$100 for Daring to Tell Megan What to Do

Lots of you had ideas about what Megan could (and should) contribute to Hack My Trip if she wants to start writing more regularly. It may be a bit of a learning curve, since she looked pretty exasperated when I showed her that she had to click multiple times to read all 110 comments. And here she thinks I just hang around in my PJs all day eating Cheerios.

…that’s just on Mondays.

I was hoping Megan would write this post, but she went to bed early. I’ll add my own commentary instead.

By far most comments were grouped into three categories:

  1. Write whatever you want.
  2. Write about architecture.
  3. Write about what it’s like living with a points addict.

Those are all good topics, but Megan loves architecture first and foremost. When we were in Miami three weeks ago, she actually dragged us to a parking garage. I got yelled at for coming back from my last trip there without taking any pictures for her. But it really is a cool parking garage. I don’t think she’ll run out of “built environments” to discuss. Right now we’re talking about changing up the honeymoon to visit Siem Reap instead of Phuket. Five nights in Bali is probably all the beach I can handle, anyway.

So the winner of this contest is:

Megan winner

I’ll be contacting Kari later today. Although I should let you all know for future reference that Megan is easy to suck up to. All you really had to do was compliment her dress, and she probably would have picked your comment. 😉

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  • Dad

    I loved her dress.

  • Aptraveler

    If you’re referring to the Garage on Lincoln Road, she was absolutely right in ‘dragging’ you there, so as to see a well-designed concept beautifully
    implemented in its simplicity, good call Megan! This proof that some of
    us would certainly enjoy reading her opinion on her architectural interests around
    the globe, as stated by the contest winner. BTW good call on Siem Reap, y’all would enjoy it.

  • Kari Cohn

    Holy cannoli, I won! Thank you so much, Megan and Scott! The gift card will be an awesome addition to the care package that I’ll be sending my daughter soon. (She’s 24 – a recent grad living in NJ. I live in AZ). Also, and this is for Megan, this year’s mother/daughter trip is coming up in Dec. We’re taking a river cruise down the Danube to visit the Christmas markets. We’re staying a few extra days on each end in Budapest and Munich, so if you have any suggestions for “must see” architectural interests, I’d love to hear about them! In Budapest, we’re staying at Gresham Palace, so we have that one already covered. Thanks again!

  • Ivan

    Siem Reap is fantastic – the Angkor complex has many hidden gems in addition to the biggies (Wat, Ta Promh). Stay at the non-chain places to get the local flavor.

  • LiberaceLikesObama

    To apply for more credit cards !

  • FleaFlo

    Best dress EVA! :-)

  • AKMooselover

    My husband is an architect. When we were still dating, we flew from Anchorage to Vancouver to see the outside of the Museum of Man, and the downtown law library. And that was just the beginning… Makes life (and travel) interesting.