Your Favorite MGM Resort in Las Vegas

Thank you all for entering my contest, in partnership with Hyatt and MGM Resorts, to give away 22,000 Gold Passport points, two show tickets, and two attraction tickets. With over 1,000 entries, I’m happy to announce Randy as our winner!

Pay attention over the next few weeks as I’ll have even more contests and giveaways, some with prizes valued over $500.

I asked everyone who entered to answer a survey question with their favorite MGM Resort among those participating in the new partnership with Hyatt Gold Passport. (For more information on the partnership, check out my review.) I will be heading to Las Vegas in a couple weeks for my bachelor party and staying at The Mirage, my own favorite hotel and #4 on your list.

Best Resort Las Vegas

It’s no surprise that Bellagio and ARIA were #1 and #2 on the list, respectively. They’re both very impressive properties and represent the new heights of luxury among recent casino developments.

Hyatt has also invited a select number of Gold Passport Diamond members to a party at the MGM Grand, your third choice. I stayed here on my first trip with Megan and am excited to return. In fact, it’s the weekend after my bachelor party, so my plan at this point is to just stay in Las Vegas all week. One of you asked me to review all the Las Vegas hotels. You’ll soon get your wish.

In addition to The Mirage and MGM Grand, I’ll also be staying at Mandalay Bay and New York-New York (your fifth and sixth choices, if we combine hotels-within-a-hotel like THEhotel at Mandalay Bay). I can’t stay at Bellagio or ARIA without incurring serious ill will from Megan, so I will just have to go back with her this fall. Shucks. 😀

Although it’s no surprise that super luxury hotels like Bellagio came out on top, don’t forget that there are a lot of reasons to stay at some of the less pricey MGM Resorts in Las Vegas. Comments from readers included the family-friendly atmosphere at Excalibur, the smoke-free rooms and kitchenettes at Vdara, and the large suits at The Signature at MGM Grand. I took out the top four to show you how the other eight participating resorts compare. They are all pretty similar, indicating something for everyone.

Hidden Gems

So whatever your tastes, don’t forget to stay at an MGM Resort on your next trip to Las Vegas. You can earn more points with Hyatt Gold Passport and benefit from reciprocal status with M life.

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  • Fanfoot

    Weird. Why is Mirage so far down? I mean its located near perfectly, next to Caesars and within easy walking distance of Paris, The Venetian, the Bellagio, etc. And it has a great, great pool. Huh. People must value other things. I mean I understand why the Bellagio is up there, but for the Mandalay Bay which is miles from anything to do so well comparatively…

    • Scottrick

      Among the newer generation of resorts, which really pumped up the idea of a “themed hotel,” Mirage is one of the oldest.

      But I think it’s an amazing value and has been really well maintained. It’s close to everything, has a great pool, and is just large enough without being huge. I’m with you, Fanfoot!

    • Ryan

      MB has the best pool in vegas. MB has the best casual burger place in vegas. The Mirage is old as F.

      • SuperKirby

        Burger Bar? Chef Hubert Keller is amazing!

  • Al

    You mention suites but what cost in pts would that be over w standard room?

    • Scottrick

      The Signature is an all-suite hotel, so there’s no premium. I don’t believe there is a mechanism to use Hyatt Gold Passport points to upgrade a standard room at an MGM Resort.

  • John

    Do you get a guest invite to the MGM, because that looks like a lot of fun?

    • Scottrick

      I invited Amol.