I Want You to Travel Better this Holiday Season

I’m giving away a few treats for those of you traveling in the next month to help make the burden of holiday travel a little less tiring. Plus, I want to thank all of you for continuing to support this blog. Every metric I track says readership is growing as fast as ever. (In case it isn’t obvious, sing the next few lines to the tune of “12 Days of Christmas.”) The prizes I’ll be giving away include:

  • Forty United dollars! ($40 United gift card)
  • Three Admirals passes! (3 Admirals Club day passes, exp. 12/31; I’ll give away one pair and one alone)
  • Two United upgrades! (2 United Global Premier Upgrades, exp. 1/31)
  • And a free SPG night on me! (1 night at a Starwood hotel, category 1-3)

picture of Admiral's club passes and christmas tree

These small gestures should help make your holiday travel a little more comfortable, whether it’s a free hotel night to visit family, a discount on your next flight, a comfortable layover in the club, or a comfy seat during a long flight. How do you enter? Twitter and Facebook of course! (Enter with both methods to double your chances.)

To enter on Twitter:

Send a tweet to @HackMyTrip telling me how you plan to use the prize. There are four different prizes, so you can enter four times or one time, depending on which prizes you want. Include the hashtag #HackMyHoliday.

To enter on Facebook:

I’ll make four posts today on the Facebook page, one for each prize. Again, reply to the post for each prize you want to win, telling me how you’ll use it. That gives you four possible entries.

All entries must be made by the 12:59 PM on Friday, December 7. I’ll pick the winners and let you know ASAP (especially for those Admirals Club passes, which I’ll try to mail out on Saturday). See the rules for using a United GPU.

Why is social media so important? Why can’t you just enter with a comment on this blog?

I don’t always post about the latest news on airline and hotel promos, sales, and so on. If something is really exciting, I’ll make an exception, but for the most part I don’t need to be the ninth blogger sharing the same story about a few bonus points. I used to recap these promos in an afternoon post, but now every other blogger has started doing that, too.

But if I see one of these promotions, say for 500 free miles when filling out a survey, I’ll share that on Twitter or Facebook instead. I mean, that’s where most of them first appear anyway. Just follow @HackMyTrip to stay in the loop. If the occasional personal conversation annoys you, I keep the Facebook page more business-like.

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