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Thanks for your patience this past week. I didn’t post much of anything because of all the last-minute wedding planning. If only more vendors offered elite status — but perhaps that’s not the kind of business where you want repeat customers. 😉

Now that I’m back, it’s time for the second of four contests to thank all my readers for sticking around these past couple years. The first contest asked for general ideas about what resources on this blog you found most useful. Now I want to know what kind of role you’d like Megan to have. Some bloggers don’t mention their family at all. Some involve them a great deal. I usually just make casual references if she happened to be along for the ride, but I have also made the odd attempt to get her to write some of her own pieces. Usually I don’t succeed because she’s so busy.

Megan has brought up the topic on her own this time. Since she isn’t planning a wedding and she is almost done with her architecture licensing exams, she would like to write something for the blog on a semi-regular basis, if only to make sure I have more time to spend with her.

First Dance

Is there something that you think Megan would be good at discussing? Maybe she could play to her formal training and talk about architectural attractions in different cities. Or she could emphasize our differences and give a less frequent traveler’s perspective on what I do (she only flies about 20,000 miles a year and hates the idea of churning cards). Maybe there’s no good topic, and you prefer that I keep things the way I have them. Or something else entirely.

Leave your suggestion in the comments before Thursday at 8:59 PM Pacific Time (she goes to bed early). I’ll have Megan read them all and pick the one she likes the most. The winner will get a $100 Amazon gift card and a copy of Chris Guillebeau’s book The $100 Startup.

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  • Mommy Points

    Just want to say she looks gorgeous, congrats you two!

  • jammanxc

    Congrats Mr. Newlywed!!

  • joey

    i would have her write like a running diary every so often of what its like living with a points junkie

  • phil

    3 day itineraries for cities. Typically, a person travels to a city for 3-4 days, if someone could do the research, and earning capbailities, that would make sense

  • Lisa T. (LAX)

    Maybe Megan can talk about about travel packing/organization or something like that. I’m not a frequent traveler but most of the time when i do have to pack for a trip, I freak out. Or maybe she could recommend “must haves” for traveling. That’s just my 2 cent :)

  • brianlinca

    aww.. what a stunning couple and we’d LOVE to hear more from Megan. I think her perspective as a frequent flyer spouse would be welcome — and segues into how companions can take advantage of elite status on airlines, hotels, and or how couples can strategize to maximize their points/miles earning. But above all, congrats!

  • Karen Cagle

    Could she fill us in on what she thinks are the most comfortable
    Shoes for walking, outfit transformations from day to evening…, light lunches and dinners and what she find essential for her carry on pack?

  • susangol

    Very debonair! You both look terrific, and very happy. Congrats! I love when partners/spouses contribute to the column, since it’s another pov. The obvious slant would be for Megan to write about architecture – she could always add an architectural comment to places she’s been. No reason that the columns can’t be random, appearing only whenever Megan flies. Take it from someone who’s been married for many years; the one thing you don’t want to do is push her to do more writing than she’s up for!

  • JTP

    I think she would be great at discussing the “other” side of travel hacking.. the skeptical spouse that experiences all the benefits you’ve given her and putting her skepticism to rest.


    Wonderful! Congratulations to you both!

  • J Dozer

    Congrats you two! I think you got some great ideas there. I really want to hear about travel from someone that doesn’t have status or a million miles to burn on award trips all the time. You read blogs around here and it’s all first class this, status that, and so on. It’s great for me to dream about those things but hard for me to relate to sometimes. I would love to hear the “common” person’s travel experience. Not to refer to her as a commoner by any means (because she’s adorable), but you know what I mean.

  • Abhishek Duggal

    Congrats! Her perspective on your effort vs the rewards would be great!

  • Alexandra

    Wishing you many years of joy! Very lovely couple. I too have a spouse who does not enjoy the “churn” but does marvel at the extreme joy I get from the “thrill of the hunt”. I would enjoy her involvement and contribution being one step removed. For example, my husband participates via my slipping the appropriate card and a sticky note in his pocket when he heads out for a new iPad or to gas up a car. Gracious, better have the Sapphire 1st Friday! Also, I would love her commentary after some of your posts on what “she” actually thinks of your analysis. My husband has some interesting thoughts and love to hear what other mates have to say. My husband makes me roar with laughter with his thoughts. Of course, I love travel photos of unique architecture.

  • Chris

    it would be interesting to read from a perspective of a “guest” of a person that expends the energy to have the elite status. Her perspective on which benefits are most beneficial for the casual traveler and which don’t matter (airline upgrades, free checked bags, fancy hotel suites, etc).

