Fare Sale: SEA to Boston on AA for $268 (3.8 CPM) or AS for $218 (4.4 CPM)

HT to Jimgotkp on FlyerTalk for sharing this deal from Seattle to Boston on American Airlines. You can route through DFW with a single stop in each direction, as he suggested, and get the price down to $260 and 4 CPM. But I was able to include additional stops in LAX and ORD for only slightly more. The final cost is $268 and earns 7,065 miles for an average cost per mile of 3.8 cents. There is lots of availability, at least in February.

AA SEA-BOS for 268

Note that an overnight stay in Boston seems to be required — and Boston area hotels aren’t especially cheap. A more thorough search might be able to eliminate this need if you can find a satisfactory red-eye flight. Reports are that it is also available in reverse, and for as low as $238 on Alaska Airlines.

UPDATE: bmvaughn shares that it’s possible to get the non-stop on Alaska Airlines for only $218, but I see fewer dates available. That brings it pretty close to mileage run territory  (4.38 CPM) for Alaska, which is not known for such cheap fares on its own routes.

Need help searching? Check out my three part introduction to using ITA Matrix and don’t forget to check other nearby departure airports.

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  • Dan Ray

    I put the exact info and dates that you have into the american search and I get this message:

    No flights were
    found. Try expanding your search by selecting alternate dates, class of
    service, airports, number of stops or including more carriers. Please

    The american search engine is difficult for me. It seems so specific about selecting a morning vs. afternoon flight, etc.

    Any suggestions on finding this?

    • Scottrick

      I found it with a multi-city search specifying each segment individually. Two additional tips: (1) Yes, it is specific about suggesting morning vs. afternoon flight. Originally it rejected my third leg, DFW-BOS, when it said early morning. I changed this to afternoon and it worked perfectly. (2) At the bottom of the multi-city search make sure you pick AA and all partners. Since the first leg of this itinerary is on Alaska, you may not see if if you pick AA and American Eagle only.

      • Dan Ray

        Very helpful and very frustrating using the American site. Needing to change the time of departure and arrival many times to get it to select the flights you had in your example. Right now that itinerary is pricing out at $268.

        • Dan Ray

          As an aside, I just left United out of PDX and have switched to American and I can see with American cheap fares may be hard to come by. I plugged PDX in instead of Seattle and the same itinerary went up to $504.

          • Scottrick

            Yeah, United usually seemed to treat the two like a city pair with similar fares. I suspect a big part of these fare differences may have to do with AA’s relationship with AS.

            As much as I complain about the UA site at times, it does work better than AA at some things like searching for tickets. Not that AA is bad. It’s not US Airways…