Winners of My AA Upgrade Giveaway – Part 1

Congratulations to the winners! I had five systemwide upgrades on American Airlines to give away for flights through the end of this month. The lucky winner of two upgrades is Nick, who happens to be in Seattle!

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 11.35.33 AM

The other winners will each receive one upgrade. Congratulations to Michael, BrilliantlyLiving, and Brian!

twitter screenshot

twitter screenshot

twitter screenshot

You should all reach out to me if I don’t contact you first so you can give me your names and reservation details to pass along to the agent.

Don’t forget, one of my readers generously donated another eight (8) systemwide upgrades that are also expiring. I don’t like to mix and match giveaways once I’ve started, so I’ll be launching a new one later today if you missed this time around. With more upgrades on the line, I think I’ll have to come up with another entry method, too 😉

And I promise, new content tomorrow… I’ve spent the last two days on the phone and working on another website for my wedding this year, which is now mostly done.

Reminder: Win an American Airlines Systemwide Upgrade
AA Upgrade Giveaway - Redux
  • Michael Cox

    Wow, I’m a winner! We take off early next Tuesday morning. Is it possible for me to receive the upgrade before we depart??? Thanks!

    • Scottrick

      I need your full name and reservation number so I can call AA and apply the upgrade. Send an email to

  • Alexandra

    That is wonderful and very appreciated! Sent you my information and thank you for the follow. I thoroughly enjoy your blog!

  • Michae

    Will do! My wife and I are going so I will ask you to apply the upgrade to HER ticket and not mine. She can enjoy the upgrade while I ‘wallow’ with the pigs in economy (just a joke about the pigs!). Thanks again!

    • Alexandra

      Awwww now that is a sweet Valentine gift in my opinion. Oink.

  • Michael

    Thanks again for a great blog! Your blog is part of my blog reader!

  • W Brian Duncan (aka IPBrian)