  • Phil Iannitti

    I think it’d be very cool to see both signs of the coin. Now I’m not assuming Megan isn’t well-versed in the travel underworld, but, in my experience, most people are a bit intimidated by points and miles and rewards, so if Megan could provide a “casual” perspective, it would make a world of difference for new visitors to the site. Plus, Megan’s writings will bring a new voice with different interests, a different background (architecture, of course) and of course different opinions. A travel team of sorts!

    • Archon1995


  • karung99

    Congrate!!! I like your blog the way it is.

  • TheSterlingTraveler

    First of all, huge congrats on the marriage! Mr. & Mrs. HackMyTrip look like a very happy and good looking couple. I wish I were there, but my invite must have gotten lost in the mail. 😉

    To answer your question, I’d like to hear her talk about her experiences when she travels. Is she going to go on mileage runs with you?

  • MarcMon

    Congrats you two! I would be interested in her feeling about being married to a points guru, if it ever gets annoying, how much she partakes in your mileage/point runs, and the highlights and low lights of it all (I assume the travels and elite status are some of the highlights)

  • Elaine

    Congratulations and best wishes to you both! I think that people write best when they write about what really interests them, so I think Megan should find topics that speak to her, rather address topics we think she should write on. By all means use the good ideas offered in the comments, but only go forward with ones she feels spark her curiosity or interest. And next time you come down to Portland, do bring her along! Again, all the best on your marriage!

  • Or N

    Congratulations. I recently got engaged aswell.

    I’d like to know her thoughts about the location of hotels you visit together, and her experience traveling with you. I travel every couple of months with my fiance (been together for almost 2 years now) and it would be wonderful to get a new female perspective on things such as hotel accomodations, flight comfort, etc.

    Mazal tov again!

  • snakedoc1

    Congratulations! I love the blog because I learn lots from it. So, I would love for her to write about her life with a points “junkie.” Sure to be interesting…..!

  • boxo

    Her expertise on architectural attractions in different cities would certainly interest me, and it would be a unique addition to your blog… or any travel blog for that matter. Count me in, and congrats to the two of you!

  • neer

    Congrats to you both! And im sure some insight from her on the avlue of having you focus on points and miles versus value on time would be a great talk!

  • Ruby_Bedi

    Congrats! She could talk about how a newbie hacker might find certain processes convenient or inconvenient

  • Murali

    Congratulations to both of you.. I would suggest may be a commentary on cities visited, art and architecture in museums etc. I always get confused between Doric, Ionic and Corinthian Columns.

  • MidTierStatus

    She could talk about her perspective on this madness

  • Jim F.

    I don’t know if you or Megan ever watch “Monumental Mysteries” on the Travel Channel but as soon as I read your post, I thought of “Architectural Oddities” as a sub-blog. I actually planned a Wine Country itinerary around different/unusual examples of architecture in tasting rooms; e.g., the Hundertwasser-esque setting of Quixote Winery in Napa.

  • Brent

    I think it would be great to get her viewpoint on travel. It is always valuable to get the viewpoint from someone who is not in the points/miles business full time.

  • Devon Pack

    I think Megan could offer some non expert traveler perspective or she could offer a different gender’s point of view. I know if my wife and I write a review, we can both love or hate the place we visited but have a totally different perspective.

  • Jessica M

    Congrats, what a beautiful picture! I think it’d be great to hear from Megan, as I’m sure many of us have significant others who aren’t as into this miles and points game as we are, and we care about their feelings about it whether they voice them to us or not. “Sure, honey, I trust you”…what does that really mean on their side =)

    Besides offering her perspective on what it’s like to benefit or not benefit from your trip hacking, I think it’d be fun to read some kind of “paired posts” where maybe you start with an outline of a trip report (planning, location chosen, flight, hotel, overall cost, etc) and each write the report on those topics separately (no peeking!), then combine. I’m guessing in general you’d write about what it took to make those things happen and costs in terms of points/money and she’d write about the perks and annoyances that stood out to her and costs in terms of time/money. I’m also curious about who plans what and who makes more decisions before and during the trip, as a lot of hacking goes into it besides just booking flights with points. Of course, this idea doesn’t save you any time but we are biased since we don’t want fewer posts from you anyway!

  • gymrat

    Yes, I think it would be great to hear about Megan’s experiences and thoughts about being a travel hacker’s wife. She could give great insight into what is like to be a young, female traveler on the overall travel experience in different states, countries, and cultures. Random musings are also fun to read!

  • Paul Goodman

    airline ergonomics and design comparison!

  • Leigh

    I’d love to hear more about tips and tricks from someone who doesn’t have the time/resources/dedication/whatever to travel as frequently, but still wants to take advantage of the miles and points game.

  • George

    She can write about her perspective on various properties and maybe even create like a rating scale for her to use to give rate to different properties.

  • Little Tea Blog

    I would like to see her perspective on how you handle traveling with a partner. People think it’s all roses, but there is a lot of compromise that goes into making it work. I’d also like to read her take on the game, since she does not have nearly as much time invested in it as you do.

    I also would appreciate her input on places from a female perspective. Lots of guys in this game, never hurts to have a lady tell their story.

  • Jenny

    Congratulations to both of you! That is a beautiful wedding picture and Megan is gorgeous. :)

    I think it’d be great if Megan wrote about different romantic activities with you and/or fun activities with her friends, and how she planned it by either maximizing points earnings or redeeming points in a valuable way. Thank you!

  • Erik Ernstrom

    Congrats! Would to hear her take on the frequent travel game by someone who looks at this from the ‘outside’. Also, her input on airport architecture would be interesting as well.

  • Jane

    Congratulations on your wedding and having a beautiful woman as your wife.

    I’d love to hear the role of a travel hacker’s wife. What does she do to increase her miles. My husband just says “tell me what card to use” and he will only carry one! I’d like to hear travels that are of the non-exotic nature – ones that al of us could do perhaps in this country or at the very least, easily reached and good for a weekend or a long weekend. Perhaps even a trip with girl friends.

  • jen t

    Definitely leverage her architecture expertise! I would love to read more about cool buildings to look at (and why they’re cool from an architect’s perspective). Also, I’m particularly interested in Frank Lloyd Wright, mid-century modern, modular construction, and the “live small” movement.

  • Jonathan

    Tips on reassuring your spouse when you’re signing up for dozens of credit cards and manufacturing thousands of dollars in spend on a regular basis (and how to convince them that its ok).

    • Jonathan

      As a side note, my wife has been skeptical/hesitant up to this point, but tolerating. The tables are turning a bit now that I’m taking her on a European excursion all on points. Sign me up, she says!

  • asar

    I would love to see posts that highlight not-so-famous spots in various cities that should be visited because of the architecture.

    Congratulations on your wedding. Lovely couple.

  • blue27red79

    I’d love to hear some tips about dating, dining, and travel on the cheap without your girl thinking you’re a complete cheapskate… Congrats and thanks!

  • Kari Cohn

    Congratulations! I’d love to hear Megan’s opinion on various architectural interests around the globe. My daughter and I travel together once a year, and those are some of the attractions we like to frequent. Thanks!

  • Ed Chandler

    She should write short pieces to differentiate between the miles-earning opportunities that even SHE would go after vs the nickle-and-dime stuff that probably isn’t really worth our time (but most of us go after anyway).

  • Brad

    Congrats Scott and Megan!

  • Kevin Pollack

    I (and by I, I mean my wife and I) would love to hear more about traveling as a couple with both your perspectives on places you travel. As we sometimes have differing opinions on what to do and where to go on vacations, another take (and a woman’s take) would be great to hear.

  • Ivan

    I would love to hear Megan’s perspective on living with a point-connoisseur and the conflict/tradeoffs that arise when planning travel together. Does the quest for more points ever interfere with the quality of your relationship?

    Also, given the short limited distance flown (20k miles), I’d like to hear how Megan is making the most of her experience, not just from a point efficiency perspective (I know Scott keeps that up), but from an enjoyment perspective.

  • Antonio

    Megan clearly benefits from the perks of your points accumulation, but doesn’t quite have the same enthusiasm. Scott, I’m sure you ask her to sign up for various credit cards and use certain ones for certain types of transactions. Perhaps have her write guidelines from her perspective on how one can make things easy for a non-enthusiast to do their part in the points accumulation game.

  • Sarah C

    Congrats! I would love to read about architectural sites of interest to visit!

  • Claudia C. Davis

    I would like a woman’s point of view blog posts as to health, beauty, pampering & ‘must-visit’ shopping locations in the cities she travels to.

    Congrats on the wedding!

  • Alexis Sheehy

    What a beautiful bride! You are a lucky guy to have Megan. All the best to you both! I’d love to hear the woman’s point of view on the points game, how it affects travel for her, and her opinion on sites to visit.

