$100 of Advice: What Resources Keep You Coming Back?

This is the first of four contests I’m operating to thank my readers for sticking around these past 18 months. But in order to win, you need to help me find ways to make sure I still have something useful to offer for the next 18 months!

Anyone can enter this contest, and the winner will be selected randomly. But in order to enter, you must provide some request or piece of advice that I can use to improve the blog. This could be new information, a better way of presenting existing information, or a new direction for the kinds of content I focus on.

Hotel Comparison - Top Tier 1

Want more stuff like this? Give me your ideas!

I’m specifically looking here for long-term “resources” of the sort you would bookmark for future use or even print out and put on a wall. For example, a lot of people link from FlyerTalk to my instructions on ITA, or they comment on my tables that compare elite status with the major hotels and airlines. I’ve always tried to share the best credit card offers — including many that don’t offer any affiliate commissions — but I recently started using tabs to change the way they’re presented and make it easier to explore offers. Others have suggested creating a wiki, which seems complicated to host, but I could certainly look at options like Google Docs to make it easier to let you contribute to a larger project.

Make your suggestion in the comments before 11:59 PM on Thursday, August 1. You may make as many suggestions as you like in as many comments as you like, but each comment counts for only one entry. The winner will receive a $100 Visa gift card and a copy of The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau.

Creating a Complex United Award in Stages
Upgrades for International Flights on United and Star Alliance Partners
  • Daniel

    Love the trip reports and the tips on programs that are unfamiliar like Avois. Would like to see more information on mattress and mile runs to earn/keep elite status.

  • bmvaughn

    Comparison charts are some of the best. The other things that are useful are one-off credit card reviews where you’re not pimping the card every week. I need one review, then I can go back and search for it. Very useful.

    • Scottrick

      I guess I could review some Chase and Amex cards, but I feel like sticking it to the banks because they won’t make me an affiliate. I actually had a very interesting and humorous idea that would make us both happy (I think). If I’m laughing when I write a post, then I don’t care who reads it.

  • Evan

    you obviously have been on many airlines and flown flights in a variety of classes, providing summary’s of amenities including PHOTO’s would be great! its always fun with an upcoming flight to see what you have to look forward to (airline websites are so limited with photos)

    • Scottrick

      Planes are tricky. I try not to take pictures of people without their permission. But I’ll see what I can do.

      • Evan

        to clarify, my wife and i have been fortunate to travel
        internationally with our three year old several times the last few years
        and knowing what the actual layout of business class seats vs. a
        bulkhead seat in eco/eco+ can help alleviate some of the anxiety of
        traveling with as a family. in addition, the last two years we have managed to sit in business and first class for the first times and being able to see info/pics in those sections of the airlines only helps get us more excited for our trips! the journey should be as fun as the destination!

  • Evan

    a summary of annual credit card bonuses, for example the 10k miles with $25k for UA, companion ticket for BA at $30k, etc.

  • MarcMon

    I would like to see your tab of ‘Trip Reports’ updated more often. One thing I would include is an interactive map of the US, North America, or maybe even world with place you, or others have been. When you select the location, it offers up some tips and reviews on places to stay, things to see, restaurants to eat at, and photos of awesome sights (a more personalized yelp if you would).

    • Scottrick

      Amol and I have talked about something similar. Maybe not an interactive map, but *something* interactive.

  • Paul

    I would like to see the most up-to-date credit card signing bonuses line up in a nice way (historical highest bonus can also be a great point for reference) . I would think a few recommended combinations for app-o-rama would be beneficial for people new to the game.

  • Benjamin Szweda

    I really liked your short bachelor party post. Your personality came through and it was nice to hear some things you did. Also the post about Noir status in Vegas. So more posts like that – where you talk about what you do in place. Love all the helpful posts on how to get places, but when you get there note your favourite things too.

  • Susan

    I really like your ‘How To’ posts….how to use ITA comes to mind. So maybe an Expert Flyer series? Or best ways to find award space?
    And maybe a little easier way to leave comments…it can be a little difficult from an iPad or phone at times…

    • Scottrick

      I started on an EF post over a year ago. That’s just a challenging topic and I got bored. Something still on the to-do list.

      As for Disqus, I realize it’s not everyone’s favorite, but it solves a lot more problems than it causes. For the time being it is likely to stick around.

