Targeted: Southwest Credit Card with 50,000 Bonus Points

I just received an offer from Chase in my email today for a Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Plus personal credit card with 50,000 bonus points after spending $2,000 in the first three months. I played around with the URL, but it is definitely targeted. Dropping some of the identifying tags meant either the page wouldn’t load or it would ask me for information like my name, ZIP code, and offer ID.

Southwest 50K

To the best of my knowledge, Chase is currently offering only 25,000 Rapid Rewards points as a sign-up bonus for all of its Southwest Airlines credit cards. These include the Plus and Premier cards, as well as the personal and business versions of each. I’ve never had a Southwest card, but I do have a Rapid Rewards account — and my account number was included in the offer. This may be targeted toward people like me.

The current situation is unfortunate because there are usually at least one or two 50,000 point offers around. If you sign up for both a personal and a business card that are offering 50,000 points each, those usually count as qualifying points. Then you would need only 10,000 more qualifying points in order to get an annual companion pass. Not to mention that 50,000 points is worth about $832 in Wanna Get Away fares. Who wouldn’t want an extra ~$400 in value from a successful credit card application?

So, double check your email if you have been interested in getting a 50,000-point offer and aren’t patient enough to wait for a new public offer. It might also make sense to view a targeted offer as the first step toward improving the public offer in the near future. You can also still get 40,000 Ultimate Rewards points by applying for a Sapphire Preferred card. Those points transfer to Southwest’s Rapid Rewards program, and I’ve explained before why I think the Sapphire Preferred is a better card for ongoing spend after the bonus.

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  • Jb

    How many chase cards do you churn per year? I’ve had 4 in the past few months and seem to be hitting a wall about getting others.

    • Scottrick

      I apply for one every six months on average. So far I have only cancelled two in the last three years.

  • kyle

    There is a public personal plus link for 50k

    • Scottrick

      And what’s the link? I’ve looked and haven’t found such an offer. I’m happy to update the card pages if you can provide it.

    • Sarah

      Where?? I’ve been looking for this everywhere.

  • Aleck Snow

    In a pinch, Sapphire Preferred will work, but Ultimate Reward transfer does not count towards companion pass, unfortunately

  • Kevin Zvolanek
  • DBA

    I am not sure if this is the place to post. But I have offers sent to me to pass out for family and friends that want to apply for the Southwest Plus Credit Card and get the 50K bonus. Currently most places for the Plus Credit Card is for 25k. You will need to spend 2k in three months, annual fee is $69, this offer expires 09/30/2015. If interested please email me at

  • Kevin Zvolanek