t have to fight my way to my morning coffee.

    • Scottrick

      The one place that provides affordable luxury in Vegas. And they actually know how to make a decent mojito.

  • Daisy Liddell

    This is awesome! This is a perfect reference for travel. Thanks for sharing this!