  • Susan E

    I am into collecting hotel points and free nights mostly with Hyatt, Marriott, Club Carlson and Hilton. I would love a tab or specific spot to go to for advice on how to best collect points, score free nights or secure status. Also an area from you and an area from your readers (so maybe a comment section on a way for someone to start a new thread on a similar topic).

    • Scottrick

      I have an idea like that for elite status coming up. Half-written, needs editing.

  • Paul Goodman

    i would like to see a focus piece on the possible impact to credit scores based off opening multiple credit card offers. i realize there are literally tons of scenarios but i can’t keep thinking of what the impact is by taking advantage of all these offers you mention

    • Scottrick

      Future answer to a reader question coming up this week or next.

  • Scott

    Definitely the comparison charts. Great resource, especially to be able to bookmark and refer back to. More of them would be great.

  • Scott

    Also, would love to see more guides for different types of travelers if possible. That could include flying to more esoteric locations and a little more of off-the-beaten path guides.

  • Or N

    A major improvement over others would be guides to credit cards abroad – not the usual USA and Canada, obvious choice comes to mind as AMEX. I believe you have alot of readers like me who arent from the US.

  • Spencer F

    You have a Top 10 articles listing on the right side, but are these your personal top 10 articles or the top 10 articles read? I would personally like to see both; what you think are your “best advice” articles and also the articles in your archive the readers go to most often

    • Scottrick

      It’s a mix, but good point. That list is also out of date (its main purpose is to give new visitors something to read in case I haven’t written anything good lately).

  • Jeff

    A guide that shows the most efficient way to maximize the transfer points from various rewards credit cards into airline/hotel points would be great. For example, I get confused on which methods of point transfer to say Southwest count towards Companion pass status and which don’t. Great job on the blog these past 18 months. I’ll be armed with a lot more knowledge next weekend staying at a MGM property in Vegas thanks to your recent posts.

  • Bryan

    Maybe I’ve missed it, but I’d love to see your take on the value of various points and miles currencies. Given your quantitative approach, I would trust your analysis more than others!

    • Scottrick

      Touchy topic! Few posts get as many complaints as when I start talking about how much I value a certain mile or point. There are people who prefer to value them at the cost of acquisition, which I think is completely wrong, but clearly there are many approaches.

      • Bryan

        I’m sure that’s the case…but maybe that interest and passion indicates it’s a discussion worth having. It would be worth seeing your analysis cut through the smoke and assign a value based on the potential best redemption value of each major currency.

  • Donn

    I’m new to reading your blog, and maybe the info is here . I’m getting closer to doing my first MR and learning how but also see that maybe I should also be looking at which airline is best for MR plus getting status with that airline. AA looks good with doing Challenge…. Probably a lot but would be interested in all the above?

  • Anita

    Since sign up bonuses change in a flash, it would be nice to have a listing maybe above the top 10 stories or maybe like a ticker like stocks going across?
    The best credit card deals and number of sign up bonus miles offered . I am guessing this benefits you since you get federal kick backs and it benefits the reader to know which is the latest offer.

    Imnotarunner at gmail dot com

    • Scottrick

      I have something like that right now (see “Featured Travel Credit Cards”) but the problem with expanding it is that I have limited access to some of the best card issuers. Oddly, they don’t like me promoting their cards unless I’m an affiliate.

      • http://reubano.github.com/ Reuben Cummings

        That seems backwards. Any idea why the issuers do that?

        • Scottrick

          Your guess is as good as mine. I mean, the people who run these banks aren’t always the brightest as far as I can tell.

    • Fanfoot

      I love this idea! I hate this idea!

  • dwh

    I would love a go-to chart on which fare classes earn on partners and which don’t.

    • Scottrick

      That would be very useful for everyone!

    • http://reubano.github.com/ Reuben Cummings

      +1! I had to resort to making a spreadsheet when trying to plan my last trip because of the differing rules of United and Aegean partners. And with ITA, there is no way to limit a search to show at least 100% mile earning flights. You can manually select the classes if you limit the search to just one airline though.

  • http://www.travelwithgrant.com/ Grant Thomas

    Love the advanced how-to guides you create. Keep up the great work Scott!

  • phil gold

    would put up a go-to chart on deltas new fare-class and mileage earning.

