Fare Sale: SEA to Boston on UA for $241 (3.8 CPM)

Anutham sent me another deal today for Pacific Northwest readers. You can fly from Seattle to Boston on United Airlines for as low as $230. But for the most miles, you’ll need to travel via Houston or San Francisco, raising the price to about $240. Lots of dates and lengths of stay are available — at least for February — depending on your final routing.

SEA-BOS on United

Here’s one example for $241 with a fairly reasonable schedule and a one-night stay in Boston. Getting 6,930 miles at that price is a decent mileage run with a rate of 3.8 CPM.

Looking for someplace to stay? I haven’t been there yet, but many readers recommend Hyatt’s BOS airport hotel, which includes free transfer passes on the ferry to downtown. You can also take the Silver Line to downtown and walk to the Hyatt Regency, which is fairly dated but was in the midst of renovations when I last stayed there in 2012. Or rent a car and head out to the Wakefield area for a good number of CVS stores with plenty of Vanilla Reloads.

Because its in my Feedly and somewhat related, I’ll also mention The Flight Deal found a fare of $245 on United from Seattle to Austin. It’s a bit high at 6 CPM.

As a reminder, these posts are almost always going to be for flights departing Seattle, Portland, or Vancouver. Only if a fare is extremely good (like the Norwegian fuel dumps) will I bother to discuss fare sales in other markets, the idea being that someone in Seattle, Portland, or Vancouver could still save money after the cost of booking a positioning flight. I usually come across them in places like FlyerTalk, The Flight Deal, or my own searches, but you are welcome to email me with suggestions of your own.

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  • Aptraveler

    Lucky dogs those who live in the PNW, that’s a great fare indeed, to go from coast to coast. And the Hyatt BOS airport is a great location for an overnight. I look forward to when you post something as exciting out of IAH, hahaha.

  • rampartmovie

    Can someone tell me how we earn 6930 miles for 241 dollars spent? Sorry I am a noob in this points game :(

    • Scottrick

      Flying from Seattle to Boston, stopping in Houston in both directions, involves flying 6,930 miles. The ticket costs $241.

      • rampartmovie

        Ah I get it now. This is has nothing to do with MS or miles. This is more about the Mileage runs. Sorry for being so glib. Awesome post and a great find again :)

        • Scottrick

          No apology necessary. Sometimes I just don’t have any other idea how to answer a question. :)

  • nick

    Will take more than 50 of these to get to 1k. Would end up with around 300k PQM.

    • Scottrick

      Correct, but some people (1) aren’t aiming for 1K, (2) have an address outside the US, or (3) have other expensive fares that earn a lot of PQDs and few PQMs.

      I decided that rather than skip sharing cheap fares on UA and DL, the people who were most likely to benefit from the information were the same ones who would find a way around the PQD/MQD requirements.

  • Muerl

    Showing up a bit late to this but thanks for this. It works the other way as well. BOS-SEA $236