  • Dan

    Perhaps a womens perspective on the essential things that she must have for traveling!

  • Chris Min

    Since I don’t know much about architecture but sorely wish I did, I would love a series on the basic ins and outs of architecture, perhaps one or two basic yet important architectural topics/techniques for each post. Along with each post, I’d suggest one building/landmark that is admired for that specific attribute/technique. Any tips on places to eat and things to do where the landmark is located is also welcome!

  • SSM

    Megan has potentially had to put up with your err….hobby for some time. I’d love to have her discuss what it’s like to be married to a miles/points enthusiast, and maybe give advice to spouses or significant others. I’m 2 years into “the game” and my fiancee would greatly benefit from Megan’s perspective!

  • Naina Sood

    Congratulations on your wedding! What a gorgeous picture. You both look very happy. I’d like to hear trip reports from a female perspective when you travel together – things often look very different from a female perspective (as I frequently experience with my own husband).

    Cheers to many happy years together!

  • FishMN

    What a wonderful couple. Best wishes to you for a blessed relationship and lifelong partnership!
    Megan, perhaps you could co-author a few entries a month. Scott would share the cards/points/flight insights and you bring the “non-travel-nerd” perspective that identifies the good, bad and the ugly of airlines, hotels food, and locations. For example, “Scott really botched this booking because . . . “. A little point/counterpoint might reign in some of us geeks and allow us to give greater consideration for the “other” person in the planning process.

  • Steve

    I’d be interested in a sort of point/counterpoint article where you guys discuss something that may be interesting to one party, but not interesting to the other (for example, credit card churning). That way, those of us who either debate doing something or have a partner that might not want to participate will have good information as to why and what to consider.

    Congrats on the wedding!

  • kodoma

    I love old buildings so if she writes about some of her favorite buildings and why she loves them, it will just add to my list of ones I should not miss!

  • Geoff W

    She should write what she wants to! An architectural note or two about cities visited and experiences in the vicinity sound perfect to me. For example, went to see these three buildings, some note of interest from an educated perspective the rest of us might not have and a cafe or ice cream shop or bakery or view, etc nearby that is worth the effort. Maybe not the classic destinations that one might stumble across anyway…thanks for considering. Congratulations!

  • Ted F

    I’d like to hear the stories when Megan couldn’t/can’t stand Scott because of his “obsessions”. Rants in good taste are awesome. Also, Megan should also write about whether she knows how many points/miles accounts she has in her name! Hah!

  • Stephen

    Congratulations! It’s always nice to see a guest writer. I’m not sure what subjects I would like her to cover, but whatever it is, it should be something she is passionate and enthusiastic about. Whether that is architecture of cities, airports, etc or how she feels about your hobby, it doesn’t matter so much.

  • Linda T

    Let her play to her strengths and post what she feels inspired to post.

  • Reese

    Let her chime in about whatever/whenever. Emily and Darius from Million Mile Secrets do a great job at balancing their contributions. Mostly we hear from Darius, but Emily’s comments are always enjoyable and interesting.

    Great photo!

  • heavenlyjane

    Lovely photo of you 2. Congratulations! I’d definitely be interested in posts about the architecture of various destinations.

  • jubujoy

    Congratulations on your marriage! You both look so…elegant?
    sophisticated? suave?….well, definitely very happy and in love! I
    love the idea of Megan contributing to the site a bit; this could be a
    real differentiator. Since many of us share our lives with partners who
    are NOT thrilled to chase after points and miles, or who may even be
    averse to this game, an occasional piece by Megan explaining her
    thoughts on points/miles-collecting and churning would help give readers
    a view of “how the other half thinks”: what is it about churning that
    you hate; how do you feel about Scott’s churning; what are the pro’s
    that you see in collecting miles, and do you weigh the pro’s and cons?
    By sharing your thoughts, Megan, you might help readers with their own
    relationships, as we struggle to understand our partners’ opposite
    views, and search for ways to obtain their cheerful cooperation.

  • Patt


    I would welcome comments you could make on the architectural aspects of a location–be that the building you are staying in or the city/location you are visiting. Clearly, Scott is the professional when it comes to points, tickets, reservations, etc., so there is no need to comment on that further. The architecture development (or lack of) found in a location speaks volumes about the history, culture and customs of that location. To tie that information into what Scott provides would be a perfect coupling.

  • Kjohn84977

    Congrats…. I would like to see her trip reports on places she picks out to travel. Does she get any say or is it all about the points. Also would like to see more stories in the states as a lot of us are limited on time off. Maybe long weekend ideas that are cheap.

