Livin’ Large in Vegas with M life

I am not a good gambler. Good with numbers, yes. I took math classes for fun in college. But I can barely shuffle a deck and am easily distracted by flashing lights.

So when Hyatt and MGM Resorts announced a new partnership, I was pretty excited that my existing Hyatt Diamond status would be matched to M life’s Platinum tier. How else would I ever achieve something like that? (There’s a cocktail loyalty program at one of my favorite restaurants. That is much more attainable.) I was even more excited when I and a few other Hyatt Diamond members got invited to a launch party for the new partnerships this coming weekend, which included an upgrade to M life’s invitation-only NOIR tier. I sent a quick email and was upgraded a week early so I could benefit form the NOIR status during my bachelor party.

While a bachelor party may not be everyone’s idea of a typical Las Vegas vacation, I would like to comment on what you lucky Hyatt Gold Passport elites can expect from M life. Remember, Hyatt Platinum members will be upgraded to M life Gold, and Hyatt Diamond members will be upgraded to M life Platinum. Some of my experiences as a NOIR member were exclusive to that tier, but Platinum and Gold members can still expect a less stressful trip.

As a NOIR member, I received complimentary round-trip airport transportation in a limousine. This was actually a little complicated to set up because I needed to do it after booking my reservation, and I didn’t have a specific phone number to call. I just used the main reservations line and explained what I wanted, but in the future I plan to Google the name of the hotel and “VIP Services.” In the case of The Mirage, this connects you to the lobby’s VIP lounge.

M life Hotel Benefits

It would be nice if allowed you to make your request online, but I have found the website to have extremely limited functionality. As this first example demonstrated, M life also does a relatively poor job of explaining your benefits and how to exercise them. More than once I was left wondering just how far I should push the DYKWIA card. Fortunately, people put up with a lot in Las Vegas — even my friend, Mike.

M life Limo

Our driver met us at our flight’s baggage claim and was extremely friendly. It took a few minutes because over a dozen drivers showed up at once. Those for the MGM Resorts have iPads with different background images depending on the hotel, so I went up to a driver for Bellagio and asked if he could point me in the right direction. Unfortunately there was no Scotch in the limo, but they did have some bottled water and USA Today. Someday when I have more money than sense, I’ll be a true VIP and request a bottle of Glenmorangie and the WSJ.

When we arrived at The Mirage, we bypassed the snaking line for regular check-in after noticing a short line, only two people deep, for M life members with Gold or higher status. It turns out this line is pretty much for Gold members only. The clerk read my file and walked us over to the VIP lounge next door, which is behind unmarked doors. I got to use it because of my NOIR status, but my understanding is that Platinum members should also be entitled. Again, it’s not clearly explained on M life’s website, and online reports sometimes conflict.

M life Mirage VIP Lounge 2

The VIP experience actually worked out well because no one at The Mirage had any recollection of a new partnership with Hyatt. My companions and I enjoyed a couple of free beers (Stella Artois) while my Gold Passport number was added to the reservations and they checked on any available suites. No upgrade was possible, unfortunately, because of an invitational poker tournament that weekend. Most of the people we saw checking in alongside us already had pre-booked suites …and much nicer watches.

Let me just say that while I’m okay with the $20 trick, it feels a LOT more awkward when you’re trying it in the VIP lounge. These are people who already have suites. Free suites. Maybe even the free bottle of Glenmorangie. And I’m there with my discount M life booking trying to curry favor with chump change.

M life Mirage VIP Lounge 1

But the VIP lounge does have its perks. We all received black, VIP-labeled room keys that we could use to re-enter the lounge. Free beer is one thing, especially when they charge $12 at the pool. But I really appreciated the free coffee in the morning. The line at Starbucks was always 20 people deep. I don’t need a latte after drinking an entire bottle of Scotch the night before. I just need caffeine. Anything, really, until I can get another 32-ounce blender from Margaritaville.

