Some Special Offers and Promotions This Week

There were a range of smaller promotions and deals I chose not to write about this week, but I still have them open on my browser because they’re interesting nonetheless. Here sare some things you should check-out:

From Dan’s Deals, Uber is offering $35 in credit to first-time users. I guess that would include me, but living in Seattle with my boring social life I haven’t yet had the need to use their services. I have taken a ride with a few others and think it’s a great deal — probably something I’ll take advantage of if I move closer to downtown.

Also from Dan’s Deals, register for an American Airlines sweepstakes and you’ll also receive a 2,500-mile rebate on your next award booking before July 24. Megan needs to book a ticket anyway for a trip home to Amarillo, so this will work out nicely for us.

Also from Dan’s Deals, sign up for a new Costco membership by September 1 and get a Costco Cash Card as your reward. The best deal here is an Executive membership, which is $110 (double the basic $55 membership) but includes a 2% annual rebate. If your rebate is less than $55, Costco will issue you a credit to cover the difference between a basic and Executive membership.

From Loyalty Lobby, Hyatt is giving out a variety of promotions for some bonus points on your next stay this summer. Emails are simply notices of auto-enrollment to specific users, so there’s no way to game the system. Check your spam. Megan and I already got some spend bonuses on our Hyatt Visa cards earlier this year, so I don’t mind not being included this time around.

Also from Loyalty Lobby, Hyatt has invited a select number of Gold Passport Diamond members to a launch party for their new partnership with MGM Resorts. I alluded to this in yesterday’s post, and Amol and I will be there. If any readers have been invited, let us know so we can meet up!

Also from Loyalty Lobby, SPG and American Airlines are offering 1,000 bonus miles and a $10 food and beverage credit when you stay at an Element, Aloft, or Four Points hotel between now and December 31. Unfortunately, you have to pass on earning Starpoints and select airline miles instead.

From The Points Guy, today is the last day to link your Citi card to your Amazon account and get 1,000 bonus ThankYou points. One reason I like this program so much is you can redeem the points for most revenue tickets and still earn miles and status on the flights. Unfortunately, the current sign-up offers aren’t very good.

And finally, Sunday is reported to be the last day of the 50,000 sign-up bonus for the Lufthansa Miles & More MasterCard. Amol ha a great, succinct writeup on this card and how M&M compares to other Star Alliance options if you care to learn more.

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  • Steven

    Yes to succinct!!! Not sure why MMS would think anyone would want a treatise on the matter.

  • ROB

    I HAVE CITI AA VISA AND AA AMEX SINCE LATE 2011, can i get another citi aa personal card again? I have the AA visa biz since 2012

    • Grant

      You have all the citi AA cards you can get. Unless you can get another biz card, you would have to close a card then wait a year to get it again.

  • Jamie

    I don’t think that Costco will give you the difference if you don’t earn a $55 rebate. This just happened to me this year, my rebate was something like $30. I also think they have signs up at Costco now saying you won’t get it.
    If you (or any other readers) have person experience with getting this I’d love to hear about it, and how I can get it myself. Thanks.

    • Scottrick

      Correct. They explicitly say they don’t guarantee the size of the award or “automatically” reimburse the difference. But that language still gives them room to reimburse the difference if requested, and they DO promise to refund your membership fee at any time. I’ve heard of a few people getting reimbursed, but I don’t have an Executive membership and can’t give a first-person account.