Chase the Possibilities with Hyatt’s New Sweepstakes

Via Loyalty Lobby, Hyatt has created a new sweepstakes it calls “The Chase” that is only open to select Gold Passport members who have received email invitations to participate (through October 31). I didn’t receive an email, and when I tried entering my Gold Passport number it was rejected. Oh well.

Hyatt Chase the Possibilities

Those who do play have the chance to win free points, discounts, and entries into a larger sweepstakes offering even bigger prizes. Curiously, the sweepstakes entry is one choice and requires forgoing a smaller prize. Many online sweepstakes offer an entry just for playing in addition to a small prize, if any. Free nights and suite upgrades are awarded in the form of points, so don’t feel that you’re stuck using them for the purpose mentioned. My opinion is that you should choose points if you win a prize. Your odds of winning the sweepstakes are low, and you can already get discounts using widely available codes from Costco, AAA, and others.

There are some people on FlyerTalk attempting to strategize how to play the game, but having not played in person it’s a little difficult to follow. Apparently there are some trunks and it’s possible to keep more than one in play through multiple rounds in the game until you get to open them and see all the prizes available. You can then pick which prize to keep.

For now I’ll settle with playing SPG’s “Take a Spin” game (open through October 10), where I still haven’t won anything. But at least it’s open to just about everyone.

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  • Little Tea Blog

    I was targeted for Hyatt. No Hyatt CC, but I did the platinum challenge and successfully completed this year. I played the game and got 250 points. It was cute – but long.

    I play the SPG thing everyday too although I have yet to win anything :(

  • Mike S HNL

    read over the FT thread. Then you can get the right combination where you have flexibility of picking which thing you want..or better yet just review the thread and you can get the code for 15% off