MileWise Releases New iPhone Update with ITA Technology

I promised some reviews of the new technology services we saw at LAX Frequent Travelers University. That’s still in the works, and I should have them posted the first week of the new year. But I want to share an update on MileWise and their partnership with Google’s ITA Matrix search engine.

MileWise iPhoneMileWise already integrated ITA’s QPX™ search technology to make it easier for you to find flight options using either miles OR when paying cash. This means you can do all your flight search in one place instead of doing a search with United and several of your favorite frequent flyer programs. The “Combo Fare” option from MileWise even lets you look for better deals that might be possible when you booking with miles one way and cash on the return, or vice versa. QPX™ also makes it easier to look back at recent searches and use filters to sort through your results.

Now that same technology can be found in the MileWise iPhone app, plus a new Android app coming out in January. I’ll be looking at both and the MileWise iPhone app when I do my review, so hopefully I’ll have some good comments on each.

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