  • Todd

    Most enjoyable resource I’ve seen mentioned on your site are most customized use of flight plans/mileage. Woud love to see more. I.e. amazing value trips using miles (like island hopper/stopover/layover itinerarys using united miles). These examples provide great differentiation over many of the typical travel blogs and keep me coming back

  • Marc W, JFK

    I would like a chart that shows the different baggage rules for both domestic and international flights. Those rules can get really confusing at times.

  • Marc W, JFK

    I thought of another one…How bout a chart that shows the different rules pertaining to traveling with an infant?

  • Jonathan

    How bout a section called “What I would do”

    Have readers give you almost impossible travel plans and then you give your response but all without status. NONE. Then reward those who participate by offering prize.. Soo kinda like what you do now but more focus in that part on impossible trips. For example, my friends who have been married 8 years have very limited cash to take a trip and 2 kids. They have no points and they wanna take a trip with me, give us a suggestion on places and how to get there cheap for them. I can always use my points. Personalize the suggestions always makes us (the readers) come back for more.

  • Neil Johnson

    I pick hotels for the convenience during work trips and don’t want to waste time during fun trips. A chart, or map, indicating approximate time experienced for travel from the airport to the hotel by both public transit and driving would save me from having to build google maps for each trip

  • Trajan81

    I appreciate the comparison charts and scientific approaches to things. Being a fellow science inclined person, it’s nice to see someone take that approach to travel.

  • Everett

    I would create a section or continuously updated article that lists which cards are churnable, how often, how to do it, ect. Update the list as things change, and add new cards as they appear!

  • Antonio

    I think a point/mile valuation chart for hotels, airlines, and credit card points would be useful. I know this is subjective, but it’s always nice to have an informed estimate organized into a single place.

    • Antonio

      Or perhaps accumulate point values from all other major bloggers, and
      put them as a range and average in addition to your own estimates.

  • CVG_Traveler

    It would be interesting if you maintained a list of 5th freedom flights and strategies on how to use them because they sometimes have unusually cheap fares. For example, SQ used to fly from JFK to SIN via FRA and I have booked roundtrip biz class tickets for the JFK-FRA segment on a few days’ notice for around $3K (in comparison, the same route on other airlines was above $5K). Of course, then I used upgrade vouchers to move up front.

    You could potentially extend this to awards as sort of a “outstanding value” chart. Like the BOS->DUB flights for only 25K Avios.

  • Terry Rooster

    How about a suggestion for sequential order of credit cards to obtain.

  • Chris K

    I think, as someone else mentioned, it would be nice to have a table of the value you place on the different types of currencies. I always find myself googling to see if I’m getting good value out of my points or not.

  • Matt M

    I think a primer on good routes to use miles that are less blogged about (Alaska, Hawaiian, MR). Especially for those of us who make only have 40k or so but would like to put them to good use.

  • Hao Ding

    I think you can launch a app, since people use smart phone more than pc nowadays.

  • Jim F.

    How about a “travel scam of the week”? It sure seems like at least that many make their way to my Inbox.

    • Scottrick

      I do those occasionally (search for “Deceptive Deals”) but honestly most are so obviously I don’t find them worth talking about.

  • phxbne

    I would like to see:
    – award redemption tricks – free one ways etc
    – detail on how you earned elite status with hotels or airlines (not just points)
    – detail on earning by fare classes, especially across partner airlines in alliances
    but I already love how much detail you give compared to some blogs!

  • Todd85

    I think it would be useful to have a chart of old offers for credit cards so that people can judge whether to jump on a current offer or wait for a better offer for the same credit card.

    • Scottrick

      I can tell you there is at least one card coming out with an offer next month that will be better than I’ve ever seen.

      • Todd85


    • Fanfoot


  • Patrick

    I can easily say I love regional breakdowns- if you want to go to Africa for example, miles from each of the alliances, anticipated fees like fuel surcharge, general feedback on availability of seats, etc… I think in regions, and then like to study what you guys the experts say is the best way to get there!

  • lovethosemiles

    Table that list the Sweet spot for each airline in terms of mileage redemption.

  • Chris L.

    Hi Scott – Here is an esoteric travel subject that no other blogger covers. A large number of clubs in the U.S. (i.e. the Washington Althletic Club in Seattle) have rooms for overnight stays for members. As part of your membership they also have reciprocal arrangements with other clubs so you can stay at a different national or international club (i.e. the R.A.F. Club in London). You generally don’t earn points, so there are no free stays involved, but I’ve never seen anyone look into any advantages of these programs.

