PointsHound Bookings Now Earn with Six U.S. Carriers

PointsHound is a third-party booking site for hotels much like Expedia or Orbitz. These booking options are often preferred by people who have no loyalty to a specific hotel chain. Diversity is good, but spreading yourself too thin makes it hard to accumulate enough points or miles for a good redemption.

We know you love your rewards program. PointsHound gives you the flexibility to choose which currency you earn when booking a hotel online. And we give you more points and miles than any other place on the web.

First I described PointsHound’s revolutionary concept of earning miles with an existing airline loyalty program instead of yet another third-party program like Expedia Rewards. Then I talked about how it took this one step further, creating a Double Dip offer that allows those who do value hotel loyalty to earn both hotel points and airline miles for the same reservation.

Since then, I have a few updates on how the program is working. New markets are being rolled out for the Double Dip program, including Tampa if you haven’t yet booked your accommodations for the Frequent Travelers University this fall. Big Earnings was introduced to maximize the number of miles you can earn with select hotels — think of it as a sale, but you earn more miles rather than get a few extra dollars knocked off the price. (PointsHound does offer a low price guarantee, by the way.)

More importantly, PointsHound has added several new programs where you can credit your miles. The first time I discussed it, the only U.S. carriers were United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and Hawaiian Airlines. That list has since expanded to include American Airlines, US Airways, and Virgin America. International partners still exist, and you can even credit toward their first non-airline parter: Best Buy’s Reward Zone.


Future Improvements

One of the great things about talking to small companies is they really do try to listen and learn how to make the product better. The PointsHound team asked me to help ensure some of the descriptions on their website were sufficiently clear before rolling out Double Dip, for example, so that people would understand they were getting extra benefits.

You will also have the opportunity to chat with them in person if you are attending the DC Frequent Travelers University next weekend. PointsHound will be competing for a $50,000 prize from Launchpoint, so I’m sure they want to do everything they can to create a compelling and useful product! If you can’t make it, anyone with a question or comment (about a booking or just the website in general) should contact support@pointshound.com.

Disclaimer: Yeah, I get 250 miles if you sign-up for PointsHound using my link and book your first stay. But that’s not the reason I’m promoting it — it’s just a really great idea! Feel free to share your own referral link below.

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