Create a Custom 3D Route Map

Many frequent travelers use a website called My Flight Memory to track their flights around the world. You can add other information like the aircraft, your seat number, and random notes. I haven’t been very good about updating mine. :(

Brad shared with me a cool project, Loci, that lets you enter your flights manually or import them from TripIt and Foursquare. It will then create a digital model that you can print with a 3D printer (your own or through an online service). The video is pretty neat.

I’m not sure how well it would work if you were a top frequent flyer going all over the world. I think Lucky’s map would just be a solid dome. I do a lot of domestic travel, so I might choose to plot just my international itineraries to distinguish them. And others might choose just to print the itinerary for a special trip like their honeymoon or an around-the-world flight.

The plan is to eventually create a flight-tracking app that integrates with the modeling tool. I’m not sure how important that is (do we need yet another app?) but even now it looks pretty interesting.

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  • AKold

    There are so many of these Flight Memory types of apps … all of them have their pros and cons and I find myself using multiple versions (I like FlightMemory because I can update from my iPhone when I have a flight change/seat change). It’s a lot to track … my FM has 232+ flights and 500K+ miles after FTU DC!