  • Chris

    I think the architectural slant might be a nice addition that you don’t see on other sites. It seems they are all about the journey and don’t cover the destination. The reluctant spouse might be good for some but I would think that would disappear after a few nice trips.

  • Nick

    Nuances of having a significant other travel being a frequent traveler, when one is not. The good and the bad with advice and perspective from Megan’s eyes and Scott’s eyes

  • faye

    Congratulations! I think Megan should post whenever she wants and about whatever she wants.

  • Grace


  • Dundili

    How about a little humor? Mrs. Hack-my-trip’s slightly satirical trip reports would be a nice little addition to your otherwise excellent blog

  • Rich

    I think she should talk about Crazy architectural designs and architectural mistakes and mishaps . Maybe with pictures or what crazy ideas people have come up with and built . Or tried and failed to build

  • jdnorthwest

    She can provide a city by city guide to what architecture you shouldn’t miss. But I think she could add more value by providing the view point of the occasional traveler to counterpoint the seasoned and perked frequent traveler. a.k.a. Me (1K United guy) and my wife (what, they screen everyone now?!?).

  • Chanel @ La Viajera Morena

    She should definitely write something about architechture. Became more interested in it after visiting Barcelona. Maybe she could share some things from her own travels? 😀

  • Kristina Graham

    Megan’s perspective on travel and the perks she likes the best would be great. Sometimes we ladies would happily swap what’s known as the “best” in order to have something else we really like. In this male dominated travel blogging arena I love to hear from women! Thanks Megan for contributing in what ever way you choose!

  • jeff

    Megan should look into all her favorite places she has not been to in the world and look into how best to explore these areas.

  • Lord Fish

    Maybe she could utilize her architecture background here by focusing on and reviewing historic hotels.

  • Linda K.

    I would love to read Megan’s perspective on architecture in various cities and regions of the world. There is so much those of us without even a basic knowledge of architecture miss, it would be wonderful if Megan would be willing to help open our eyes to this facinating aspect of travel.

  • Mark

    How about the finer things…..decor, and FOOD!

  • Peter5

    Congrats on the wedding! Just had my 28th anniversary. If you and Megan are anything like my wife and me, you will always each have a different perspective on all of your travels. Can’t wait to have her share!

  • Samuel

    Maybe something about the architecture/design of airports and hotels: the good and the bad.

  • Aleks

    Aww, very sweet picture. I would be interested on Megan’s version of trip reports she took with you, especially if you two happened to have experienced that trip differently (only one got upgraded, or one of you really hated the place, etc).

  • Brett

    She could write quick blurbs about the outsiders perspective of travel hackers…things she finds funny, odd, and just plain weird.

  • Justin Does…

    I like the idea of Megan doing architecture posts about places y’all visit (together or separate). In addition, it would always be fun to see a he said/she said perspective on trip reports. You could even do a “Megan’s take” box on posts where she sums it up and puts her brief thoughts on the post.

  • Rachael Z

    I’d love to hear from your other half – we need more girls in the miles and points game. I’d like to know more about Mrs. Hack’s anti-hacking convictions to get a different perspective. But she should write about whatever she’s passionate about!

  • Kim@Eyesonthedollar

    I think she should write about a variety of things. I would like to hear about great architecture and/or being married to someone who is always making sure you use the correct credit card for the correct purchase might be fun as well.

  • cj

    whats it like married to a point and miles junkie ?

  • Emman

    A good topic would might be architecture in various types of aircrafts. Also it could be about the architecture of buildings of various cities. Finally, it could also be on tips of how architects have an opinion on buildings and tips on how to be an architect!

  • Heather

    Congratulations! I hope you are honeymooning somewhere fun?

    The best and most interesting pieces to read are those written by someone who is inspired and interested or passionate in what they are writing. Give Megan the freedom to find her own voice and see what inspires her! If she disagrees with you sometimes, all the better. No one can agree all the time–if they are being truthful–and hearing a spouse’s opinion can remind us that maybe it isn’t reasonable to expect someone else to chase miles and points as passionately as we at times do.

    I love to look at the architecture when I travel, the older and more different from where I’m from, the better. I know nothing about architecture, but I think I love that the best about travelling, some moments fill me with awe, like sleeping in a 900 year old castle. If Megan wants to discuss architecture, I will happily read–but let it be in her own time and her own way.

  • Jeremy D

    I wouldn’t mind just hearing about the must see buildings in different cities. Congrats by the way.

