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When I asked readers two months ago to submit their requests for improving this website, one of them was for a permanent Q & A or other regular series to give people a place where they could post their questions and receive feedback.

I’m usually happy to answer emails (some of them faster than others), but I’ve created a new page to accommodate this request. New comments send me an email alert, and I hope that by looking at questions that I’ve answered before people will be able to learn some new things — not just answering a question they were about to ask for the umpteenth time but also perhaps learn the answer to a question they hadn’t thought of asking yet.

You’ll be able to find it in the top navigation menu under the heading “Ask Scottrick”.

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  • Trajan81

    Honestly with the fact you are a newlywed, I’ve been more than happy with how well the site has been doing on updates. Glad you are taking time to enjoy that instead of focusing so much on the blog. Heck the stuff you have written on YQ dropping months ago (when most people still are hush hush in regards to it) is still an interesting read that inspired me to really get into the weeds on travel booking!

    • TheLSE

      How do I find YQ dropping here?

      • Trajan81

        Type “YQ drop” in the search box.

  • shay peleg

    I liked the old credit card format but i am sure you remember that (: