Targeted Bonus for Hyatt Visa, other Chase Cards?

Check your mail for this offer. It looks a lot like a credit card solicitation, and even though I already have the Hyatt Visa, it’s not unheard of to get pitched a card you already own. The envelope came inside what looks like waxed paper, and only when I peered through the translucent material did I see it was an offer for bonus points. I was just about to throw it away!


Existing Hyatt Visa cardholders will receive 5,000 bonus Hyatt Gold Passport points when they spend $3,000 between April 1 and June 30. You need to log on to or call 1-877-532-3815 to register. Megan and I each received letters with personalized enrollment codes, but if you have this card and don’t get a letter, you should try calling and see if you still qualify.


It’s not nearly as awesome as the 50,000 United MileagePlus miles that Hyatt was giving out at random last year, but it’s a nice surprise especially since I already expect to hit the required spend. Something else interesting about the offer registration link is that the root domain is a fairly generic “” suggesting to me that we may see similar offers for other Chase cards in the future. But maybe this is old news and just my first time seeing one. Visiting that domain shows what you might expect: a blank enrollment page without much detail.

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 4.32.48 PM

My guess is this particular offer is meant to promote the improved earning structure of the Hyatt Visa. You still get 3 points for every dollar spent at Hyatt (in addition to the points you earn as a Gold Passport member). You also get 2 points for every dollar spent at restaurants, airline tickets (bought from the airline), and car rentals. You get 1 point for every dollar spent elsewhere.

It’s not quite as generous as the Chase Sapphire Preferred, which also includes online travel agencies and other hotels in its 2X bonus categories. I still consider the Hyatt Visa good enough if, like me, you regularly buy directly from airlines, stay at Hyatt, and are trying to hit the $20K and $40k annual spend thresholds that earn a few bonus stay credits toward Diamond status.

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  • Bruce Kovalsky

    Seems like it’s tied to the promotion code only which is tied to a specific card. My wife got it for a card she actually cancelled, and I have an active Hyatt Chase card, but didnt get mailer (yet), and there doesn’t seem to be a way to register unless you have the code (via Web or the 877 #). Might call Chase to see if I can get mine enrolled.

  • Christopher Wu

    Thanks! Realized I had recieved one yesterday but hadn’t opened it.. I don’t put a ton of spend on my Hyatt card (often $0) but I have a stay at the PH Shanghai in April that’ll get some spend and I’ll try to hit 3K.

  • Jeff

    Just got off the phone with chase and it is targeted based on (a) spending patterns (whatever that really means); (b) account must be at least six months old.

    • Scottrick

      Ha! Me: $2-4K per month. Megan: $0 since last summer. I have no idea what kind of spending patterns might include both of us.

    • Jon

      Funny, I spent $0 on this card since last summer. The card is > 6 months old though.

  • Mike

    The spending should be between April 1 and Jun 30, not by May 31. It’s easier for this promotion since you will only need to hit the total amount within the promotional period.

  • james

    Hehe – entered and this came up

    “Receive 25,000 Hyatt
    Gold Passportregistered trademark ® bonus points
    after spending $25,000 or more
    with your Hyatt Credit Card from
    April 1 through June 30, 2013.asterisk *

    • Scottrick

      Hmmm. Tempting 😉 Someone is going to have to test their unique registration code and see if it works. Perhaps it just identifies the cardholder and not the offer.

  • Deneetro

    I received the offer today. Mine was spend $6,000 and receive 6,000 points. I registered, although I won’t be able to hit that spend.

  • RakSiam

    Got the same card in the mail today. I haven’t used the card at all since last spring when I opened it. But I am happy to collect the bonus so I will go ahead and start putting spend on it.

  • Stephanie Snipes

    Just wanted to note that I just received an email from Hyatt with the offer… Never got a postcard. :) So if you haven’t got something in the mail, check your inbox and spam for something!

  • tringuyen82

    has anyone actually gotten the bonus? I spend the 3k in April… and received the bill for April with no special 5k pts… wondering how will we get credited with the points?? (yes i was targeted for the promo.) thanks.

    • tringuyen82

      Per Chase SM:

      Upon review, I confirm that you enrolled for an offer to
      earn 5,000 points on spending $3,000.00 in purchases. I
      see that you made purchases worth $3,000.00 within the
      specified timeframe and hence, you are eligible for the
      5,000 bonus points.

      Please be assured that the bonus points will post to your
      account within 6 to 8 weeks.

  • Mike

    Got the bonus without hitting the spending target. Also got another same promotion for the summer. Not bad

  • Wil

    I used my Hyatt Visa in Costa Rica because there are no foreign currency transaction fees. However, when I got my statement, one of the vendors put charges through as a cash advance rather than a credit charge. This resulted in a $10 fee and $0.50 interest charge. I called Hyatt VISA and their solution was to call the vendor in Costa Rica and have them reverse the entry and to reenter as a credit charge. This obviously is impractical and I had no idea that this card even had a cash advance feature. All of my other transactions came through as credit charges as I intended. Even after talking to the supervisor Susi, Hyatt VISA refused to be helpful and would not reverse the minor fees or offer any other viable solution. In frustration, I told them to cancel the card. Totally worthless customer service.:mad:

    • Scottrick

      That sounds strange. Do you have a receipt for the transaction? I know sometimes foreign merchants try to process charges in USD which really means they have their own markup. That sounds similar.

      Most cards have a cash advance option, so I recommend you cancel all of the cards that have this feature if it’s one that concerns you.