This Boeing 777 Is Made ENTIRELY of Manila Folders

Hat Tip to @jonostrower for sharing a link to this amazing model of a Boeing 777 jet aircraft reviewed on io9 and created by Luca Iaconi-Stewart over the course of five years.

Not only is it made at a scale of 1:60 with moving parts, but it was crafted entirely from manila folders. And every detail is there. The cargo bay doors open on hinges. The curtains between cabins are ruffled. The landing gear retract, and even the engines open up to permit reverse thrust during landing — assuming the thing could fly. Each first class seat took EIGHT HOURS to make by hand. Check out the video below for some highlights, but also see the the Flickr gallery for even more amazing images.

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  • JVL

    Scott: Thought I would bring this to your attention as you were kind enough to price this itinerary(Orbitz?) for me.LAX-Brussels R/T in Business Class for mid April to mid May at $2500 (using Jet Airways for the across the pond Toronto/BrusselsToronto segments).Checked ITA on 1/30.The fare/price was available.Then checked ‘fare rules’ which stated that booking/reservation must be completed by 1/31.Checked again on 2/1———–and the fare/price skyrocketed to $4500! Moral of the story? If one finds a good price/fare——–”-do no stare a gift horse in the mouth” ———-jump on it! Cheers and thanks JVL
    PS Your readers may not be aware that Virgin Atlantic and Turkish Airlines are among the very few airlines that offer ‘free stopovers'(or token $ amounts) in Europe from the US.Again checking ‘fare rules’ will provide this information.