  • nikad

    Just let her write, maybe about things she learned from you? or ideas that she had that helped you develop point strategies? some gossip here and there will add to the mystery as well 😉

  • NHAnimator

    You can never have enough reviews of restaurants/dining options. I would suggest she dine out a minimum of 5x per review in order to get a good sample of restaurants to choose from. 😀

  • TerryH

    Congratulations! You two look incredible together!

    I would love to hear architecture-related comments from a trained architect. Your insight into history, design asethetics, building quirks, would be interesting and even educational! Please cover it all, from airports and hotels to local landmarks and out-of-the way gems!

  • Heather L. Cannady

    I honestly would love to read about the “traveller’s wife”. Most of our partners aren’t so excited about this hobby. I’d like to hear how she makes it works and what she enjoys the most so as to make my partner a bit more happy in this journey. Thanks!

  • harvson3

    That’s a great picture. And congratulations.

    Seeing the world – buildings, aircraft, interiors, cities, public spaces – as an architect sees it would be very interesting.

  • Tony Mazer

    Instead of telling me where I can go with 85,000 United miles (which I love, bee tee dubs), tell me about what I can see when I get there. Maybe it’s the Goog in Bilbao. Maybe it’s Taipei 101. Maybe it’s Burj Khalifa. (not to be confused with Wiz). I’m a huge architecture nerd, so I want to hear about all the new buildings and an expert’s opinion on them.

  • Gabriel Brunswick

    I’d love to read great writing about archiecture!

  • Rich

    Congrats on your wedding!

    I’d like to see a proof of the Riemann hypothesis.

    • Scottrick

      So would I. Some chocolate chip cookies would be good, too!

  • Joseph

    Congratulations you two! My request is that she would simply add a little “lady flair” to your travel guides. Girls see things through a different point of view (my pregnant wife always notices a nearby bathroom) and I think it would be important to have her point of view on each of yalls adventures. Life’s adventure is different with a better half at your side. Let’s hear both sides of the story. :-)

  • MDR

    Congratulations on the wedding! I read lots of blogs on miles/points/hotels/airlines, including HMT, but most bloggers are the geeky, math/science/engineering-leaning types and as a result there is a fair amount of repetition, both in content and in presentation style. I am mostly looking for unique voices, and I would say that an occasional blog post about a building somewhere in the world and the significance of its architecture would fit the bill. What does the architecture tell me about the history, the meaning, or the soul of a building? Or maybe there is a story about the builder or the designer that would be worth telling. I would love to read about anything along these lines.

  • Francisco Pereira

    I think it would be awesome to get her take on some of the places you guys visit and why she liked / disliked them, especially restaurants you went for dinner or cool places, stores & attractions that are must see in a city.

    Congratulations to you guys!

  • Biggles209

    My travel preference is to head for a walkable city with great food, and then explore. San Francisco, Boston, Florence, Rome, Lisbon, Madrid, and Tokyo are all favorites. If Megan wrote about the architecture in these types of cities, it would be a wonderful reference resource.

  • FleaFlo

    Congratulations my nephew! That was the best party I’ve ever been to…..I’d like to see you 2 do a review of Alaska someday……the museums, architecture, fine dining… resorts, bush plane trip, rustic stuff, hiking…..Denali…..Eskimo history and customs.

  • bill twombly

    Congratulations! HMT reflects your technical and scientific background: acquire points and miles, and efficiently use them. I don’t see much on “why” to use them, instead you leave it to the reader. Maybe if your wife Megan would cast her eyes in an artistic way (are not all architects really technical artists?) she could add content on WHY we should travel. Anyway, having her travel and post would allow her to share some of Scott’s road trip bloopers (we all have them) for readers’ to enjoy.

  • Jamie

    I’d love to see some regular contributions from her. Whatever suits her fancy would be best to start with, I think. Her perspective on travel. An architect’s point of view on some beautiful buildings to see in particular places sounds good too.
    The idea of bloopers, or ‘can you believe the crazy things my husband does as part of this hobby?’ sounds good to me, too.

  • micheal

    maybe some shopping tips as to where is the best place to do shopping if she travels with you in a certain city.
    Just wondering how many female readers sticking on your blog?

  • boxedlunch

    How about some marriage tips (I’ve heard it’s hard to be married to us serial card churners)

  • Aptraveler

    I’d like her perspective on traveling with you, and the rewards that she values thanks to your knowhow. Congrats to both, great photo!

  • SuperKirby

    lol aww, what a nice picture…Grats!