Having M life elite status also means skipping a lot of other lines. Want a taxi? Platinum and NOIR members don’t have to wait. Just walk to the front of the line. It’s important to note that there may not actually be a separate line for you, so just walk up like you belong. Pearl and Gold members have to settle for skipping the line for buffets, though these lines sometimes looking like you’re waiting for Space Mountain. I probably could have skipped the lines for Starbucks and Carnegie’s Delicatessen, but I again felt really awkward doing so. Unlike boarding a plane through the elite line anytime you like, there is only one line at most places. Good luck getting past the crowds stabbing you in the back with their angry glares.

M life Transportation Benefits

Restaurant reservations were easier and perhaps more valuable. I wanted visit Todd English’s Olives restaurant at Bellagio on Saturday and called about an hour ahead for a 7 PM dinner. Not surprisingly, the maître ‘d said they were booked until 10:30 PM. I asked if being NOIR would change the answer, and she responded that 7:15 PM was available. She just couldn’t confirm a view of the fountains. Technically a guaranteed reservation is only a benefit for NOIR members (guaranteed show reservations, too) but Platinum and Gold members receive priority consideration, at least. Think of it as waiting standby. Someone is sure to be having more fun at the tables.

M life Restaurants Benefits

Checkout was also a lot faster that normal, and we got another limo ride to the airport. I can get used to that. Taxis try to take you on crazy detours to run up the meter. Shuttles stop at a dozen hotels before you finally reach your destination. The limo is there for YOU. It’s awesome. Really awesome.

Again, my only real complaint throughout the stay was that an M life elite member really has to know what he or she is entitled to in order to take advantage of all the benefits. I wanted to get breakfast one morning, and rather than wait in line (too long) or walk to the front (too timid) I just went hungry until I reached the airport. Similarly, we only knew about the VIP lounge because someone at the front desk walked us there. Not everyone gets a heads up.

I think of these as unofficial ways of ensuring that only the most deserving elite members take advantage of their benefits. If, like me, you get it comped through a special offer or a status match, then you won’t know all the ins and outs. Only the true DYKWIAs will be rewarded. It’s classic Vegas. Hopefully my experience will benefit a few of you who will be future M life Gold and Platinum members — and other lucky recipients of NOIR status — during your next trip to Las Vegas.

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  • Trajan81

    Vegas is really the only place I don’t mind playing the DYKWIA card. Its almost expected of you there.

    • SuperKirby

      Trajan81 , I live here and unfortunately, unless you’re Donald Trump or LeBron James, the DYKWIA card won’t work at all. =(

      Sure it helps just a tad as they’ll play along to make you feel better (trust me on that quote). In fact, my friend who works here at the XS club says he is surprised when someone doesn’t play the DYKWIA card.

      Vegas has seen the world’s top DYKWIA’s, from princess’ to billionaires, everyone else is just “normal”. There are over 12 million millionaire’s in the world as of this year, i’m sure 95% of them have visited Vegas once in their life.

  • DP81

    Scott, any chance you can share the e-mail address of where you sent the e-mail to be matched to M Life early? I’m leaving for Vegas this weekend and would love an early status match. Thanks!

    • Scottrick

      That was specific to the invite-only event being held today. There won’t be any early matches for other Diamond/Platinum members (believe me, I tried for a couple people).

  • Ric Garrido

    Looks like your check-in with Noir status worked out well at the Mirage. Perhaps I should have stayed at the Mirage rather than THEhotel.

    Fortunately I brought my own ice chest with cold Stella Artois.

  • Andy Clark

    Glad you survived the bachelor party!
    My main takeaway from this post is that there is a cocktail loyalty program that I don’t know about. If that wasn’t a joke, then I definitely need details. My drinking could use some double dipping.

  • lairdb

    “M life also does a relatively poor job of explaining your benefits and how to exercise them.”

    This seems to be a generalized problem with Las Vegas. It’s pretty clear to me what I’m actually entitled to with AAdvantage, SPG, et al. — I know which lines to get in, etc. I may not know all the details (though I think I do by now) but at least the details are knowable. Even the likelihood of waivers-and-favors is pretty well understood, thanks to FT and fellow travelers.

    In Las Vegas, it all seems to be either un-knowable, or Secret Knowledge, or “no fixed policy” — which might as well be un-knowable. “Call your Host.” What’s a Host? Why do I want one? Why do I want a Host, instead of a call center that will be there at 0430? What can they do for me? What kind of an answer is “it depends”?

    Las Vegas seems to be either the future of loyalty — or a strange and snake infested backwater. Why is it so obscure, and where do we find info to make it clearer?

    • Scottrick

      “Why is it so obscure, and where do we find info to make it clearer?”

      Call your host. 😉

    • Debbie Thune

      It’s obscure so that they can reduce the amounts of benefits they have to pay out.

  • SuperKirby

    Hey Scottrick,
    I’m 14 stays from Hyatt Diamond (& will status match to get MLife Platinum). I have no other Hyatt/MLife stays for the remainder of the year so I will need to mattress run for a whoppin’ $650-$700-ish in order to receive my 25 stays.

    A little bit about my situation:
    I looked at future travel and I will be only staying at a Hyatt property only 1-2 times next year so the Hyatt Diamond status will almost be useless to me. However, I live in LAS about half the year so I would definitely get much use out of MLife Statuses (not just for me/GF, but have a lot of friends visit). I don’t gamble at all, but will make great use out of all the entertainment/spa/pools and dining benies.

    Most noticeably the difference of Plat over Gold that will be of use to me are: Taxi Line (huge + on weekends), priority pool cabanas/spa reservations, Concierge Plat/Noir Phone Line, & Valet Priority.

    On average, I will probably be doing one of these Mlife activities 2-3 times a month (of the 6 months living here).

    I’m no LeBron James so I have no DYKWIA status and FWIW the highest MLife tier I’ve ever gotten was Pearl, so I will be new to Gold/Plat.

    So do you think the Plat tier is worth $650-$700 over Gold? Am I crazy to spend $700 for the next tier up? Maybe just stick to MLife Gold which still seems to be great. I know only I can evaluate how much those perks are worth to me, but I would like to see what you would do if in a similar situation… thanks…

    • SuperKirby

      Nevermind, don’t waste your time and read my long post, turns out i just have a few questions…

      I did more extensive reading to find more benefits. You’re right, the un-listed benies are confusing!

      Just a few questions now:
      1. The Bellagio Fountains Buffet access for Plat/Nior members: complimentary? discounted? or just “no line” again?

      2. The VIP lounges: only accessible if you stay at that respective hotel, correct?

      Thanks for the Mlife-Vegas review btw, helped me understand the program much better (as confusing as it is!).

      • Scottrick

        (1) I don’t think there’s a buffet at the fountains. As for the regular buffet, there is a separate line for all M life elites. Just go there and flash your card. You do have to pay to eat.

        (2) Not sure on this. I’ve heard of some people going into lounges at other hotels but haven’t tried. 50/50 they actually check when you enter.

  • Bob Rosenberg

    Being Noir prior to the the collaboration between M-life and Hyatt, I feel that this partnership completely devalues those of us who had to earn m-life status the difficult way. Noir is $1,000,000 wagered and Platinum is $100,000 wagered. Granted that’s not much in gambling terms, to have mattress runners and business travelers get the same benefits as I have “worked” for and not have it reciprocal stinks.

    • Nope

      You do realize that having a Noir card via gambling means that you’re one of the biggest LOSERS at the casino right?

  • Alyssa A.

    Thank you so much for this article! People don’t talk about this stuff enough! I’m in Vegas quite frequently and I am always struggling to get what I am supposedly owed from these players clubs or figure out what I’m actually entitled to. I’m surprised Noir is only 1M wagered…..

  • Ish Bugs

    nice article!
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