Winner of the Alaska Boeing 787 Dreamliner Contest

The entries are in! Out of 49 comments and 4 Twitter entries, for a total of 53, the winner was selected by an anonymous machine to be #40.

random number generator screenshot

Congratulations to Miriam, who wrote in to teach me that Alaska:

…used to have several flights from the U.S. to the Russian Far East (e.g. Kamchatka).

I wonder, could they see Alaska from their backyard? 😀 That must have been an interesting route to Asia. Now it seems the farthest you can go is Adak Island. Thanks for teaching me something new, Miriam! It seems I always get some great entries and great winners. I’ll be sending you an email to get more information on where I should deliver your prize package.

For the rest of you, @Kofucious is giving away some more 787 swag. Check him out on Twitter:

Thanks for the shout out. I’ll be giving away a 787 ReUseable Grocery Bag. Any of HackMyTrip readers can just tweet me @kofucious with #787GroceryBag

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