Free GoGo Pass for Holiday Travel

UPDATE: There are now three passes available!

Eric and James passed along a free GoGo pass they won’t be able to use before the end of the year. They each have a value up to $17.95 (so you could get all-day access) and must be used by December 31 this year.

Just post in the comments here if you could use one. You must post your comment by noon Pacific Time tomorrow, December 26. I have a flight in the afternoon and will announce the winners before we take off. Happy holidays!

Terms & Conditions:

As promised, your case-sensitive, one time use, 100% discount promotional codes are:


  • To redeem these codes, simply do the following:
  • On the “Payment Info” page, input your promotional code in the “Have a Promotional Code” box.
  • Click “Apply Code.”
  • Your Order Summary will reflect the discounted purchase price.
  • Promotional codes expire on 12/31/2012, and are valid on a GoGo session valued at $17.95 or less.
Baggage Handling at SeaTac Airport
Winners of the GoGo Internet Passes
  • bmvaughn

    I could definitely use that!

    • bmvaughn

      scratch that, no i couldn’t

  • Wiscofrog

    I could use it

  • worldtraveler

    Flying home on the 30th. I love GoGo

  • Jason T. Micheli

    We have a SNA to ATL and would greatly appreciate it.

  • Nelumbo

    I could use it on my aa flight. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

  • Katie

    I have a flight home on Dec 27th and would love the pass! Thanks for all your hard work on this blog! :)

  • B-Rad

    I could always use one 😉

  • Adam Shaffer

    I will be flying on the 27th and 31st – so would definitely be able to use a pass.

  • Sean Buchanan

    I got a 5-hour flight on 12/31, would be great to have a pass. Merry Xmas everybody!

  • Jean

    Would love a gogo pass! Thanks.

  • Grant

    I start my around-the-world trip on December 28!

  • Mo

    I have a flight tomorrow I could use this for

  • Acker

    Boy, I could use one. After taking off 2 days for Christmas I’ll be working like crazy starting tomorrow – and that includes on my flight back to PVD

  • Erik

    I’m in, flying in the next couple days . . .

  • Haloastro

    I definitely could use it on my flight home in a few days!

  • Timothy

    I could use one please!

  • Neet

    This! I could absolutely use one man.

  • cecilia

    My husband is flying back home by himself and would love to use this!

  • Eitan

    I could use one for a flight on Dec. 30th.

  • marc

    flying on 12/27 and can use one for sure

  • Scotty

    Have a dec 30 flight where I could use this. Thanks

  • Kevin

    Have a couple of flights this weekend. I could certainly use a code :)

  • Dave

    Flying tomorrow (wed) at 7 am cst and would love to use!


  • Darren

    Flying on the 27th and could use a code. 10 yr anniversary!

  • Matisse

    Flying on 27th with in-laws. Would be a great holiday present.

  • Barry Levine

    I’m putting my daughter on a Delta flight tomorrow (Thursday). A full Delta flight where she’s stuck in a middle seat. We talked about purchasing this, but she said “Dad, it’s ok, it’s only a three hour flight”. I would love to give this to her so she can try it.

  • BoHsuan Wei

    Flying 12/31. Have a nice trip :)

  • Joel

    I could use one!

  • goo

    I would love one, flying out this weekend!

  • Jon

    i would appreciate the kind gesture, flying 12/31!

  • Michael Cohen

    Let me know if one is available, would be much appreciated! Happy Holidays!

  • Craig S

    Flying tomorrow, first intl trip in years. I’d be grateful.

  • Eddy

    Flying back home on Dec 31st — would come in very handy then. Thanks!!

  • mike c

    Flying Bos pit tomorrow, then pit dca san Friday. Need it for that long dca-san-

  • Terence Ho

    I’m flying to Kansas City for a conference tomorrow, it would be great to have it and try out wifi on the airplane!

  • flyer

    I have a 4 hour layover on dec 31st. I can use this pass. Thanks