Save 15% on ExpertFlyer and Get Free PointsHound Level 2

I’m a big fan of both ExpertFlyer (for looking up fare information and availability) and PointsHound (for booking hotels and earning bonus points). At the Frequent Travelers University two weeks ago, a discount code was handed out that offered 15% off an annual membership to ExpertFlyer’s premium service, normally $99.99 per year. The code has been removed at the request of ExpertFlyer.


There are sometimes other ways to get access to fare and availability information, but ExpertFlyer is by far the easiest to use and the one I recommend when I get questions on this topic. I use it before every trip to check upgrade space, alternate routes, and my VDB probability (compensation for voluntary denied boarding).

Second, I got an email last night that ExpertFlyer is offering its members free Level 2 status with PointsHound and 500 miles after their first hotel booking. This is very similar to the offers from Etihad and Virgin America last week, although I don’t know how long the Level 2 status lasts. Indefinitely? That would be cool. The earlier offer was just for a month, but I couldn’t find any T&Cs for this one.

EF PointsHound

I recommend you sign up for both services if you’re a frequent traveler. They’ve certainly been valuable to me.

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  • ExpertFlyer Voice

    Scott, please remove the coupon code from your post, that is only intended for those that paid to attended the recent Frequent Traveler University, thank you.

    • Bob

      the 15% discount was good enough to entice me to join, now with code missing, I will not…smart business decision ExpertFlyer

      • jason

        Exactly. 15% would have been a deal maker for me!

        • ExpertFlyer Voice

          The coupon was only for members that attended the FTU. If you would like a coupon code for ExpertFlyer, then you are welcome to attend the next FTU event or the Chicago FT DO event in October. You can also get one with a MilePoint Premium membership. Also keep in mind the Yearly Premium membership is already discounted vs our monthly option.

          • RakSiam

            As far as I am concerned EF is worth every penny even at the regular subscription rate.

            I got the email as well. But it appears to only apply to new Pointshound memberships, not existing members (like me). Is that correct?

          • Scottrick

            I agree, the discount would have been nice but is not necessary given the benefit EF provides. The PointsHound promo is for new memberships only. It may still be worthwhile if you haven’t yet reached Level 2 to start a new account.

          • Bob

            found the code by using google expired links, no problem, almost hate to give Expert Flyer the business though

          • anon

            What’s up with you, Bob? Your comment history reeks of negativity and this comment is no less cranky. I think ExpertFlyer is perfectly justified in politely asking Scott to remove the promo code. People who paid to attend FTU should be allowed some kind of return for their money. You are obviously one of those people who like to abuse companies for your own selfish reasons. Seriously, keep your sour grapes comments to yourself; they just make you look stupid. I wish Disqus had a mute feature.

          • Bob

            blah, blah, blah

    • nikdro

      If you want to limit the use of a coupon code, then give out individual one time use coupon codes. Otherwise, people will share, as they should

  • cameman

    Thanks for the coupon code. My subscription expired last month and I was waiting for some discount and here it comes. Once again thank you

  • JulianPscheid

    I’m trying this one too with a new account. Will let you know how long Level 2 is valid.

    • JulianPscheid

      Interesting, the Level 2 upgrade confirmation email for this link does not say how long it’s valid. Maybe indefinitely… sweet!

  • jim

    WHAT IS LEVEL 2? what or if there is any cost to sign up for pointshound?

    • Scottrick

      PointsHound offers three levels that function like elite status with an airline or hotel. The more nights you book through their service, the more airline miles you will earn on every booking.

      There is no cost to sign up. But you need to sign up so they know where to deposit your miles.

  • Ian

    wouldn’t work with my current account and wouldnt work with creating a new account either

  • OzFlyGirl747

    Hi Scott do you know of any current links for 15% off Expert Flyer or level 2 Points Hound?

    • Scottrick

      As far as I know my referral code for PointsHound still offers Level 2 access.

      For ExpertFlyer, you can try using PRMTRV15 to save 15% on a new subscription.