Giveaway: Ticket to Frequent Traveler University, September 27-29

Somehow I overlooked this email, but Taryn won’t be able to make it to Frequent Traveler University in two weeks and is looking to offer a free ticket to anyone who can make use of it. We’re going to give it away as fast as possible to make sure the winner can make plans to go to Tampa for the weekend of September 28-29 (most people show up for a reception on September 27). Learn more about FTU from my review of the last event in Tysons Corner.

Just make a comment here about one thing you want to learn at FTU this year if you get to go. Make your comment by 9 PM PT tonight and I’ll announce the winner on Wednesday.

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A Winner (Maybe Two?) Is Heading to FTU Next Week!
  • mansa

    One thing I would like to learn at the Tampa FTU is how to leverage using miles and at the same time increasing my credit score to reach 800.

  • MidTierStatus

    New fake spending tricks

  • 0dysse0s Marshall

    How to get airlines to honor the routing you want on a fare.

  • Flying MW

    How to plan better mileage runs!

  • Moe Safer

    Making award bookings.

  • bill twombly

    I would like to improve my travel knowledge at FTU so I could assist friends and relatives in pursuing their travel opportunities. Thanks Scott.

  • Ryan K

    I’ve got down the earning miles part, I would like to learn more about spending the miles! Thanks

  • karung99

    I love to go if chosen! Thanks

  • Kari Cohn

    I can definitely make it. I’d love to learn new tips on how to collect more miles/points.

  • Dan Arreola

    To learn more about travel hacking!

  • Sarah C

    I would love to go! Thank you!

  • Danh

    I want to learn about family travel at FTU

  • Anne

    I am enrolled, but would love to have my sister join me. And, she has never been to a FTU, so would be closer to the middle in the learning curve. She knows a lot about cruising and certain hotel chains. Not so about credit cards and mileage redemption. Keeping fingers crossed.

  • Dave

    Making award bookings

  • nicole

    I’d love to learn more tricks from the pros!

  • Roy

    New to this. Thanks!

  • Jeremy

    Fuel dumping.

  • Little Tea Blog

    Would LOVE to go. I live an hour from Tampa so it’s very easy for me to get to. I’m looking forward to learning how to book award tickets. Some are easy but the kind you have to call for still have me nervous.

  • Neil

    I have too many miles and need to use them. Can use them to book a flight to Tampa!

  • Joseph

    Fuel dumping.

  • Vik

    I’d like to learn more secrets that don’t seem to be shared elsewhere

  • Jate

    Ways to find award availability!

  • Ben L

    I’d love to meet and make friends with people that I will be able to learn from not just at FTU-Tampa, but for many years to come. Plus, I really want to go!

  • Jayk

    Become better at booking award travel!

  • Rings

    The art of getting a business or higher award reservation, on AA, without having it being an anytime ticket or paying BA fuel charges!

  • Octavian

    What Tampa is famous for!

  • Debbi

    I’d like to learn to share my husbands passion for maximizing every penny we spend.

  • Todd Mulder

    How to maximize earning and maintaining elite status in terms of money and time spent, especially with recent changes such as the movement towards MQDs

  • renee

    booking award tickets

  • Jo

    I would like to hear Gary and Ben in their seminar about booking award space

  • stavraetos

    I’ve got one to giveaway too, I e-mailed you about it.

  • roger

    How to maximize earnings.

  • Agarwala

    Secrets not shared on blogs

  • Mr. Cool

    id like to learn how to build complex, international, multi-stop, reward itineraries!

  • Hal

    Creative ways to book award travel

  • Chris

    Want to learn about the not-so-easy destinations of the world like some in the Middle East and North Korea

  • keith

    how to fuel dump and be amazing and beautiful at the same time

  • GrandTower

    I would like to learn to maximize award bookings and identify best upgradeable flights utilizing status

  • Annie

    Book award travel for the best value with miles

  • JBG

    I’d like to earn other ways the big mile earners earn other than credit cards and flying/staying in hotels.

  • cmeinc

    I’m in Orlando, pick me!

  • Meghan

    I’m already in Fl and would love to go. I need to learn about finding availability on last-minute award tickets.

  • Joseph

    I would love to learn how to do mileage runs that are cost effective

  • Abhinav Gautam

    New ways to travel.

  • Kim K

    I’d like to restart blogging on sharing how to get the most out of your travel.

  • Darin

    Need to brush up on partner award bookings.

  • Jun Chen

    Need to learn secret routes United miles does for South American travel

  • Richard S.

    I am new to the realm of amassing frequent traveler points/miles after having a successful application party just 4 months ago. I would like to learn more of the in’s/out’s of the system, how to leverage points/miles and how to efficiently use the miles/points I am now earning.

  • cchrissyy

    I want to learn about planning trips that have lower tax costs!

  • Guest

    Would like to learn more about mileage runs.

  • dave

    If I get to go, I would love to learn how to earn elite status and how to book a MR deal using the ITA fare matrix effectively. Also, I’ve never been to a FTU event and thanks for this giveaway opportunity. Congrats to whoever wins!

  • ChrisCombat

    I am in Gainesville, two hours away from Tampa. Definitely I will go if get tickets

  • Amit

    I miss my husband. He has become a pointsaholic. I’d like to be a pointaholic too.

    Please pick me so I can be a pointaholic and we can live happily ever after… in first class.

  • Natalia

    The one thing I want to learn from FTU is to find new ways to fund for traveling other than signing up for credit cards with bonus miles.

  • Danielle

    I’d like to learn more about adding small business credit cards to the mix of cards I use.

  • Eric

    Looking forward to learning about all the new emerging technology in the travel industry.

  • Travis Sherry

    I’d love to learn more about status and whether it’s worth it for my current situation.

  • hankdwilliams

    I need to make sense of the whole BlueBird thing. Think FTU can help? Obviously, I need to go.

  • swonderful

    I need to learn about booking one-way award tickets on UA, AA, and DL, so I can utilize this feature for my wedding and honeymoon next spring in Hawaii!

  • da code

    Only US and UA service our small airport, so when AA and US merge, suddenly I’ll have access to a whole new set of AA awards options. I’d like to learn how to maximize those options in Florida at the FTU, please.

  • Gary

    It would be great to learn the ins and outs of Amex Bluebird and maximizing FF accounts.

  • Ashley

    Would like to learn to better maximize miles use

  • Tara

    I am a newbie and want to learn about the university.

  • Tara

    I am a newbie and want to learn about the university.

  • Vansh

    Aah! I hope I am not too late to the party.
    I would be flying there to give and take. Been traveling for the past 7 months, and would love to add some arrows to my collection.

  • Peter

    I want to meet with all bloggers.

  • BBTBphile

    I want to go so bad! I got to meet you in Portland, Ore., a few months ago.

  • Ryan

    I would love to learn the sweet spots in lesser known ff programs!

  • Heather L. Cannady

    I seriously need some award travel help. Pick me!

  • Yvana

    I’m a Newbie to, “Hacking my trips!” I am also ready to retire and explore the world. Love your site and Thanks for the offer.