    • Scottrick

      The challenge there is that such memberships can be very, very expensive. But it might be worth looking into.

  • Shawn Doherty

    When accumulating points/miles for different airlines/hotels, it can be difficult to determine “value” of the points. A chart or other resource that provided a comparative value of points would be nice. For example, is earning 5 HHonors points per dollar better or worse than earning 2 United miles per dollar?

  • Michael S

    Scott: i would love to see a detailed analysis of credit score calculation. We can read the FICO site showing the various factors affecting the score, and the percentage weightings of each factor. but can’t see how a change in a factor actually affects the score. For example, as an experiment, with my Freedom card (a relatively new card for me with a 0% rate for 12 months), I’ve been paying only the minimum required and letting the balance increase by about $1000 per month for the past 4 months. Each month my credit sesame score has dropped by about 8-10 points. During these 4 months I haven’t applied for any new cards, and have continued to pay off the full balance on all other cards. Since my total credit lines total about $100,000, my utilization is still very low, and I’ve been surprised at how much the score has dropped in spite of low utilization.

  • Aleks

    Things that keep me reading: value-proposition analyses (sweet spot of elite statuses, comparison of elite benefits) and how-to guides, such as your ITA (I still refer to it for more complex trip searches) and anatomy-of-an-award type post where the specific process for searching and putting together of an award itinerary is described in detail. I believe we all learn best from examples.

  • Sean

    how about a redemption resource tab- so people can look into the best ways at getting to certain places. like Hawaii on x airline vs y airline and z airline are typically x1-x2 ranges etc.

  • SC

    Bloggers feed us advice on how to obtain miles whether thru pushing their own credit card affiliates or what not. However, they rarely teach us the redemption side of it. Would appreciate it if you can post tricks and trades on redeeming miles and what not.

  • Lucas

    I would be betting on an international audience. For example, extending the earning offers to those available to (or only to) European residents. I believe that, even though you are an English language blog, you receive many European views, because we have so few alternatives in terms of points-earning. Talking a bit about non-falying point offers in Europe would also count a lot.

  • Harold

    Somewhat on topic…
    Please don’t ever change your feed settings where only a part of the blog shows up in a reader. When bloggers do this it becomes very difficult to keep the good posts book marked and organized in one place.

  • Dundili

    How about an award sweet spot chart across airlines. It would be a great resource.
    I learned much from your matrix and airline comparison charts,
    Thank you for your great site!

    • Scottrick

      I have something similar: a Google spreadsheet that readers can contribute to that compares award charts for every route across the major US award programs. I should look for the link as remind people to chip in.

  • Abigail

    I would like to know when airlines have status match come up instead of challenge.

  • Al

    Comparison of cuurent special quarterly hotel promotions and which offers best value.

  • Joel

    Hotel status match chart!

    • Scottrick

      In the works …and much more.

  • josh f

    Definitely more comparison charts, its a quick/easy way to compare when there are lots of options

  • Jay

    How about a “How to? ” for the most popular destinations? Listing out the best routes and which ones don’t charge a lot of surcharges?

    So say, if we want to come back from U.K. Talk about routes originating in Copenhagen etc that avoid flying through LHR to avoid the surcharge.

  • Hao Tran

    More posts by Amol on how to redeem your points on creative routes

    • Scottrick

      Ha! I bug him about that every week. Here’s a tip: Amol gets an email every time you comment on one of his posts. You should comment every day asking him to write more.

  • MarcMon

    How about some information on entering/leaving foreign countries. Most US territories don’t require a passport, some countries require you to have a departure ticket already purchased before even entering (i.e. Philippines), some countries allow 30 day stay without a visa, etc.

  • Kim@Eyesonthedollar

    Since we are a family of three, it would be nice to know when a long trip with various airlines are bearable in coach vs which ones you should really try to get first class.

  • Jane

    I think your blog attracts different readers — some are just starting out and would like more simplistic h for finding mileage runs while others have more experience and want you to go into more complex subjects. I wish you luck as you find your direction for the next 18 months

  • Tiff

    When you post things on Twitter like: “I’ve earned 30K UR points today and no have intention of slowing down.” I would be interested in knowing what you did today to get the points. I’m trying to read the rest of your tweets but I’m still not 100% sure what you did to earn them.

