Adios, Avios: LAN Economy Class Cusco to Lima

After an ill-advised long night out (while slightly under the weather), I woke up at 5:20am, muy tarde for a 7am flight. I quickly crammed everything I could find into my bags, finding out later I forgot my TSA-approved check-in luggage lock. Darn. I quickly settled my bill with the hostel, short of $20/night, and ate a couple of bites as they had graciously made me tea and a couple pieces of toast. I ran outside the house’s complex to hail a taxi, something I wasn’t expecting to get done quickly at all at that time of morning. Ten minutes and six Peruvian Nuevo Soles later, I was at CUZ Airport.

Only a few airlines fly out of CUZ, but it’s evident that LAN is the big player. At 5:50am, only my flight was checking in. The only lines are for bag-drop (short) and check-in (long), though I don’t know why anyone would voluntarily elect the latter line, as there are a few kiosks that print BPs, allowing one to go to security or bag-drop. From what I saw, there are no lines or ways to skip lines if one is a LAN/OneWorld elite. To the left of the LAN counters is a PriorityPass lounge, but it wasn’t open at 6am.

LAN check-in desk at CUZ

Automated check-in kiosks, worked with my British Airways confirmation code

While boarding was scheduled for 6:35am, security didn’t open until 6:15am. Again, I cannot say how great security works in Peru. After a quick ID check, I simply emptied my pockets and walked through the scanner, keeping my belt, shoes, jacket, and laptop where they were. I even had a 1L water bottle in my bag!

Interesting size BP, with passport behind for reference. The sticker is the “paid the airport tax” sticker, even though it’s included when you purchase the ticket (my R/T for LIM-CUZ was 9K Avios + $13)

LAN 2019 operated by LAN Peru
Cusco (CUZ) – Lima (LIM)
Depart: 7:05am
Arrive: 8:35am
Duration: 1h30m
Aircraft: Airbus A319
Seat: 5L (Economy – Window)

Instead of zones, LAN uses rows. When boarding A319s with jetways, they board rows 12-24, then rows 1-11. While I heard something about OW Elite members on the recorded announcement, I don’t recall any preferred boarding. The method works, though, as soon as I boarded the aircraft, I was able to quickly put my bag in the overhead and get in my seat, to catch a few Zzzs.

Board by rows

Early morning at CUZ, but a lot of A319s around

Different snacks this time around. Ate a couple bites, then dozed off

We landed early at LIM, and after a short wait at baggage claim, I got a taxi at a registered Taxi Green booth at the airport. At first, I thought 45 Soles was a bit high, but the drive to Miraflores is a bit longer than I thought, and I didn’t have to deal with any potential shenanigans on this drive, unlike the return trip.

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  • arnoldsemmons

    For national flights (flights that stay within Peruvian borders) you can carry liquids & gels on the plane with you. It’s only the international flights that follow the rules we use in the USA on all flights.

  • Stephanie Snipes

    I also took the Taxi Green from the airport to Miraflores (in our case to the Radisson Decapolis which was only an OK redemption for my Carlson points – room was meh but breakfast was awesome). It took wayyy longer than I thought it would take! I think our ride was near 45 minutes. The part along the beach area was nice though. :) I was a little worried that the taxi driver might try to charge us a higher rate when we got near to the hotel, but he didn’t. I think the Taxi Green service is pretty legit — the cars are decent, and I’d also recommend it to another traveler.

    EDIT: Oh hah, just saw you also stayed there and that it’s the next scheduled post! Nice. Hope you got a better room than us… Ours was next to a dark stairwell with tons of bird crap. The elevators were pretty retro too.

  • apoivre

    I’mA BAEC Silver who flew several segments on LAN in January. Once my FF number was in the PNR every BP came out with FILA PREFERENTE on it. So yes, they board OW elites first and then by rows.