The Blog that Never Sleeps…

It’s no secret that BoardingArea is undergoing a transition to new servers this weekend, necessitating that many of the bloggers you know and love will have to close their comments from early Friday until sometime on Saturday or Sunday. Even Lucky is booking a staycation in Seattle.

But guess what? This grand experiment of a blog is running on its own servers! It may be slow. It may dangle on a thread when I start meddling with code I don’t understand. But it’s only gone down twice for a few hours — not my fault 😉

That’s close to 99.95% uptime. You can imagine how sleepy I get, hitting the refresh page on my email client so I can respond within minutes to your every comment, question, or critique. Still, there will be no new posts from me this weekend. Amol is continuing his trip report from Machu Picchu and Easter Island. The rest of the team and I (yes, there is a team now…) will be working to clean up the blog and keep our record going. I even got a special request from a reader today that I hope to have ready by Monday.

So, enjoy your weekend, and if you find yourself close to tears by your inability to comment on One Mile at a TIme, feel free to share your musings with me. I will have no clue why you’re talking about some suite in Kuala Lumpur that I’ve never been to, but it will make for an entertaining read.

Adios, Avios: Machu Picchu
Adios, Avios: LAN Economy Class Cusco to Lima
  • Richard Ingersoll

    congrats on your decision to go it alone

    • Scottrick

      I still enjoy being part of BA, but I like my independence, too. I’m not sure I would ever survive being hosted on another person’s domain.