    • Scottrick

      I wish I had such good news to share ;(

  • Wanderluster

    I think a car rental elite status comparison, similar to your airline and hotel charts, would be a great resource to add.

  • Justin Does…

    One thing that I would like to see on your blog is a better mobile experience. While the site looks great, I do a lot of reading on my iPhone and I always have to pinch and zoom in order to read your blog.

    • Scottrick

      Difficult problem. Although I could create an app, there’s no real way to monetize that. I do make an effort to try to keep the site light so it loads faster (e.g., no extraneous background images). A double-tap should bring up the text pretty easily. I plan to focus more on mobile once I get links from Chase OR Amex. Then I can cut back on other advertising.

      • Justin Does…

        I gotcha. I wasn’t implying a mobile app (it is possible to have too many apps on your phone!), but rather a similar mobile experience as you get with other BA bloggers (I know you don’t host there).

  • Derek

    I love your guides, the comparison charts, and the analysis on deals, cards, and routes. But, it is the trip reports that I value the most! For the aspirational traveler like me who yearns to travel but have yet to, these posts show us how it can be done, how simple (or not) it is, and what it’s really like. So, please add more trip reports (there aren’t any listed for 2013 yet under your trip reports section!). Maybe, even guest posts: People who use your advice and write about their experiences — the good and the bad. These stories flesh out the analysis, charts, and guides better than anything else — that is, until folks like me actually book that dream journeys you inspire us to take.

    Keep up the awesome work!

    • Scottrick

      I haven’t gone anywhere! Seriously, I get in so much trouble if I go fun places without Megan, and she’s saving her vacation time for the honeymoon. That will be a fun trip report to write. But I have permission now to go on a few international trips without her this fall. Shanghai, Munich, and Copenhagen are on the list. Maybe Tokyo.

  • kodoma

    I would like to see more rental car promo coverage

    • Scottrick

      National has been the most cooperative with me. We have something coming up in a couple weeks. I like Hertz, too, so I’ll try to pay more attention to them.

  • Tom V

    More tips like the one you just mentioned about a great credit card bonus deal coming next month. I was just about to apply for a new card but now will wait.

  • Rachael Z

    I have loved your posts so far on complex awards — open jaws, free one-ways, stopovers, etc. I’d love to see more of those. Especially using routings out of SEA for the NW folks.

  • Jim

    I’ve found your ITA Matrix Routing Rules post really useful so would appreciate more posts on FDing… Of course the people on FT will give you a lot of crap though.

    • Scottrick

      Not just FT. Apparently United hates me, too.

  • Sil

    I would like to see more postings on using AA miles to book a complex trip from LAX to Asia

  • Eddy

    An easy-to-understand display of the various airlines ranked in some sort of order based on factors such as seat, food, service, etc. If you can add commentary as to why each airline got the score/ranking, that’d be even better.

  • Nathan

    I would like to see methods to calculate the value of different kinds of points. Every blogger seems to have a different method to calculate their value.

  • http://www.CanadianTravelHacking.com/ Steve Zussino

    I am a big fan of the current content but I enjoy the detailed trip reports.

  • Shawn

    Seriously, just keep being yourself and maintaining your perspective. I’m a dude in my 20s with a post-graduate degree and when I’m looking for advice I tend to look to those who are most like me. That’s not to say that the frugal moms or older businessmen who maintain travel blogs don’t do fantastic jobs too, but the reason yours is at the top of my reads is because your perspective resonates with me. So keep it up, keep up the hacks, tips, and trip reports because even though someone might have written something similar somewhere else, I trust your perspective on a card, topic, or product.

    • Scottrick

      I need to work on my dude-ness. It’s been too long since I had a White Russian.

  • JustSaying

    There are two ways to be of use. One is you are the best at building miles. Second you write about places people “want” to go not dumps that some free trip pusher is trying to get you to push and ruin your image. In between that you can write about the fine nuances of international travel like the best way to get and use cash and the best method for VAT refunds. Or the best way to find the British Air FC lounge at Heathrow when you are changing terminals. Or the best way to find the bus or train from Heathrow to downtown London, Paris, Rome. etc…….places that people actually want to go. How not to be on the list. Show us pictures of airplane food as if that is why we are traveling………please…………or the best places to go on the French Riviera…..hint EZE………………Frequent Miler has 100s of comments on a regular basis because your account balance will grow just from touching the screen of his posts………..and Deals We Like is unpretentious and always has a nice recap of deals……….no one I have seen has good trip reports for Europe I believe because no one is getting free trips there……….oh and don’t pretend to tell us that the best seats don’t open and close quickly at 300+ days to push your award booking service because that will get old quick…………..your honesty and integrity comes thru even if the item is not of interest and you aren’t a hack and that is refreshing………….other than that brief advice I am speechless in San Francisco….

