A Winner (Maybe Two?) Is Heading to FTU Next Week!

Congratulations are in order! Two readers offered up their tickets to the Frequent Traveler University next week, from September 27-29 at the Grand Hyatt Tamp Bay. In order to enter, I asked you to share what you hope to learn at the event. Who knows? Maybe one year they’ll invite me to give exactly the talk you’re looking for.

I know the organizers will honor at least one ticket. I’ll try to get two. Again, please don’t make any travel arrangements until I’ve told you the transfer has been successful.

The first winner is Vik, who wants to learn “more secrets that don’t seem to be shared elsewhere.” Don’t we all! It’s one of the better places to go learn, since sitting out and having a beer with other frequent travelers is a great way to build a rapport and make new friends.

The second winner (again, depending on whether the organizers will honor the transfer at this late date) is GrandTower, who wants to learn “to maximize award bookings and maximize best upgradeable flights utilizing status.” That’s exactly the tack I took when I started this blog. The easiest way to fly in first class on domestic flights is with elite status — in my opinion — since the miles required for such a trip are just not worth it. Pay cash for domestic trips, use miles for international trips, and make sure you never sit in the back of the bus.

Let’s all thank Taryn and Stavros for offering up their tickets! These things normally sell for $100 each!

It just so happens that my birthday is September 26 and I am one of the lucky few who snagged a free suite upgrade with my Diamond upgrade cert. If we can get a couple of bottles, you know where the party will be…

Giveaway: Ticket to Frequent Traveler University, September 27-29
Local Seattle Meetup Tomorrow, September 19
  • Gary

    Biggest scam. Ftu and all these DOs.
    All info you can find out without having to pay.

  • Rachel

    I just bought my ticket so I’ll be there too! Looking forward to it!

  • Josh

    aware or award.. what kind of handle name is grandtower..

    Seriously, that’s the second best comment you picked for this giveaway? !

    • Scottrick

      Most of my giveaways are random drawings.