Baggage Handling at SeaTac Airport

I fly through SeaTac a lot given it’s my home airport. I came across this video of its baggage handling facility when I was on my way to visit family for Christmas on Friday.

There are lots of videos of what happens once your bag disappears behind the counter. I like this one for two reasons:

  1. SeaTac actually has pretty good baggage handling facilities. I’ve never had a bag get lost there, and my own bags usually come out pretty quickly. Compare that to SFO or LAX, where I will make a point of not checking just to avoid the 30 minute wait before the carousel starts moving.
  2. This video is more descriptive than most I see. They are usually some promotional piece made by the airline about how much they love your bags or how much care they put into making sure they make them to their final destination. Whatever. This one is by the Seattle Times and is the kind of dry, documentary-style video I like. Just show me what happens.

Anyway, enjoy your Christmas! And if you’ve been having trouble using the Disqus comment system with Internet Explorer recently, I believe I’ve fixed a programming error. Please let me know if you are still having problems with something on the site.

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  • Jimgotkp

    Personally, I have long waits at SEA when my flight from EWR/IAH arrives later at night. I understand if there’s not too many workers around, but at times I had to wait 1 hour.