  • Elaine

    Like you, I live in the PNW. I’d love to see some posts that cater to readers in this region. For example, what are the best airline points to collect? Are points like Avios useful for PNWers? What opportunities are there for manufactured spend, given that we do not have CVS here? What award routes might take advantage of our location on the west coast? Things like that. Maybe you could have a regular but occasional post where you address issues like this, a Pacific Northwest Wednesday or the View from Seattle or HackMyTrip Regional Edition. Thanks!

    • Scottrick

      United. Yes. Walmart (7-Eleven is spotty). Narita and Seoul, but go for Narita once United puts a 787 on it this fall.

      • Elaine

        Thank you, I will look into Narita and Seoul! Have a great wedding!

  • boxedlunch

    The go-to credit card offers are money. Also, PNW meetups are a plus.

    • Scottrick

      There will be more once I’m back from the honeymoon. I promise 😉

  • Fanfoot

    The best credit card offers are table stakes. You get credit, we give you credit. Great. If I like your blog FOR OTHER REASONS, I’ll use them some of the time. But they aren’t the reason I come here.

    What would I like to see covered? I’d like to see some of the advanced topics covered, like churning credit cards. Is it 18 months from any Citi AA to the next? Or just 18 months from the last version of the AA World MC to the next AA world MC? What’s a reasonable cycle, like say Platinum $200 credit | year boundary $200 credit, cancel, Platinum MB $200 credit year boundary | $200 credit | keep a Blue Preferred around so you don’t lose your points, cancel all Platinum/Gold/Green for a year, get Gold Amex Bus during the gap, etc etc. What’s the current guess as to the churn frequency on the BofA cards? The Citi Hilton? Etc.

    • Scottrick

      I can work on that. I wouldn’t call myself an advanced card churner, as I think I’ve made clear one or two times. I can ask Amol to tackle that; he’s pretty good.

  • Fanfoot

    There should be most recent tweets to/from you on the site in one of the sidebars.

  • Fanfoot

    Articles on what other bloggers to follow. What other sites to visit. Recommended lists on twitter, etc.

  • http://www.BaldThoughts.com/ Lee Huffman

    I’d like to see how to add a stopover or one-way to an existing reservation. And how to get it without paying a change fee. Can’t you change itinerary without a fee if one of the segments changes on you?

    • Scottrick

      Generally, yes. But gambling on a change isn’t going to help everyone.

  • Abhishek Duggal
  • Mike

    I would like to see a list of potential ideas of award bookings and how-tos

  • Terence

    Hi Scott, have been following your blog. I’m from Asia. would be wonderful if you could also look at some posts on how one can accumulate points/miles/hotel elite stays for us, as some areas, such as credit card sign ups are open for US residents only. thanks !

  • Mia

    I like the links to the award travel charts. I’d also like to see comparisons between airlines, not just in raw “miles” count, but in what it takes to earn the miles.

  • Devon Pack

    I would link and mention the Card Match Tool at creditcards.com. I’ve often used it to get a better offer than those on this blog or others.

    • http://www.travelcodex.com Scott Mackenzie

      Given that Card Match Tool is run by FlexOffers and I have a low estimation of their business practices, that’s not likely to happen. But I’ll think about it.

    • Scottrick

      That’s unlikely to happen since CreditCards.com is owned by the same people who run LinkOffers (nee FlexOffers), and they seem to have something against me.

      • Devon Pack

        Really, did you do something or post a blog about them that they didn’t like?

        • Scottrick

          No, but they seem to be making an effort to make sure I can’t get affiliate links with any other manager like Credit Karma. Apparently they don’t like competition.

  • Taryn

    Not that you want to copy another blogger, but I like how the Points Guy does some video posts. It’s a good way to connect with the blogger and put a little more than a picture to the name/photo.

    • Scottrick

      Just got an email proposal on that today. I’ve wanted to do video for a while, but it’s a whole new ballgame.

