The Honeymoon Is Over

I’m finally back!

Hack My Trip has been pretty quiet for the last six weeks or so, minus a few helpful interruptions from Amol and Tahsir. I was busy getting married, busy wrapping up an assignment for my day job, and then busy on my honeymoon. Or rather not very busy at all, since my computer’s hard drive suffered a catastrophic failure in the first 16 hours of a 16-day trip.

Ah well, Megan was happy to have me to herself even if I was getting crazy bored toward the end. I still took lots of photos, which I think will make for a very interesting trip report. Some highlights:

I made friends with several bartenders

The St. Regis Bali is worth it — even if you pay cash

Learn to complain properly and it will pay off

I was attacked by monkeys more than once

Getting food poisoning in Thailand was probably the most educational experience of the trip. For starters, I almost never get sick from anything, and when I do I certainly don’t seek medical attention. When I told Megan we needed to stop at a pharmacy, she knew it was bad (I hate pills). When I said we needed to go to the hospital, she started to freak out. I wish it had been under better circumstances, but if you want to learn how the locals live, there are few better ways in my opinion than visiting the local hospitals, courts, and other areas the tourists are lucky not to see.

If you sent me an email, I think I’ve responded to most of them. If I haven’t, please feel free to send it again. I do, at least, have more than one computer available to me now while the first one is in for repairs. And you should expect me to get back to posting on a pretty regular schedule of at least once a day.

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  • MarkD

    We are heading to Thailand, Cambodia and Bali in about 3 weeks. Looking forward to your trip report. Congratulations to you both and welcome back.


  • Michelle S

    I’ve been to the local hospital in India for food poisoning. Welcome to the club! Other than that I hope you had a fabulous trip!

  • Joey

    Congrats on your wedding and honeymoon! welcome back!

  • choi

    I was food sick in Bkk as well this summer, but brought my own meds for the cure,

  • disqust101

    Did you pay cash for the St. Regis?

    • Scottrick

      I did not, but given the discounted rates I’ve seen at some times during the year, I can see how it might be worthwhile.

  • john

    Hah! No hotel is worth more than $50 cash USD no matter how shmancy

    • Scottrick

      I don’t think I’ve ever paid less than $50 in the U.S. for a hotel. And the ones I see advertised for less than that in Europe and Asia are generally quite poor.

      Given than $50 a day is only $1,500 a month, I hope you pay less than that in rent. Otherwise you should just move to a hotel.

  • mm

    Congrats on your wedding, welcome back!