  • Taryn

    After reading through some of the other comments, I agree about having a PNW section. I’m educated, in my 30’s and travel out of the PDX area. I’d love to have some more advice on award tickets from this particular region. The frugal mom stuff is good, but doesn’t resonate with all.

  • Ron

    I’d like to see more coverage on rental car deals, including ways to save on one-way rentals.

  • IceHelgi

    Would be great to have section with manuals, tips and tricks separate for each airline award booking engine.

  • Baqa

    Would love to see a comparison chart of “how to get the most out of…” for business and first class on various carriers. Things like whether they offer turndown service, car to/from airport, special experiences in specific airports, etc. Would sure beat reading through trip report after trip report when trying to plan a premium flight!

  • Jonathan

    Links to all your comparison charts on the charts link page

    • Scottrick

      I should make them easier to find.

  • TerryH

    Summary charts are particularly helpful for making quick travel decisions.

  • ashtenmorgan

    Most deal with people flying a lot or saving up points, and those people knows the git of thing. How about for College Students, foreigners (not just USA), or novices who wants an experience also but cannot get like credit card from SW, AA, Chase etc…because of not having credit report history. How do they earn point and save for that trip or etc…?

    In addition, I think it would be nice if there is a chart on google doc or spreadsheet … to compare Airline on domestic and international flight and what is the best way to get the most out of it (Stopover, jaw, 24 hours same day…)

  • Jonathan

    An example credit card tracking spreadsheet might be helpful as well.

    • Scottrick

      My “tracking” system is two metal tins full of cards I’ve forgotten about. I may not be the best person to ask. But I like making spreadsheets!

  • Heather L. Cannady

    I am with Lee Huffman. I want to see more stopover/openjaw tutorials.

  • Ryan

    I’d like to see more tips/tricks on maximizing AA miles.

  • Jay

    Okay, we’ve heading to Europe on award flights and want to travel throughout Europe. Have heard lots about discount airlines. Help us build an inexpensive, overseas flight plan by using local, budget airlines — a great way to save on international travel. WhichBudget.com does it. Maybe you can help more.

  • Hilary

    A maintained & updated list of bloggers, tweeters, etc. who blog for the love of travel and provide valuable travel experience insights.

  • Jeremy

    I like getting ideas from the trip reports

  • Guest

    Posts about which hotels are steals in terms of point usage

  • Jordan

    Talk about which hotels are steals in terms of point usage


    Know it is after the competition but actually just wanted to make a suggestion since I didn’t think of anything originally when you made the post, but today came across something I was looking for specifically. Airlines are great about publishing their reward charts for themselves and partner airlines, but rarely do they explicitly state the rules, such as open jaw/stopovers permitted. Is it possible to set up a basic resource listing those, especially if booking from programs that are not normally used such as Aeroplan, Lifemiles etc. ?

    • Scottrick

      Sounds useful.

  • Peter Foster

    I haven’t seen any travel blogster post on any resource that is out there that tells you from point A to point B a comparison of the miles for that trip (united vs aa vs delta etc)

    • Scottrick


      I did that one month ago today. It’s a work in progress because there are so many destinations in the world, but I included a link to an online spreadsheet so others can contribute. (Right now all numbers are for U.S. departures, but feel free to add a new tab.)


  • kkgw

    I suggest you open a special section or dedicate one post every week to share and answer readers’ questions. I am sure in the long run we can find answers in your Q&A pool when in similar situations. Anyway, thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  • http://reubano.github.com/ Reuben Cummings

    I just booked a fairly complex itin from africa to the u.s. Maybe offer ppl advice on making the most of these types of trips. I used ITA to find two sets of round trip tickets so I could travel in europe for a few weeks before going to the states. it was a little more expensive than booking a direct round trip ticket but worth the cost. another time on the same route I booked a multi-city TK trip with an IST layover for the same cost as a regular round-trip.

    I also found a great south east asia open jaw deal on TK. DAR-KUL then BKK-DAR which was cheaper than either DAR-KUL or DAR-BKK round trip. I’m sure there is strategy to spot more deals like these that would help out a lot of ppl.

  • heavenlyjane

    My suggestion is a simple one that I have found with any travel blog yet. Please offer a link to a print friend,y version of a post so I can print it easily. Right now I have to cut and paste into Word to get it to print intelligently.